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GAME RECAP #68: Nucks Win! 2nd Straight Home Loss - Get Capped 2-1

March 16, 2024
- jimmi

Lose by a goal in the 2nd or lose by a goal in OT. What's worse?

It was a weird day on the wet coast. Two weeks ago it was cold, snowy and snushy. Today is was a hot, instant summer day - had to mow the lawn - in March! The weather is that changeable. Just like the Nucks play.

A week ago Nucks came home with a gaudy 3 game win streak dangling off their road shoulder chips. And then opened up the ROG with a 5-0 win over the Jetskis.

Not this week. Give up a 3 goal lead to the Avs, lose in OT. Tonight get a 1 goal lead early against an old and tired team. And lose by 1 goal in regulation.

In the good news department, Nucks started strong. Scored on their 1st shot of the game.

Quick goal again in the first shift


Nucks lead 1-0 after 1. Their goal tally work is complete. Now ready to play a weak 2nd period. Cole gives away the puck after winning an icing FO. And it's behind DeSmith. Nucks were upset because the icing call was unfair. PDG won the foot race. Sort of.

Doesn't matter. Because it gets worse - real fast.

Fire drill time in the ROG. Ronnie makes a weak clear and Oshie gets the puck and even after getting smushed by Ronnie makes a pass. Somehow, Ovi is left alone, behind DeSmith who is going far away from his net to cover something for someone somewhere. Ovi, unattended and unbothered, has lots of time and space, scores goal #841. Maybe his easiest goal in recent seasons. It's the GWG. 2-1 Caps.

You might expect the Nucks would come out hard in the 3rd. Take the puck to net. Play through players.

However, Nucks got an early PP in the 3rd, so that might have killed their comeback mojo. Didn't get a single high danger chance in 2 minutes. At least didn't give up a shortie in front of Shortie.

Nucks did get a single high danger shot when 6-on-5 in the final few minutes. Altho...

Jeezus millsie going full mifler there almost giving ovy the EN.


Nucks lose 2-1 in a game they shoulda/woulda/coulda won 2-1. If only they played it in SoCal last week.

The well attended game thread were asking questions.

Has our forecheck been this ummmm...invisible all game?

Twitch the comments


Low event game thread matched the Nucks game. Game thread comments were on the outside, just like the Nucks played most of their game - on the outside.


Getting outshot 14-5 in the 2nd and giving up 2 goals, is quite familiar to getting outshot 17-3 and giving up 3 goals in the 3rd last game. Those Taco Tough Battle Drills are paying off. For the visitors.

Cole needs a few maintenance days. He's a vet, a Cup vet, but he's been making some boneheaded plays in recent weeks.

NHL recorded 10 giveaways. 18 of those were from Miffler, who wasn't having his best game. Maybe following Pete's example, who had no shots until late in the 3rd. And had as they say another 'poor' game. Maybe he needs a a few maintenance days too.

Lindy had another chance to score off a goalie fumbling the puck and couldn't get it to go. He's officially snakebit. Did Miki pass the snake to him?


It's only half of the HNIC Saturday night, so John and what's-his-name are in the ROG and would rather be on the golf course with '82.



6 1st 6
14 2nd 5
4 3rd 11
24 TOTAL 22


"Missed a lotta shots, lotta shots... too much on the outside" - Coach Taco

Enjoy 8 minutes of Tough Taco Talking to the Tough Media HERE on

Another night in the ROG. Another loss. That makes a 2 game losing streak. Nucks have a chance to make it 3 on Tuesday as the Nucks face another eastern powerhouse wild card team, the Sabres.

Oh well... the Nucks will figure this out. Maybe in game 4 of round one.

What's Worse: Giving up a 3 goal lead or a 1 goal lead?


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