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SCP Round 2 RECAP #1: NUCKS WIN! Best Comeback Win Ever! Drop Oil 5-4 In The Rog!

May 8, 2024
- jimmi


1st time this century, the Nucks have comeback from a 3 goal deficit to win!

This ALL-Canadian matchup, despite CoTU not fully embracing that Canada extends past the Rockies Manitoba, despite that, this is the 2nd round matchup that had the hockey world buzzing. The part of the hockey world out in the furthest corner of Gary's empire.

The Nucks were billed as the underdogs as the 'This is the year' Oil were touted as the clear fav to win the series, possibly even sweep it.

In the 1st, the Nucks were playing to their strengths. Vowed pre-game to not take any dumb penalties. So, of course, not even a minute in, Nucks took a dumb penalty. Or Cole did. Jumping too soon on a line change.

Nice job guys Too many Canucks


Nucks defended the nutzo Oil PP well. For the 1st minute of the dumb penalty. In the last part of the PK, Nucks gave up a goal as McD swept a crease-front pass to the Hyman maneuverer who shot into the near empty net. 1-0 Oil.

That's not so bad. Until Taco keeps Cole in the game. Who panics under pressure and inexplicable gives away the puck to DrySaddle. Who passes it out to the Preds former Big-D, who shoots and scores.

Ian Cole sucks tonight


Cole gives it away 10 ft from their net...then bank passes from our net to an Emo and picks up a 2nd assist on the goal


2-0 Oil after 1. The ROG is subdued. Like the gamethread.

that was a tough period to watch....slow...bumping into each other.....not getting the puck out along the shots


The Nucks had 5 shots. 2 from Gnarly. That's not so bad. 10 shots from the Oil tho.

In the 2nd, within the first minute, Cole gets a little redemption. Puts a shot on net, but misses, because 'Ian Cole sucks tonight' but hits the end boards with a perfect rebound to Josh who buries it top shelf over the Skinning goalie.

Awsome Josh.

Josh, he is money.
People keep saying that we can't afford him next year, but he may be more useful in the playoffs than Petey.


2-1 Oil. That's not so bad.

But, if you haven't heard... Cole is not having a good night. Loses his check, Silovs loses sight of the puck and CeCeCeCeSi scores from the point.

Ian Cole adds a goal


Cole assists again.


Game thread are seeing things that perhaps Taco isn't.

Why is cole still on the ice?? Holy fuck tocchet are you not watching him?


3-1 Oil. That's not so bad.

But then it turns bad, as Hyman maneuvers into the Nucks zone and puts a shot on net that seems, to Silvos and us, is going far side. But Myers get his stick on Hyman's stick at that last instant and puck goes to the middle and scoots under Artie's pads.

4-1....might be an early night


We felt it might be. The ROG did too. The Oil haven't given up a 3 goal lead in over 18 months. Beat LA 1-0, so now what it takes to keep a lead in the playoffs. What they didn't know is the one word for this season's Nucks.

Resilient. That's the one word description the Nucks gave themselves. And through round 1, lived it like they meant it.

Late 2nd, the tides of False Creek are turning. Nucks are pressuring the Oil and our new clutch playoff performer, Lindy, puts a shot across the crease. But Skinnier puts the puck off his skate into his net.



4-2 after 2. And the big, big Nucking comeback is just getting started.

In the 3rd, Nucks are dominating the Oil. No, really.

Mid period, Zav and DrySourPaddle go off together for roughing. It's 4-on-4 against McD. We're not scared. RNH clangs one off the post. No worries. Soucy, Brock and Miller go the other way. Soucy sends a cross-ice pass to Brock who sends a shot/pass to Miller, who channels his inner/outer Sid and roofs it over the Skinned-man. 4-3 Oil.

NOTE: NM Server Meltdown happens just as the ROG is going wild and the gamethreaders are going wild on their keyboards and devices. While the low cost NM server was reliable for the regular, it seems it's just not built for the playoffs. Pete knows how that feels.

Before NM's crack staff of a single IT guy can get the server out of its comatose and slow Cole-like state, the Nucks strike again!

Zav skates into the well-oiled zone, takes a beauty pass from Blueger and fires a puck full of McInnis past the helpless Skinnered goalie.

4-4 tie game! ROG is going nutz!

Nikita .....oh my!


Less than a minute later, no, really. Less than a minute later Zav sends a pass to Josh who passes to a streaking Gnarland who zips in, fakes the shot and puts wrister between the Skinny pads. 5-4 Nucks with 5 minutes to go!

Garland! 5-4!!!!!!!!


WOOO GARLAND! I felt like he was gonna score! (cuz you guys said so a couple minutes ago)


In the last 3 minutes the Oil empty their net and try to get all fancy six-on-fivey, but they're missing the net and Nucks are blocking shots. Even Brock.

Nucks win 5-4! WOOOOOOO!

While the game thread might have been getting kinda Gretzky time dilation, the ROG was going berserk.

This website seemed to be down for the last 5 minutes of the I could not celebrate in real time.
This is the second miracle game for us.


Miracle. Or resilient comeback game. Just like the Nucks planned.

Doesn't matter.

What matters, this is only the 2nd time in Nucking history the Nucks have comeback from a 3 goal deficit to win in the playoffs. Last time? Nucks in '94 with Adams topping the comeback in OT.

My dear God, what an ending...

Forget about the Lotto line.
Our 3rd line won the game. 1 goal for each guy.



  • McD who holds many record in the NHL, set a new one for himself. 1st time in the playoffs he had no, none, zip, zero shots on goal.
  • Nucks are 15-6 all time at home in game 1 of a playoff series.
  • Nucks scored 3 unanswered goals in 4:48 of the 3rd.


As wonderful as this amazing comeback win was... Sportynet of the CoTu had to spoil the play-by-play by pulling Shortie and Dave. Replacing them with Cuthert and Homer Simpson. D'oh. Oh well... a Nucking win on HNIC is the sweetest win of all.



tOil Period CANUCKS
10 1st 5
4 2nd 11
4 3rd 8
18 TOTAL 24


G A S +/- H TOI
JOSHUA 1 1 2 +3 8 14:30
GNARLAND 1 2 +1 0 14:23
MILLER 1 1 +1 4 14:23
LINDHOLM 1 1 5 +2 5 17:39
ZADOROV 1 1 3 +1 1 18:00
BOESER 1 1 -1 0 21:52
HOGLANDER 1 0 +1 0 10:26
COLE 1 0 -1 1 13:03
BLUEGER 1 0 0 0 10:18
PETTERSSON 3 0 4 19:09
Saves Shots SV%
SILOVS 14 18 .778


So, so much to talk about...

Making us believe, Huggie and Josh.

Gnarly chats about digging holes and filling them in.

Lindy never gives up in a presser.

Artie talks... not about those in the gamethread who pulled him in the 2nd, obviously.

Zav kidding around with the media.

Wow! Too short a word for this comeback effort. We'll be going wooooooooooo for at least a day.

However, on Friday it's back to screaming in the ROG and in the gamethread - now with a beefier server.

How's back-to-back ROG wins sound? Let's find out.

Can the Nucks win B-2-B at home?


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