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"We got to keep them!" Players the Canucks need to keep edition

May 25, 2024
- Westy

The Canucks are now in offseason mode and GMPA has to make some crucial decisions with remaking this team for next year. Some of this years free agents were very important pieces to changing this teams identity and some can just move on. We are here to tell you our uneducated thoughts on this and give a clue as to how we would spend Franny's money. I mean besides buying alcohol. I know this sounds easy in theory, but remember that each had a role to play in this very successful season and it might not be easy to replace their actual value on the ice....but that is for another post.

Unrestricted Free Agents

Teddy Bluegar, Dakota Joshua, Elias Lindholm, Sam Lafferty, Ian Cole, Mark Friedman, Tyler Myers, Nikita Zadorov, Casey DeSmith


Priority #1 - Nikita Zadorov for me. The disappearance of Filip Hronek highlighted the importance of Nikita. His physical presence and steadiness on the back end was crucial for the second half of the year and the playoffs. It was nice having a big defensive core to keep players to the outside. Nikita has earned his raise....I hope he really wants to stay in Vancouver. 5 years at 5.7 million/yr.

Priority #2 - Dakota Joshua was a fourth liner would ended up on the 2nd line many times throughout the year. The speed, physicality and surprisingly the hands that led to 18 goals in the regular season is enough to catapult his salary from $825000 to a lot more. I think there might be a bidding war for Joshua, so Allvin is going to have to make his case early and sell the idea that this team will have the pieces to go farther next year. Joshua doesn't have the numbers to get term and length, so he might get a bit more for shorter length or Allvin makes a offer for length at a discount. 4 years at $3.5 million/yr

Priority #3 - Tyler Myers wants to stay in Vancouver and Tocchet has found a way to get him with the right partners at the right times. Myers is now a 3rd pairing guy who can play 2nd line minutes when needed. After the Benning 6x6 contract, the reality of being 34 is that Myers shouldn't make more than $3 million a year. So......2 years @ $3 million/yr

Priority #4 - Teddy Bluegar matched his career high of 28 points this year, but I don't think any team views him as a great 3rd line player who can get 40 points +. Teddy is a good penalty killer who found a spark with Joshua and Garland. He is a piece that is needed...for the right price. 2 years @ 2.1 million

The Rest:

Elias Lindholm can take a walk. He has to be looking for $6 million+ for at least 5 years. No thanks

Casey DeSmith was great this year.....Arturs Silvos is here to stay. Bye Casey.

Ian Cole is no longer worth $3 million a year. If he wants $2 million...sure, sign him.

Mark Friedman at $800,000 a year is ok.

If GMPA can re-sign Arturs Silvos to a 3 year deal for $1.2 million a year, that leaves just under $8 million in cap space. I personally think that Hronek should be traded for picks or a winger that can score. Free agents will be available to fill a defense or winger spot. Let the fun begin in July.


Priority #1: I'm with Westy. Zav is the priority signing for all the important reasons listed above. And because he has the wit and sarcasm to survive a NM playoff thread.

"How much you think I should be making?" Zav asked a reporter, "You gotta stop listening to the Edmonton reporters" - His quotes are gold, nay, priceless. But we can't afford that. I know he wants to stay in Vancouver, unlike Ronnie and a few others, so expect he'll be happy to sign for 5 years at $5M per.

Priority #2: Going off label, the Westy label and say that Myers should be the #2 priority. I know that sounds weird, but this season with the Taco structure, he's logged alot of minutes, many outside his summer cottage. Was a +16 in the regular and +1 in the playoffs. He's already had his big payday, at 34 expect he wants to stay close to his actual summer cottage in the OK valley. Might sign for 2 years at $2.5M just to cover miscellaneous jetski and firefighting expenses.

Priority #3: Be nice to sign Josh to a contract that pays him what he's worth. But we can't afford that. He provided amazing value this past season. PA needs to find a younger version of Josh for under $1M, because some team is going to overpay as much as we underpaid him this season.

Priority #4: Resign Teddy. He was a valuable addition to the PK. And drove the 'Best 3rd Line In Hockey' most of the season. Unfortunately, another bottom six player that wants to get overpaid - likely somewhere else.

The Rest:

Basically in full alignment with Westy. Savour the moment. Likely won't happen until the parade planning sessions next spring.

Elias Lindholm can take a walk hike. $6 million for at least 5 years? Hilariously unaffordable!

DeSmith was a wonderful backup this year season.....Arturs Silvos is here to stay. Au Revoir Casey.

Ian Cole is no longer worth $3 million a year. If he wants $2 million $1.2M then maybe, sign him. Maybe the Oil will cover half his contract

Mark Friedman at $800,000 a year is good deal for a good guy.

Lafferty wasn't mentioned by Westy. So I will. Sam Lafferty had 24 points and a +4 in the regular. 0 points in the playoffs and a -2. His contract was $1.5M. Will he expect a raise? If so, then no. He's 29 and his role could be filled by younger, cheaper players from Abby. Ageism is rampant in the NHL. Sorry.

Ronnie wants too much term and USD to even consider... already turned down $56M from Frannie's slush fund. Trade him for picks, perks, wingers, dingers and centers. There was talk, cheap talk it should be noted, the Nucks talked to the Canes about Necas for Ronnie. Probably not so cheap now that Necas is lighting up the worlds. Or maybe it was Necas and picks for Pete. Doesn't matter now.

Looking forward to July? Me neither. Stupid hot and only hot talk, to get us through the sunburn season.


Because the Nucks Hockey Ops braintrust takes the advise of NM with a dose of WTF and stronger, we can help JR/PA navigate this tricky time of the off season.

Select Your Top 3 Players to Resign


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