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SCP Round 2 RECAP #5: NUCKS WIN! WIN! WIN! 3-2 In The ROG!

May 16, 2024
- jimmi

Nucks win 3-2 with 32 seconds left in the 3rd for the 3-2 series lead. Not making it up.

Bounce Back Nucks bounce back with their best game of the playoffs.

Better game...better chances...great win


Didn't start that way.

In the 1st, Nucks are on the PK before the 1st minute is finished dismaying Nucks fans.

Love early penalties


Know what we love even more?

Yay killed an early penalty.


With that major accomplishment under their skates, the Nucks celebrated with a small tirefire in their own end. Some say lit by Cole who was worn out during the puck panic attack. Couldn't win a puck battle and a moment later it's 1-0 Oil.

Playing beer league hockey in our own end. Not sure how that's a winning strategy


You know what else isn't a winning strategy? Dumb penalties. And taking them.

hughes taking the dumbest penalty in hockey.


Again, the Taco talked and tweaked Nucks PK killed off the 2 stupidest minutes in hockey.

Since that under-manned gambit seems to be working, Cole decides to get off the ice. And into the box. Where he can't get beat on a puck battle/deflection or something.

Hey look...more stupid penalties


The Nucks PK goes back to work. And work perfectly. Nucks PK have now killed 3 consecutive McOil PPs. Incredible!

As the last few minutes of the period play on/out, the Nucks are doing the Nucks forechecking thing. And the puck pops out Saint Soucy he rifles a shot glove side past Pickie. 1-1 tie! ROG is going wild!

For about 20 seconds... as Freelancing Soucy appears to have another open look at the Oil net. However, he inexplicably falls down, 200 feet from his own net. Oil breakout on a 2-on-1 and it's 2-1 Oil. Ouch! Welcome back Sous.

Soucy giveth and taketh away


Hey I already said that.

Soucy giveth...and soucy taketh away.


2-1 Oil after 1. That's just great.

In the 2nd, the Nucks are coming back. Hard and taking shots. Gnarly taking cheapshots. Gnarland gets slammed into the boards. Looks like his wrist is hurt.

Fucking fogle just ended garland's season.


Gnarland is back on the ice later. Tough pest. We love him for his go-go-go engine.

The Nucks PP had some looks, but no goal.

It's Father's Day in the ROG. PDG is back after the birth of his son. Thanks to a ferocious forecheck from his line, Bouchie turns over the puck in front of his net - or as we call it on the end of the ice, a Cole-over. PDG gets the free puck, spins and scores!



ROG is going nutz. And so are we. Or maybe we started that way.

Nucks get another PP and then they're off it, because Pete gets called for charging. He didn't charge, but prepped himself for a hit.

Petey gets nailed for a non-charge charge


Petey gets a penalty for dodging a hit? WTAF???


The ROG responds by throwing garbage on ice for the garbage call.

But wait! There's more! like's another


Josh to the box for interfering with McSpeedy.

Again the Nucks PK kill another Oil PP. The best PP in hockey went 0 for 5 in the game.

The Nucks played their best 2nd of the series. Outplayed the Oil and outshot them 17-4. In one period. Almost as many shots as the Nucks had in the entire last game.

In the 3rd, with the game tied 2-2 in a series tied 2-2, both teams were keen to break the tie, however, the Nucks were more keen. And more clean on their breakouts. Since the late 1st, Nucks had clogged the neutral zone. Didn't let McWheels wheelie get going.

The ROG is chanting: "GO PETEY!" He's going - his best game of the playoffs. Sets up new addition, Hoagie for a shot into the open(ish) net. Pings the post.

Oh Hoggy... open net...


As with all great playoff dramas, it stretches out - tense minute after tense minute. Nucks have the edge in play... but...

encouraged by 34 shots...discouraged by lack of goals


Finally we're in the final minute and OT is looming large in our hockey minds.

Or is it?

Millsie who had kept McD off the chart, jumps onto the ice. Lindy has the puck on the far side. McD is expecting the pass to JT and ready to grab it and scamper up ice.

But Lindy doesn't risk a cross ice pass. Instead, puts a shot on net. And Pete deflects it with his skate. Not in the net, because that would result in endless CoTU reviews. Instead Pete's skate deflects the puck off the post. To a waiting JT who roofs it while McD is still waiting for the cross-ice pass.



The GWG scored with 32 seconds left in the game. This time, the Nucks keep the lead. Win the game and lead the series 3-to-2. WOOOOOOOOOO!

First game of the playoffs we looked like the regular season canucks... Woooo!



No own goals. Altho... Cole did have an attempt.

So far in this series, Nucks are outhitting Oil 214 to 143. Wearing down McManyMinutes maybe.

JT's GWG was the 2nd latest game winner in Nucks playoff history.

The Nucks shutdown McDiver again. Especially JT and Soucy. McD had 0 points and a -2, but did admit the Nucks were the better team. That was nice. Also nice that DriedUpSaddle didn't get a PP goal and finished with a -2 as well.


It's HNIC play-by-play and worse, Juice isn't available on the panel. Doesn't matter. Beating the Oil on HNIC while HNIC has to watch is just fine.



11 1st 11
4 2nd 17
8 3rd 7
23 TOTAL 35


G A S +/- H TOI
MILLER 1 4 +1 3 22:07
GIUSEPPE 1 3 +2 4 09:13
SOUCY 1 2 0 2 17:34
LINDHOLM 1 3 +1 3 22:05
PETTERSSON 1 3 +1 1 19:21
Saves Shots SV%
SILOVS 21 23 .913


"Almost every single guy gave us everything they had." - Coach Taco

JT and Pete meet the press.

Myers responds.

Saint Soucy respecting the presser.

PDG happy with the baby bump and the win.

RESILIENT! The resilient Nucks proved their resilience in this game. Taco's tough talk last game and shrewd lineup changes certainly got all Nucks players engaged. Out hustled the Oil. Killed ALL the penalties. Good game. Time to move on.

Can the Nucks be even more determined on the road?

Series Closing Time On Saturday?


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