Come For The Banter - Stay For The Disappointment
Nucks Fan Rebuild & Retool Center - Come For The Banter - Stay For The Disappointment

What's to tell?

While the Voxholes shutdown their little NHL data-mining enterprise, including Nucks Misconduct, our contributors and commenters carry on - here in our community-supported site. Soon we will have options to send funds to help pay for site hosting/maintenance/security. Until then Westy asks all your (rum) donations be delivered in person.

We chose to be self-sufficient - without data-trackers or data-brokers scanning our digital life for clues about our obsession with this miserable franchise, that we love so much.

We did approach some possible sponsors - even made some stunning ad mockups... but turns out their business ideas weren't much more viable than [fill in Nucking D reference here].

This is a an alpha site, dreaming of becoming a beta site

Please be patient. We're not all idiots, but we're volunteers... that's close enough.
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