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SCP Round 2 RECAP #7: NUCKS WIN 3-2 Game 7 Loss In The ROG!

May 20, 2024
- jimmi

Nucks force a late game comeback. Almost worked.

That's all, folks. 2023-2024 Season Ends Pretty Well. Very much improved over the last few bleak years.

The Nucks had the chance to win the series - send the Oil home with oily tears.

Then the game started.

Not a good Nucking start.

The best chance early was for Miki...

Miky still cursed


And the Nucks followed it up with... ummm...

Wonder if we'll break ten shots this game? holy shit...


Even worse... the Nucks get a 4 minute powerplay to break open the game, get the 1st goal and even the 2nd one. Or not.

Wow way to waste 4 minutes boys...


This stinker of a Nucking PP that didn't get a single shot on goal, did allow the Oil PK to get a shortie breakaway which Silovs stops. Thankfully. Boy, the Nucks PP brain trust have their work cutout for them in the off season.

0-0 tie is preserved, thanks to the zero goals Nucks PP and stunning work from Silovs. Oil outshoot the Nucks 13-2. Just a bit lopsided on the shot clock.

In the 2nd period, we expect hope the Nucks will get the 1st goal of the game... because... reasons.

Instead Oil get on the board first. Point shot from Ceci that Hoagie declined to block.

And that's game. Thanks to everyone for coming out.


1-0 Oil.

Because the Oil are buzzing and Silovs is getting screened, Hyman tips the puck past Artie. Dammit. 2-0 Oil and the gamethread isn't worried.

Oh fuck off. Where the fuck is the give-a-shit from the canucks? Holy shit what a sad effort for a game 7.


While the Nucks killed the 1st Oil powerplay... the 2nd one, not so much. Nuge scores after the work of DrySally. 3-0 Oil late 2nd.

If it's any consolation, this won't be the team we see next year


The good news is the Nucks put 10 shots on net. The bad news is they're down 3 goals.

The worse news, we are wondering if the Nucks will go out with a donut whimper or...

A 3rd period comeback!

Takes half the 3rd for the successful Nucking comeback. That's because the Nucks were gifted a PP and sucked the energy out of the ROG, the game thread and the province.

decline the penalty

PP trying to bulldoze through the middle to gain entry...not effective


Soon enough the Nucks regained composure after the futile power play.

Gnarland, as ever, playing hard on the puck, is gifted with a sloppy Oil D turnover. Gnarly jumps on the loose puck and blasts it past Skinnard's former SO.

Nice goal gnarly!

Thank you for a great season!


The comeback has started! Only a period late or so.

Then PDG gets a great chance breaking in on goal. And roofs it. Into the back boards. Baby bump is over.

PDG going full Miki there.


But then with 5 minutes left, Lindy wins the O-zone faceoff. Huggie, looking like AllStar Huggie, goes down the boards, turns and breaks a defender's ankles and passes to Ronnie. Who finally unloads his 'legendary' slapshot on goal. And scores past a screened goalie. Woooo!

It's 3-2 Oil and the comeback is almost complete. Almost.

The Nucks pull Silovs and get on their 6-on-5 PP on. Which isn't any better than their 5-on-4 version. And like their normal PP, can't put a shot on net.

50 minutes of not playing will lead to a loss.


It's a 3-2 Oil win in the ROG.

What woulda coulda been is over for this season. No regrets. What a great season and playoff run.

Thanks for coming everyone.

It was a great season for a team that wasn't expected to get to the playoffs.


The comeback was good to see.

Great finish, at least the boys showed again the heart they had this year.


Best season I can remember as a canucks fan, not so much cuz of the accomplishments, but because of the unexpectedness of it. Hope Brock is ok by October...



It's a bit fresh and the sting is still stinging. However...

We don't know until later in the week if Pete and Huggie were playing hurt. As Saint Soucy says... everyone is playing hurt.

Huggie wasn't playing at the level he can in this series. Preds series saw him crunched, a lot.

Pete had a tough playoffs. 1 goal and 5 apples. Sour apples in our view. Finished with a plus/minus of 0. Meanwhile, the far less well paid Drysaddler had 8 goals and 16 assists for 24 points. So far.

On the bright side, in this last game of the series, Nucks held McD pointless in the game. Good work Millsie and the Big D.

The comeback sorely missed Brock. Still remember his comeback goals in the Preds series. We all hope he returns next season, healthy and hungry.

To be fair... this was the first playoffs for half the roster. Almost seemed that many of them had their fill of their first Cup of 2nd season hockey. Or were just too nervous drink any deeper.

Silovs is now a bonafide NHL playoff goalie. A very good one. The question isn't whether Artie is ready to be the backup, but is he ready to be the starter? Tough questions over the summer for JR/PA to answer.

No worries. NM will be here to answer them. And answer questions you may have hoped no one would ask.


Cutburt and Homer Simpson weren't our first choice for play-by-play.

Wow i'm sick of craig simpsons voice. Stop mansplaining everything ffs.



SHOTS - not enough Nucking shots. Again.

13 1st 2
14 2nd 10
2 3rd 5
29 TOTAL 17

PLAYER POINTS - Gnarly points.

G A S +/- H TOI
GNARLAND 1 3 +1 0 19:12
LINDHOLM 1 2 +1 5 20:13
HRONEK 1 2 +1 3 22:56
HUGHES 1 1 +1 0 28:33
Saves Shots SV%
SILOVS 26 29 .897


Taco isn't going to berate them for not getting urgent early. Too late for that. And too early for nhl to publish his presser.

Next man up.

Gnarland is looking down and heartbroken. He deserves to be proud of his effort.


Pete is stoic and ready to get training.


Millsie is wearing his emotions on a ball cap.


Capt'n Huggie not feeling reflective just now.


What an amazing season! Not just at NM. But those never-quite Nucks impressed us right out of the gate. So many great milestones. 50 game wins. Pacific Division winners.

We'll probably wax poetic later this week. And post some compelling trade rumoury gossip until the draft. For now, we'll just lick our small little fan wounds and be happy not to see our tired-out team get swept by the Stars, unlike Oil fans.

Thanks to you who made the NM Comeback Season so much fun!


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