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SCP Round 2 RECAP #2: Nucks Win! OT Loss in the ROG. Get Cole'd 4-3.

May 10, 2024
- jimmi

Remember the last time the Nucks won an OT playoff game in the ROG?

No... even longer. 2011.

Anyhow, it was a big pushback game from the McDryMan trio. A little too much for our Nukcing gourmet tastes.

Didn't start that way.

Nucks get an early PP. And contrary to expectations, score a big goal!



Pete scores his 1st goal of the playoffs! Woooo! 1-0 Nucks.

Unfortunately, the Oil score on their 1st PP of the game.

1st time the Nucks give up the lead. 1-1 after 1.

The penalty period, also known as the 2nd, begins with the teams 4-on-4 in the 1st minute.

Off the face off while HNIC are busy blabbing and blabbing...

God listening to simmer blow smoke up the oilers' collective ass is kind of amazing. Like some skilled mental gymnastics going on by him.


While the smoke blowing continues, Soucy puts a shot on net, Brock tips it down under Skinnesh. 2-1 Nucks.

Unfortunately, a minute later, Soucy and Zav miscommunicate behind their own net and giveaway the puck... DrySaddle passes out to an unchecked Heckholm and it's a 2-2 tie.

2nd time the Nucks have given up the 1 goal lead.

In this period, Kelly 'Game Fixer' Sutherland was living up to his billing. Using the old missed call gambit - as he used in the 1st period when Nurse drilled Pete into the boards. This missed call was on McLadyBing who high sticks Huggie and draws blood. Not a follow through, just a nasty lazy stick.

Cut too... four minutes stolen from us.


And worse... because Quinn is leaking blood from his face, has to leave the ice for repairs.

McDavid is a cheap fuck.


There's 4 minutes of Nucking PP that might have tilted the game. Maybe not as much as how tilted it got in the 3rd, but still.

Won't mention the slew foot on Huggie that wasn't called.

Doesn't matter.

What matters is that Zav is going to make the Oil pay. The best way possible. Skating in and scoring from a bad angle on Skinnter - who shoulda had it.



Nikita is my hero


3-2 Nucks after 2. Wooo!

All that oilers cheating and whining and cheap shots, still get scored on.


Just before the 2nd ended, Kelly Game Maker did make a call on Suter for taking a dumb penalty. Stupid interference on Untouchable McAllStar.

Nucks managed to kill it to start to 3rd.

Unfortunately, while the Nucks killed off the penalty, also killed off their Nucking momentum, and stopped playing hard to play against.

On a bad turnover in the O-zone, McD gets the puck, Saint Soucy hits McD who gets to the puck and skates past Myers and well... scores.

3-3 tie. 3rd time the Nucks have given up the lead. And there's still 15 minutes left to play.

For the McOil trio to play. So much zone time. So many shots on Silovs - who stopped them all. Also more cheap shots on Huggie.

Holy Kane with the dirty as fuck slew foot on huggy near the boards. Zaddy needs to crush him.


Hughes blatantly tripped by perry, no call.


Sutherland had done his part for Gary's new sports betting empire and no penalties were called in the 3rd.

The Nuck were outplayed, out-reffed and outshot 15-2 in the 3rd. And only gave up a single goal. Small victories. Still 3-3 after 3.

In OT, both teams were keeping it tight. Until the Nucks decided forechecking wasn't for them. McD is allowed to pick up the puck behind his net, get on his bionic horse-thighs and gallop full speed up the ice.

All the Nucks seem transfixed on the speed. Laff could have rubbed McSpeedy on the boards, but didn't. Worse, no one covers DriedSaddle who passes out to Bouchard who puts the shot pass on Cole's stick, who scores.

Big sigh.
Can't believe that Cole scores on us the last two games.


Cole again. Can we just put him on LTIR or something?


Oil win 4-3 in OT. Ugh.


Nucks played pretty good in the 1st 40 minutes. The last 20... well... not so much.

Maybe Cole has been the net front presence that the Oil were looking for at the TDL. Has been a key player in 4 goals against us. In only 2 games this series! He's a playoff vet and Taco feels sorry for him. How sad. Taco can also feel bad for him by sitting him for a game or two. Except... how would Juul's 10 minutes of playoff experience do against the McD line? Don't know until you try. Or do you?


Another dreadful HNIC game coverage. Cluckbert and Homer Simpson are not at the level we enjoyed from Shortie, Dave and Ferrari during the regular.



tOil Period CANUCKS
7 1st 5
6 2nd 10
15 3rd 2
3 OT 2
31 TOTAL 19


Taco talks about keeping the puck on your stick just a little longer.

Miller talking about go easy on us.

Pete speaks! And scores!

Capt'n Huggie talks about hit in the face with an AllStar stick.

Thanks in small or large part from Kelly's Betting Officiating and Jobbing League, it's a series split at home. That's how it played out in Round 1. And the Nucks went on win 2 on the road. Could it happen again? Let's find out.

How Many Nucking Wins in Dudmonton?


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