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Gonna be a long series. At least we hope so.

This game appeared to be cursed. The game day was cursed. First we discover that Demmers is back on BC Ferries... then we notice that Myers got the flu. From BC Ferries food? We don't know.

Maybe with the boys knowing Demmers isn't on the ice they felt they had play 10% better. But sometimes better means not over-thinking by 25%. But oh well.

This game starts just like the first one. Nucks give up the 1st goal early in the 1st. Thanks to old new Beau beating Pete on the boards and beating Pete to the slot for the tip. 1-0 Preds after 1.

Better luck in the 2nd?

Canucks need a response in this period.


The response was... another Pred goal after Juuls was beat behind the net and FaceForestburg puts a skill shot past DeSmith. 2-0 Preds.

2 goal deficit? Not a big deal.

Unless Pete makes a bad play at his own blueline, gives away the puck and then his man beats Pete to the net to score. 3-0 Preds.

Pete is frustrated. The ROG is quietly frustrated. And so are we.

At least the Nucks got 3 PP chances in the 2nd. And guess how that went..

We haven;t even started the powerplay and it already sucks...


But then...

JT Miller..PP killer


Miller giving it away twice in a row...


But Pete is on it...

Petey just missed....the net


0 for 3... that's not so bad in series where special teams can win or lose a game.

But the shots 5-on-5 aren't quite enough either.

3 PP and only 5 shots in the game so far......brutal


However, Zav isn't going to let a Sorass get the SO. He skates into a pass from Cole and scores with a blast blocker side. Wooooo goes the ROG. As does the gamethread.



3-1 Nucks after 2.

Nucks are coming back for another 12 second miracle. But if 12 second miracles happen in consecutive games, they lose the miracle status.

The Nucks dominate the play. Get lots of O-zone time. And lots of attempted shots. But no puck luck around the net when Sorass left juicy rebounds. All the other shots were blocked like Westy blocks others in the NM Rum Lounge.

Others shots tho...

Boeser all alone. Shoots in the pads.


Of course Taco pulls DeSmith so the Nucks can have an extra player's shots blocked. And of course, Preds get the EN. And the Nucks get a 4-1 loss.

On the bright side, the ROG gets a game 5. So, that's good.

Yannik Hansen said today on the radio: It takes a lot of losing in the playoffs, before you learn to win.

If that's true, then we needed this loss.



84 shot attempts. Most shot attempts by any Nucks SCP team. 18 got through. 1 got a goal. 31 missed the net, others blocked. 36 attempts for the Preds. 16 got through and too many became goals.

Nucks outhit the Preds 47-30. Most hits any Nucking SCP team has thrown. Not the most goals.

Pete is struggling on scoring side... missed an open net... bypassed the open net... missed shots... 9 shot attempts, 0 got through. And worse he made defensive mistakes - got burned on 2 goals. Pete finished up with a -3.

Pete needs to become a Keslling beast in Smashville. Put Millsie and the game on his back and go score to win. Also... get the 1st goal of the game, just to change it up.


Shortie and Dave are back in the ROG to curse call the game.



4 1st 4
8 2nd 8
4 3rd 6
16 TOTAL 18


"learning lesson for the guys.... gotta take what's there... don't force something that's not there." - Coach Taco

Let's hear from the players... whether we want to or not.

Zav Speaks

DeSmith DeSpeaks

Millsie Making Mistakes Count

Huggie (no points and a -2) talks about SCP hockey

Pete (-3, no points) talks about shooting?

Losing a playoff game in the ROG is still better than having no SCP game in the ROG. However, winning a playoff game in the ROG still feels much much better.

Nucks get a few days to regroup and pass the Myers flu around the locker room. Then zip over to Smashville for game 3 on Friday to ruin an early dinner at 4:30 Pacific.

This is going to be so much fun! Right? Right??

How many wins can the Nucks get in Music City?

The Biggest, Best 12 Seconds of Nucks Playoff History!

The Nucks comeback in the 3rd only required 12 seconds. The fastest 2 goals in Nucks playoff history. The loudest roar the ROG has roared since 2011.

And the ROG was really loud to start. 1st ROG playoff game in a long, long 9 seasons. Feels longer. Definitely sounded louder.

Nucks started loud too. Threw 10 hits in 1st 4 minutes. Millsie said after the game: "Didn't need a puck on the ice with so much hitting."

Hehehe. Hittiest LOL


Unfortunately for the ROGladites, the Preds opened the scoring. Off a faceoff that Pete was waived out of. Laff had to take the FO and didn't know where to go as the temporary center. Worse, Pete realized Laff had lost his man and moved to cover... but only moved in time to tip the puck past Demmers. Ouch!

Gamethread weren't bothered.

What the actual shytefartcrapballs was that garbage


Demko moving too far to his right


Although earlier Demmers made a 5-alarm Left-To-Right save off of our old new Beau. The ROG got louder after that key save.

However, the 1st period of a SCP game in 9 years ended without a Nucking goal. And only 4 shot. 1-0 Preds after 1.

below average 1st


Canucks need to work on their aim over the period break


Nucks put almost 15 shots over or near the net.

Doesn't matter.

Because in the 2nd, not even a minute in, Lindy skates in on Sorrows and shoots a knuckler past him. 1-1 tie!



ROG is ERUPTING! We're so gonna win!

And then the refs starting taking numbers and making calls. On the 1st PK the Nucks get beat by their old nemesis O'Really. 2-1 Preds.

Since that was working so well for the refs, they called 2 more Nucking penalties. The Nucks PK learned their lesson - oh really? Really. Still 2-1 Preds after 2.

In the 3rd, Nucks get an early PP, which doesn't totally kill their pushback momentum and even better doesn't give up a shortie.

Few minutes later, PDG takes a 'too enthusiastic' tripping call on boards in the O-zone.

Doesn't matter. Demmers isn't allowing any more goals against. The Nucks know that. We know that. Even the ROG knows that. Not the Preds, they had to learn it experientially by sending useless shots at Demko.

Mid-period as the Nucks have adjusted to the Preds stretch passes to forwards... the Nucks are pushing. And screening Sorrow. Huggie puts the puck through traffic and Suter adds a little tip to Sorrows sorrow. BOOM! 2-2 tie. ROG is going wild.

While the ROGerbations were still echoing loudly, the best 3rd line in hockey goes to work. Lindy knocks a big Pred off the puck behind the net, Gnarly sweeps it out front and Josh snaps a wicked shot up top. BAM! 3-2 Nucks!

2 quick goals...holy fuck


Quickest 2 goals in Nucking playoff history in case you missed that part.

Even better, the role-reversed Preds now have to come out of their defensive shell and try to get all pushy forwardy. Nucks are having none of that. It's lockdown time in the ROG with 10 minutes to go. Lockdown, push down or grind down Preds.

Wooo zadorov...what a huge hit


With a few minutes to go Preds empty their net of Sorrow. Which leads to Josh getting his 2nd winning goal of the game!

Josh again!!!!!!


Nucks finish strong and win. Their 1st SCP ROG win in nearly a decade.

Great comeback...great third period....Great!


You can't describe the feeling in the ROG, the gamethread, across NucksNation. Pure freakin' playoff joy! And more!

My gosh, we waited for this forever!!!




Josh is gonna get paid in the off season. Pete might even have to chip in. Especially since Playoff Pete isn't earning his keep so far.

Myers and Zav were the monster D we always dreamed of. Cole and Soucy were pretty good. And Huggie is the best Nucking D we've every watched play.

Playoff ROG is the most amazing hockey ruckus we've witnessed since 2011. Or longer.


For those of us not in the ROG getting hearing impaired, we get to keep Shortie and Dave on the air.... with only HNIC interrupting between periods.



6 1st 4
6 2nd 10
10 3rd 7
22 TOTAL 21


JOSHUA 2 1 +3 6
SUTER 1 +1 2
BOESER 1 +1 0
MILLER 1 +2 4
HUGHES 2 +2 0
Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 20 22 .909


Welcome to the playoff ROG, Taco: “It was pretty impressive how loud the fans were. Even when we were down 2-1, they didn’t waiver... a key moment... was the penalty killing... This is why we acquired Lindholm... really good 200 foot game."

Watch Taco's 1st ROG playoff presser over at NHL.COM.

Or a version right here on the tube.

To use a subtle playoff game description... WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

What a great ROGing game. The Nucks just kept going, playing better every period. Maybe this is why '82 was asking for this 1st round matchup - he knew the Nucks could handle the Preds better than LA or Knighties. The old reverse matchup psychology thing eh, '82.

While we can keep on being giddy right through Tuesday, the Nucks need to stay focused and get ready to play even better in the 2nd game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Is this just the beginning?


What an amazing journey this season has been. Unbelievable start. Believable post ASB dip. And here we are with a loss and we just don't care. And we not care in the best, most caring way.

It wasn't the best place to finish the season. Perhaps not even the best place to play mid-season. Doesn't matter.

What matters is some Nucks got some extra rest. Some NM gamethreaders got some rest.

And for the lucky Nucks who played in the Peg, the most important thing, was to NOT get injured. Win or Lose, not getting hurt is the biggest win.

Nucks opened the scoring in the 1st, with Gnarly's 20th goal of the season.

Garland gets his goal!


Nucks lead 1-0 for almost 6 minutes. And the 1st ends in a 1-1 tie.

In the 2nd, Winni takes the commanding 2-1 lead. Until... it's a last regular game miracle!

Yes, it's a Nucks PP goal! Even better, Lindy tips a Huggie shot for the commanding 2-2 tie.

WOOOO the rare PP goal! Lindholm with the tip!


In the 3rd, the home team broke the tie and led 3-2 until the final minutes when the Nucks put on some extra pressure and the Jets got an extra goal into the vacant net.

It feels good when we are losing and I am happy.
I am used to the last game being the most meaningless. We did that for the past 10 years..


4-2 Jets in game 82.


Keen observation.

Back before the start of the year, I wrote an article about the Canucks record against the East and how they needed to get more points from those games to get into the playoffs. They were 10-20-2.

This year's Canucks team was the Western team with the best record against the East, going 21-7-4.

A 26 point improvement.


Another keen Pete observation.

So, Petey playing today is the proof that he is not hurt.


Capt'n Huggie finishes the regular with 92 points and a plus +38. He's pretty good at this hockey thing.

Nucks PK got lots of practice. The good kind. Went 100% on 8 minutes of stingy practice fun. Nucks have 14 consecutive successful PKs to finish the season. Will there even be that many calls in the 1st round? Stay tuned, because the Nucks have So Many Men!


Shortie on the road. His last road game of the month? Hope not.



9 1st 8
6 2nd 8
5 3rd 10
20 TOTAL 26


Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 22 25 .880


"Not bad... couple mistakes in the 3rd...gotta move on... the big prize now is playing on Sunday... 'm really looking forward to it. It's going to be a fun time for the guys. I want them to enjoy it. We've got some work to do the next two or three days to prepare, and it's going to be exciting." - Coach Taco

Watch Taco's last regular road presser at NHL.COM.

7pm Pacific, Sunday. It's game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs for the Canucks! For us! Wooo!

How Far, Deep and Wide Can The Nucks Go?

Demmmers back and stopping all the shots, but one.


Tonight the Nucks clinched the division with their 50th win of the season. Only 3rd time in all Nucking history to achieve that win total. 2nd best home record in Nucks history.

For most of the game, Nucks played like the team that will still be playing next week.

And Demko is back and playing like Demko!

To start, it's the Nucks on the PK. Myers is breaking gamethread minds and Marky too!

Tyler Myers scores on the PK....BIZARRO WORLD




1-0 Nucks. For about a minute. Pete and Miki get into the Marky zone. Miki passes to Pete, Pete to Hoagie. Hoagie passes past Marky. 2-0 Nucks after 1.

Early in the 2nd, the Nucks are getting Flamed a bit in their own end. Myers clears to Gnarly who passes to Josh who goes up ice with Lindy on a 2-on-1. Josh shoots - blocker side on Marky - and scores. 3-0 Nucks after 2.

Things got a bit 'playoffy atmos' mid 2nd as Hoagie crosschecked/shoved Pachal in the chest. Pachal snapped his head back in response. A scrum erupted in front of the benches, including a skirmish between 5-foot-something Gnarly and Cowtown’s Klapka, listed as 6-foot-8.

Conor Garland will single-handedly fight all of the Flames

Gnarly with the takedown.

Hoagie was assigned a 5 minute major for a crosscheck to the head. On review, reduced to a 2 minute crossing check to the chest. Both got 10 minute majors, so line blending carried on into the 3rd.

In the 3rd with the game out of reach with safest lead in hockey assured, Nucks sat back a bit. And worse, got a PP than almost turned into a few shorties against- but for Demmers. Mid-period when we might have been thinking how cool it would be for Demmers to get the SO, a screened shot made it past him.

No worries. As Suter steals the puck off a hapless Flamer at the Flaming blueline. Millsie skates in on Marky and blasts a blocker-side shot past Marky.

Always on the blocker side



Pacific Division Champs, your Vancouver Canucks!


Ronnie chirped the Flames bench with this: "You'll be on holidays in 2 days... feel sorry for you." Zing.


Every home win this season was appreciated by fans. And the results of the Team Awards were announced.

J.T. Miller: Cyclone Taylor Trophy – “Most Valuable Player”

For the first time in his career, J.T. Miller was awarded the Cyclone Taylor Trophy as the team’s Most Valuable Player. Miller has had a career-year this season, setting a new career-high with 36 goals and 102 points going into the team’s game on April 16. Heading into tonight’s game, Miller is tied for the seventh-most points in a single season by a Vancouver Canuck. 

Miller was also one of six players to represent the Canucks at the 2024 All-Star Game in Toronto, ON. It was the first All-Star appearance of his career. In Toronto, he was voted by fans to take part in the NHL All-Star Skills, competing alongside teammates Quinn Hughes and Elias Pettersson. 

Quinn Hughes: Walter (Babe) Pratt Trophy – “Best Defenceman”

For the fifth season in a row, Quinn Hughes has been voted the winner of the Walter (Babe) Pratt Trophy as the team’s Best Defenceman. He extends his club record for the most consecutive award wins. He is also the first defenceman to win the award five times, surpassing Harold Snepsts, Jyrki Lumme, and Mattias Ohlund, each of whom had four wins.

Hughes has had another record-breaking season in 2023.24. He’s set franchise records with 74 assists and 91 points through April 15. He also set new personal career-highs for goals in a season (17) and games played (80) ahead of Tuesday’s game. This season, Hughes played in his 300th career game and recorded his 300th career point, and entering Tuesday’s game, he leads all NHL defenceman in points. At the NHL All-Star Game in Toronto, Quinn was one of the first 32 players named and was captain of a team alongside celebrity co-captain, Michael Bublé.

J.T. Miller: Pavel Bure Award – “Most Exciting Player” & Leading Scorer*

In addition to the Cyclone Taylor Trophy, J.T. Miller has been voted the winner of the Pavel Bure Award as the team’s Most Exciting Player. This is the second Pavel Bure Award win for Miller, having also been voted as the Most Exciting Player during the 2021.22 season.

Aided by 28 multi-point games this season, tops amongst Canucks skaters, including 12 games with three or more points and two games with four points, Miller is poised to win the Cyrus H. McLean Trophy as the team’s leading scorer. It will officially be announced upon the conclusion of the regular season.

Dakota Joshua: Fred J. Hume Award – “Unsung Hero”

For the second consecutive year, Dakota Joshua has been voted the winner of the Fred J. Hume Award as the team’s Unsung Hero. Joshua has set career-highs across the board this season, with his 17 goals, 14 assists, and 31 points all being new personal highs. His 235 hits through 61 games are also a career-high and rank t-13th in the NHL. Joshua recorded his first-career three-point game on February 13/24 at Chicago, a game in which he also recorded the first Gordie Howe Hat Trick of his career.

Elias Pettersson: Three Stars Award*

With 18 three stars selections this season, including 10 first-star nominations, Elias Pettersson is set to win the Three Stars Award for the second-consecutive season. Pettersson has had another successful season in 2023.24, becoming the first player from the 2017 draft class with three 30 goal seasons, as well as topping 80 points for the second straight season. He also leads all Canucks players with three games of four or more points.

Quinn Hughes: Daniel and Henrik Sedin Award – “Community Leadership”

For the 2023.24 season, Quinn Hughes was named the winner of the Daniel and Henrik Sedin Award for Community Leadership. Following a summer that devasted many parts of the province, Hughes visited West Kelowna the week he was named captain in September to demonstrate support for firefighters and the community. He followed that up with the creation of the Canucks first Firefighters Night in December where he hosted the West Kelowna Fire Department. Hughes also launched “Team 43” this season, a program that sees him donate four tickets to every home game to first responders in B.C., as an ode to his grandfather, who was a New York City firefighter for over 30 years.

Note: *Will be officially awarded upon the conclusion of the regular season



Enjoying Shortie and Dave while we can. Much better than HNIC homer tsunami heading our way next week.



fLames Period CANUCKS
9 1st 12
15 2nd 10
16 3rd 9
40 TOTAL 31


SUTER 1 +1
MYERS 1 1 +2
Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 39 40 .975


"I think they’re ready for the next part of this journey.” - Coach Taco

Watch Taco - Jack Adams runaway leader, crest the season at NHL.COM

Last home game of the season. But not the last home game of the year. Wooooooooo!

As soon as next Sunday - playoffs starting date still TBD - the Nucks will be playing in the ROG. In the POST-SEASON! First time in nearly a decade.

But who will they be playing? Depends. The likely scenario will depend on Dallas. If they get a point vs Blues, then Nucks will play Preds for sure.

UPDATE: Starskis got 2 points and Nuck will meet the Preds in Round One.

The turnaround from last season's team to this one, is one for the record books. Might be a bigger turn around than the '73-74 to '74-'75 season.

How impressed have you been with this new Management/Coaching/Roster change this season?


You may have noticed some trepidation going into this game. Oil have been stupid hot. Nucks have been smartly warm. However pre-game, a trade was made. Or a trade-off. McD wouldn't play. And neither would Demko.

Seemed like a good trade with the division bragging rights on the line.

In the first, Oil put shot after shot on net, so many shots.

Yayyyy desmith stopped the first shot! Been a while since we could say that...

Shot count not looking great... 9-3 oilers 12 minutes in.


The freshly goalie-whispered-up backup DeStopped them all.

Even better... Lafferty gets the 1st goal of the game with mere seconds left. 1-0 Nucks after 1.

In the 2nd, the grindy grind game continues with the Nucks keeping the lead with their grindiness. Grind the Oil off the scoreboard, at least until Myers sets up the GWG.

WOOOO SUTER WITH A TIP! Drama-ryan singh to busy fellating the oilers didn't even notice it lol.


Suter gets the goal! The GWG! The long, long goal drought is over. Only one other 48 game goal drought to rinse off with a flood of goals.

In their late 2nd shift, Ronnie blows a clear and Huggie misses Abel or Kane - one of those biblical loudmouths - in front of the net and the Oil are on the board.

2-1 Nucks after 2.

The shutdown continues. Taco Tough grindy grindy style holds the Oil to no goals. Lindy kept DryingSaddle off the board - all game. Lindy Shutdown is in town.

In the last few minutes, with the Oil net empty, Oil are pressing, but the best (3rd) shutdown line in hockey combines for a strong rush against the empty net. And score another GWG. Even better, it's a WMG (Win Maintaining Goal).

WOOOO JOSHIE WITH THE ENG! Fuck you mcdavidites.



Good job guys holding the fort!



Since McD has no points, guess it was fair that Pete had no goals, no assists, no shots. Saving Playoff Pete for later?

Nucks need a single point to clinch the division. According to NHL math that I never took the course on. If the playoffs started tomorrow, Nucks would be facing the Preds. Let's see what happens next week.

HNIC Screaming Drama Highlights

No Shortie, it's HNIC play-by-play - the MUTE ONLY option. At least the Nucks won!



9 1st 13
13 2nd 12
5 3rd 8
27 TOTAL 33


SUTER 1 +1
MYERS 1 +2
Saves Shots SV%
DESMITH 32 33 .970


"It was a grindy kind of game... all hands on deck... Smitty was good. Good test drive for us - for the playoffs." - Coach Taco

Watch Taco grind out a presser on the road at NHL.COM.

Another MUST WIN WON is on the books. Best Nucking season since 2011 or 2012, but that later season never happened because of the Mayan calendar mishap in LA.

The best the Canucks have played this month? Let's find out.

Best Nucking game of the month?


Nucks proved last game they can beat good teams. Tonight, they proved they can still almost beat bad teams. Playoff ready or what.

That hard won one point may be crucial to decide who gets to hoist the Pacific division banner. Or is it a flag? Handkerchief? Whatever.

The Nucks outplayed, out-pressured, outshot, out-most-everything against the dirty desert dogs. Everything but win.

Is it time to panic?

No, that train ran scared out of the station without taking on many passengers in mid-February.

Good news! Lindy is back and winning draws and making smart plays. Not scoring those smart goals just yet.


As expected not much happened. Altho... this was unexpected...

Well thats different... WE get the early power play for once...


As expected, Nucks didn't score on any of their 2 power plays... because what would be the point?

I think is a game that if the Nucks can break through soon, they will score a bunch


The yotes have not looked super dangerous have they.


Super dangerous comes later.

Nucks outshoot the Yotes 8-2 and it's 0-0 after 1.


Here we are - it's later and the Nucks are owning the Yotes, in shots, forecheck pressure and stuff. Hoagie is a putting on a possession show...

Damn I love watching hoagie play power forward... I'm sometimes surprised he doesnt have like 35 goals.


Does everything. But score.

And then, as Clarke's pre-cog sessions with Sealovs exhibit another setback, Yotes with a rare FO win score through a 2 player screen. SealedOff is still looking for the puck. 1-0 Yotes.

Undaunted, Nucks keep the heat, the pressure, the o-zone time on the desert dogs.

Huggie passes to Myers. Myers puts a shot on net. Hits Millsie in the skate. Millsie buries the skatebound. 1-1 tie with 2 minutes to go.

And then... with a minute to go... the Yotes on the scorecard again. Clarke's pre-cog sessions exhibit yet another setback, Yotes score through a 4 player screen. SealedOff is still looking for the puck. 2-1 Yotes after 2. Ouch!


You'd think the Nucks would come out hard in the 3rd and get the early tieing goal. And they did, so hard for so long, that Huggie coughs up the puck behind the net and it's 3-1 Yotes. Ugh. Huggie felt bad. Tired and bad.

To help help Huggie feel better about his rare gaffe and get lots of rest, his teammates unselfishly took 3 consecutive penalties. The last 2, a scintillating D-duo of Zav and Myers. Unexpectedly, the Nucks best scoring chances came short-handed. And happily the Nucks killed off all the penalties.

Which gave Huggie the rest time and conviction to stage the comeback. Huggie passes to Hoagie who passes out front to Gnarland who pops the puck up top. Tie game! Almost. Or would have been.

Amazingly, Nucks get a late 3rd power play. Even more amazing, Nucks PP scores! Even better, Pete who had no shots until 16:18 of the 3rd fired a laser past Ingram, the whisky goalie. At least I think he's the whisky goalie. Need to have Westy check the label again.

It's a 3-3 tie and everyone gets a point!


This is it... Shortie is talking about all the Nucks who have multiple OT goals, and he's seen many games and should know - Nucks will win it from Huggie, Millsie, Petey or maybe Miki?

Turns out, Bess is secretly working for the desert people... perhaps his love of Mullets or something. He takes a tripping penalty. Nucks have to face a 4-on-3 PP in OT. Or do they?

Ronnie breaks up a play at the blueline and makes a beeline for the Yoting net. He gets hauled down. It's a penalty shot! In OT! On the PK! No pressure. Or not enough. His weak fake slapper fools no one, especially the whisky-making goalie, who easily saves Ronnie's weak deke and slowhand shot.

Yotes return to their 4-on-3 PP and score moments later. Yotes win 4-3 in a game they probably shouldn't have. That's hockey!

Well, one point it is.
It was a good finish though.



Shortie and what's-his-name are in the ROG to cover this exciting (not) game.



Nucks had 14 high-danger shots, Yotes, 5. Nucks out attempted Yotes, 59-29. Just needed to bury more chances.

2 1st 8
9 2nd 4
4 3rd 11
3 OT 3
18 TOTAL 26


“We made a push at the end…Too many missed shots. I didn’t think we went to the net first two periods. Third period we had urgency.” - Coach Taco urging travelling to the net.

Watch Taco talk tough at NHL.COM.

Nucks played pretty good in the 1st, sorta decent in the 2nd, but let AZ take over the game late in the 2nd and into the 3rd. Three periods. Three games left. Each with three periods. Is asking the Nucks to play nine consistent periods asking too much? Don't know. Do you?

Where will the Nucks finish in the div?


It's about time the Nucks beat the Knighties on home ice in regular time.

Tonight's Nucks team played like the pre-break Nucks team that could take a one goal lead into the 3rd and take a win out the other side. They're back! Block off Davies!

Recap will be short as I have to contact Westy's parade catering company and restock the NM lounge with Gnarly bobbleheads and stuff.

Didn't start that way.

baby steps penalties in the first


Well...we had no penalties in the first 50 seconds, so it was a start...


For the eleventeenth time in a row the Nucks take an early penalty. For the eleventeenth time in a row the Nucks get scored on the 1st shot of the PP, of the game.

And for the eleventeenth time in a row the Nucks get scored on the 2nd visitor's shot of the game. 2-0 Vegas. Kinda fugly start.

How's the Special Teams battle going?

Turns out while the Nucking PK was horrid to start, Nucks PP was... awesome.

Pre-game, Miller was handing out Gnarland 400th NHL game T-shirts. Which might have irked Gnarly a little, since the T-shirt thing was his idea for another teammate. Fortunately, Gnarly took out his gnarliness on the PP. Scores a greasy paint goal. His 100th NHL goal. 2-1 Vegas.

A few minutes later on the Nucks 2nd PP, Huggie whips a perfect shot past the screened Thompson. Screened by the 6 foot wide Elias Gnarlandsson. One big guy in front of the net or two tricksie guys?

WOOOO THUGGY! What world is this...2 for 2 in one game????


2-2 after 1.

Early in the 2nd, Soucy gets jobbed by the refs. How surprising! Soucy gives Barberchevy a little shin tap and down he goes like a sack of stuffed potatoes.

Vegas scores off the draw as Silovs is slightly screened. Gamethread is slightly peeved.

Sweet Lord...


3-2 Vegas mid 2nd.

Doesn't matter. Nucks aren't caving. Instead, they return to pressuring the Nighties. And Petey is screening. And Bessie is scoring!

Brock got his 40!


Even better, Nucks have momentum and Vegas seems to have tiredentum. Nucks are out-working Vegas. Gnarland really is. Blocks a shot, clears the zone, Soucy carries it in. Throws it cross-ice. Josh passes to Miller who puts a puck on Thompson and Gnarly the puts the loose change in the net. His 2nd of the night and 101st NHL goal.

WOOO GNARLY! 100 pt miller!


4-3 Nucks after 2.

It's the safest lead in hockey. It's also the 1st time in the game the Nucks have the lead.

Looks to be an exciting 3rd. And it is. Especially when the Nucks get an early PP and could put the game out of reach. Or... maintain the tension with...

Good lord...clown shoes PP...


Nucks withstand the pressure of their own feeble PP, but then Elias Thuggersson takes a nasty interference call behind the Vegas net.

No worries. The Nucks PK killed it. No, really.

Even in the non-even strength last few minutes, the Nucks keep the Knighties in knots, not goals.

Nucks WIN 4-3 in regulation! Wooo! Haven't beaten a playoff team in a month. Now they have, so we know it is still possible.

A step in the right direction, but not polishing any hardware yet.


Even better, Nucks have secured home ice advantage in the playoffs. Be nice if they can keep 1st in the division, but we're not there yet.

We're just gonna savour this momentous win. Because...

  • Miller reaches 100 points!
  • Bess has 40 goals!
  • Gnarland reaches 100+ NHL Goals!
  • Huggie has 88 points and a +/- of plus 39!
  • Pettersson is the $92M goalie screener we always dreamed of.

Miller's T-shirt prank may have relieved the tension in the room.

“Within five minutes of him telling me the idea, I was in talking to the equipment guys about getting the T-shirts made,” Miller told Sportsnet after the morning skate. “It was Gar’s idea to do it for someone else and my idea to do it to him. And they turned out perfect. 

“He was one of the last to arrive (for the morning skate) and when he walked in the room there were 18 guys wearing Garland shirts. It was perfect. My only regret is we didn’t have one for every single person in the organization.”

“He stole my joke,” Garland said helplessly, then vowed some kind of revenge on Miller, who should reach 800 NHL games on the last night of the regular season. “There’s going to be balloons everywhere or something.”

Garland admitted after the game that a prank like Miller’s was just what the Canucks needed.

“I wish it wasn't me on it,” he said of the T-shirts. “But, you know, that's what Millsy does so well for us. It's nice to come in and everybody has a laugh in the morning. It's a big game for us tonight and (you) relieve some stress. I know one guy wore it to the game. That was uncalled for. But it's nice. It is, it is. It's a long year and when you're in a bit of a (difficult) stretch, you can use something like that. That's what makes Millsy Millsy.”


Shortie and Dave are happy to be back in the ROG calling a season-saving, parade planning win!



6 1st 10
9 2nd 11
8 3rd 9
23 TOTAL 30


BOESER 1 1 0
HUGHES 1 1 +1
Saves Shots SV%
SILOVS 20 23 .870


"He was buzzing... lotta shots, couple goals... he's a greasy guy... not his hair, his hair is not greasy" - Coach Taco on Gnarland.

Watch a more relaxed Taco at NHL.COM

1 Win down. 20 to go. But, let's not get too far ahead of the parade planners just yet.

Next must win game is on Wednesday when the desert dogs are visiting the wet, wet coast. Wet desert dogs whimpering in a loss isn't the worst outcome.

10 Days away from the end of this unexpectedly great Nucking season. Have you enjoyed this season of surprises? Let's find out.

How Much Have You Enjoyed Watching the Nucks This Season?


It's not that the Canucks don't care about finishing the season strong, it's that for most Nucks players, the season is over after the A-Star break. I know it's frustrating to watch, but for nearly a decade this team can either start the season strong or finish the season strong. But both? Does not compute.

Some say you have to pick your battles. Here at NM we say pick your 55 games. The Nucks have been built for the mythical 60 game season. But still... the lose one, win one (barely), lose one or two seems the peak we can expect for the next week or so.

UNLESS... this poor showing against LA, this game, last game, is all part of JR's master plan, that Taco supports. Let LA get the points and the Nucks face Smashville, who even Juice on HNIC says is a better matchup for the freshly sad sack Canucks.

1st Period

LA gets 2 power plays and 2 goals on 5 shots in the 1st 6 minutes. JR watches it play out.

The gamethread possibly not as keen as JR.

Canucks get an early penalty, which shows they didn't read my post yesterday

And the early penalty cost them again


Or are they?

Keep taking penalties boys...


Eventually puck luck has to bounce back against even the best strategies and Bess gets a goal. Pete and Cole with the apples.

2-1 LA after 1.

2nd Period

The Nucks appear to be looking to pushback and win, outshooting LA 20-12 in the period. And only go down 2 more goals.

The play-to-lose strategy is working... but gamethread is still pushing back on the plan.

Canucks should fire Taco, so they can get a new coach bump in time for the playoffs


It's LA leading 4-1after 2.

3rd Period

As we've seen since the A-Star break, the Nucks have a strong weak comeback narrative. Mainly weak.

However, JT breaks through the 1-3-1 trap and puts a shot on Tailbot and Josh buries the rebound. 4-2 LA and the comeback is coming back.

For a couple minutes, as the Nucks get permissive in their own zone and DeSmith can't make another save. 5-2 LA.

And there you go. No defence, no work, no save.


Doesn't matter, because the Nucks PK is back in action. And Blueger atones for his lazy stick penalty in the 1st with the shortie. 5-3 LA.

But then Zav puts the puck into the crowd. Nucks PK kill off the 5-on-3. And even better, Nucks get a PP. With unsurprising results.

Score a shorty, get punished...


LA wins 6-3. JR must be pleased. Gamethread, not so much.

I expect nothing less but being blown out on Monday.

This team can't put together 3 good shifts in a row. Never mind 3 periods.


Hockey Philosophy Corner

This team has a vibe like Willie D's. Surprise all in the regular season and fizzle in the playoffs

Calling playoff Demko..



Since the A-Star break, in 22 games, the Nucks are a 500 team. How many playoff rounds are won by 500 teams?

How does a team get above 500? Traditionally, the PP must outscore the opponent's PP. And your PK must be better than the opponent's. And make less mistakes. In the Canuck's case, you wait 8 years, while firing 3 coaches, then fire the GM and get another coach.

JR's Master Plan appears on track.

48% 25% 24% 2%

This probability projection assumes the Nucks win more games than they lose in the remaining 5. And McOil fumble the puck across the line.


It's Shortie Night in Canada! Where broadcast restrictions permit.



8 1st 5
20 2nd 12
14 3rd 12
42 TOTAL 29


Taco talks about how good the team played... other than the mistakes, not burying their chances and stuff.

"We were in the game today... we had some chances, they converted, we didn't"

Watch Taco press the presser at NHL.COM

Another disappointing loss to LA. Unless disappointing losses to LA is part of the plan. The plan to cruise carelessly into the playoffs and have Demmers steal 4 games off the hop.

The gamethread analytic and prophetic powers are ours to soak up with our spongebod pants.

Not sure what to say.
In two games out of three on this road-trip we can't even compete. In Vegas the game was over after the 1st. In LA, it is over half-way through.
And these are divisional games?
Does anyone sense any problem?


Over the course of a year other teams get more chances to look at the style the Canucks play and adapt. The defensive core is average at best, the bottom two lines don't score and the top scorers are streaky


Right now we look like a runaway train heading toward the abyss with no brakes.

The playoffs is the abyss.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend and get ready for a murder on Monday in the ROG.

Can the Nucks get back on track in the final 5? Let's find out.

How Many Games Can the Nucks Win By the 20th?

Arturs Stealov Steals The Deal!

Despite the hosing the Nucks received last night on the strip, tonight's game in the tight confines of the Mullet arena is a great, but tiny place to bounce back.

Nucks controlled play like the #1 team in the Pacific playing the 7th placed team in the Western. For 40 minutes.

Despite the Nucks outshooting Yotes by a 3-to-1 margin, game was scoreless until mid 2nd period.

Nucks had a PP in the 1st, but there were connection troubles...

Good lord what a brutal power play...passing to no one, shooting at nothing, losing the puck... brutal.


Despite the Nucks having so many great chances 5-on-5, in the 2nd it was the near legendary Nucks PP, or as we now call it: Huggie's free skate time, that broke the tie.

...and Huggie with the hat-trick!


Road-trip hat-trick, that is.


1-0 Nucks after 2 with the Nucks outshooting D-dogs 23-7. That's good.

Pre-3rd Atty Precog wrote...

Man, a lot of work, lots of shots for a one goal-lead.
Unfortunately they will have to work even harder in the 3rd because the Yotes will push back and probably score one.


To start the 3rd, Nucks are skating a little slower, slower to loose pucks, slower to make the smart play, but quicker to make the stupid one. There was one sequence when the puck was stick-adverse and wouldn't stick on a Nucks stick or a desert dog one. I'd like to describe it detail, but not even a sportynet video recap is permitted to display keystone kops komedy hockey between commercials. Who am I to thwart the NHL's advertising revenue aspirations.

OMG! OMG! Whiffin' For Whiffers!


Yotes are pressing and getting more zone time where Stealovs is trying to remember what happens when the opposing team gets lots of zone time. Oh...right... shots... lots of tricky shots. He stopped all the dogged shots.

Stopped all the shots on Thuggie's 1st penalty. However, on Thuggie's 2nd penalty of the game, his NHL shutout was taken off the achievement list.

It was a bogus call... because the Mullet ice needs more ref leveling. And Yotes tie it up. Ugh.

Huggie is pissed. Taco is pissed. We were pissed. But, the later is SOP for game threads.

2 minutes away from playing OT in a college rink in the 2nd of a back-2-back is not the extra time we're looking for.

Also... Thuggie is pissed - not letting OT happen on his shift(s). Thuggie goes on a free skate, puts the puck off the back boards and Gnarly shoots the bouncey thing in the net.

2-1 Nucks with 2 mins to go. Yotes press, but Nucks clear the puck and the EN beckons for EP... who passes off to Miki who can't wrangle the puck to get the empty net goal. Some snakebites are longer lasting than others.

Hats off to the boys, this was a gutsy win.

Before this game, the Dogs earned 16 points since the All Stars Game.
We had 17 points.
So, the two teams were pretty much even this spring.



The Mullet Arena is not the show piece of pro hockey that Gary touts. Broadcast sight lines are beer league.

McBain blew up Pete at the blueline. Looked like a clean hit... if unrequired as Pete was just trying to stay onside. Miller immediately drops the gloves - to stick up for Pete - and gets dropped. But still... Miller followed correct protocol and didn't punch the helmet, let McB punch his instead.

Pete got an assist on the 1st Nucks PP. I don't have to type pointless Pete twice in a row. That's good. What wasn't good was watching Pete defer a great shooting chance to Hogz with a worse shooting chance. Nice to see him unselfishly pass off the EN to Miki, but what has happened to his shoot-first mentality?


Shortie and Ray are following the Nucks on the road. Will they be allowed to after April 20th?



7 1st 3
16 2nd 4
10 3rd 14
33 TOTAL 21


HUGHES 1 1 +1
Saves Shots SV%
SILOVS 20 21 .952


"Grindy kind of game... thought Freids was really good, he was good on the bench too." - Coach Taco

Friedman saw 6 minutes of ice as the 12th forward, which might be why he's so good on the bench.

Hear and see Taco in his natural desert environ at NHL.COM.

The tough road trip is a split so far. 500 hockey like we onced dreamed of... for years.

Nucks have to take their grindy grindy game to the next level of grindy on Saturday in LA.

Want to say I'm looking forward to watching Pete light up red lights like early season Pete.
There. I said it. Pete needs to light the scoresheet to reclaim his hundred point Pete moniker in the remaining 6 games. 15 points in 6 games, Pete? You can do it! That's only 3 hatties and a couple 5 point games. Right?

Will Pete Break the Ton, the 100 point regular?

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Good!

If this was a possible 1st round matchup, we're going to need more 1st period barf bags.

Especially, if Stone's miracle spleen recovers on Apr. 20th. How is Vegas the LTIR winner season after season? Only Gary knows for sure.

1st Period

Let's not dwell, not even recall this stinker of period. Won't mention how DeSmith made a brilliant save and then gave the puck away and it's 1-0 Loss Sages. But Hoagie got a goal! And then 20 seconds later gave up another goal to fan fav, Jack Eiiiiikeel.

I officially hate Eichel. I felt sorry for him in Buffaslug, but now I just hate him for getting his own way and getting to win a cup for it. He plays.... douchey and opportunistically, rather than with composure and grace.

Also, I want to see Petey have a fight. Fuck it. Just let it out.


Not mentioning the Nucks PK not defending Zav's honour for the phantom high-sticking call. Nope. Not mentioning any of that. Or the reffing. Or Zav taking himself out of the game with 2 periods to go. Or the not wonderful play of Cole. Not saying anything about it. 4-1 Vegas after 1.

2nd Period

This is a much better road period. Didn't start that way. Because Nucks can't kill the misconduct penalty to Zav.

However, the Nucks PP that couldn't get a goal in 4 minutes of extra muffin shots in the 1st. But Huggie can make the Nucks PP look dangerous. Scores while Pete is screening. So that's good.

Huggie the thuggie !!

There ya ain't over... no way


5-2 Nighties after 2.

3rd Period

Nucks got some juice to the start the 3rd. Especially Huggie. Who skates around the strip and puts the puck past a Vegas stop machine. 5-3 Weggies. Nucks are coming back.

For 24 seconds. When the Nucks give up another odd man rush when pressing for something... 6-3 Vegas final.

We tied them in the 2nd
We tied them in the 3urd

That's all I need in my Recap


Maybe just delete the 1st from the record books and have them play Texas fold 'em in the lounge for the tie breaker.

I think this ass-whopping serves us good.
Taco will have a field-day when going over video with the guys.


Only problem is they don't have a field day, only a plane ride over to play the other desert dogged team. Maybe tablets and short-ass whips.

Good Points

Huggie with his 2 goals now has 82 points on the season. 82 Great Points!

Not So Good

Again Pete was held pointless. Maybe he'll earn his next contract as the highest paid goalie screener in the league.

Bains experiment could be over. Or should be.

I've seen plenty of nothing from Bains. Experiment over. Bring back Karlsson.


Maybe Cole gets a few maintenance games off.

Maybe Taco should rest Cole for a week. Cole has boneheaded way too many plays in the last few weeks


Later Cole can prove again he's a proven playoff performer.


Shortie and Ray are covering the under/over plays.



9 1st 9
13 2nd 9
8 3rd 12
30 TOTAL 30


"Yeah the penalties, couple odd man rushes... 4 or 5 guys not ready to play" - Coach Taco

Watch Taco beat the house on camera... or was it the refs? See him at NHL.COM.

It's game 75 and Taco still hasn't finalized his forward lines. Does Taco need 85 regular season tilts before declaring his line chemistry experiment complete? Don't know. Do you?

When Will Taco Stop Line Juggling?


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