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Stanley Cup Predictions!

June 7, 2024
- Westy

Realistically....fuck'em both.

Westy: First off....fuck Edmonton. There is no way in God's green earth, that I would ever cheer for them. The idea that Canadians have to switch allegiances because there is a Canadian team in the final is absolute horseshit. The way I see it, the Oilers special teams, especially their PK, got hot at the right time and they were able to stay relatively healthy. I would have loved to see a healthy Canucks team vs a healthy Oilers team....but....moving on.

I am not a fan of any team that has a Tkachuk. Unfortunately, I may have to ignore this fact and cheer for the team that has Lu in its front office.

The Cats and Oilers have been able to survive and it creates a final I have no interest in watching. having said that, I still have to make a prediction....Panthers in 6, because I despise Edmonton more.

jimmi: Second off... Fuck spOilers and SoBeotch. There was some chatter pre-season that these 2 teams would meet in the final. So yay, expert predictors, I guess. Of course, we're pissed about it. Gary can't be happy about it either - two small market teams in the Finals, isn't the Starts/Rags match the NHL TV Ratings Department were drooling over.

Yeah... it's cool that for the 1st time since 2011 there's a Canadian team in the Finals. Just an unfortunate docking incident of BC Ferries it wasn't our team. One can't help but wonder what sort of flammables there are in downtown Oil Country. Anyhow... tOil PK has been insanely effective. The regression meanies must be salivating... as the Cats PP pops that PK bubble. Or at least we hope so. Do I want the team that beat us in the 2nd round to win the last round? In a way yes and in another NO! Do I want a team with a former Nucking goalie with a sucky contract and an Upchuck to win? In a way yes and no.

With that fugly choice of no good choices, going with Panthers in 7 after 114 OT periods so both teams are too exhausted even by October to bother us.

Disgruntled note: This is the 3rd time that I and others have picked the Oil to lose a series. Maybe now... it's 3rd time lucky.

Who Wins the SCF?


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