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SCP GAME RECAP #5: Nucks Win! A Game 6 in Music City! Get beat 2-1 by Preds in the ROG.

April 30, 2024
- jimmi

We wait again for the Nucks to win a series deciding SCP game at home. That's just great!

A great oppourtunity for the Nucks to close out the series, make the ROG go nutzo and get a few days rest.

Instead, other than the 1st period, Nucks played like they'd rather eat more BBQ and pucks in Nashville. Then come back home to play their final game of the season.

They say hockey is a game of mistakes. Nucks won the most mistakes game - better to make less.

Nucks played hard in the 1st, outshot the Preds 7-4. But, sadly didn't score.

reverse night...Canucks getting more shots...that might be the bad sign


quick period....good period...goals would have been nice


In a sense Sorass wins the period. Preds are confident they've weathered the Nucking storm. And they did.

In the 2nd, the Nucks returned to being gracious guests, getting outplayed and outshot 11-4, but preserved the tie, so that's good. Nucks best scoring chances seemed to be coming off the stick of Miki.

OMG stop giving the puck to Misskeyev!


When the 2nd futile Nucking power play was called... with 6 Nucks on the ice... and crafty Huggie is looking to pass to... uh-huh... Miki. Who doesn't score, because... reasons.

Yes, they were 4 wasted minutes of Nucking PP time. Couldn't barely get a decent entry. Never got a shot on net. Did provide Preds with a decent short-handed chance tho. And the game thread a little heart massage.

0-0 tie remains after 40 minutes.

In the 3rd, it's still a 0-0 game. The ROG isn't rockin' and neither are the Nucks. But 3 minutes into the period, Zav has had enough. Takes a pass from Huggie in his own zone, skates up the ice, Makar-style and puts a wicked bad angle shot over Sorass.



Boom! 1-0 Nucks. Time to lockdown the game. Or as some pre-cog in the gamethread noted.

Need to score another


However... Preds are pressing and Josh takes an unnecessary boarding penalty. Despite the Nucks having killed all but one Preds PP, the hockey gawds are going to let Taco decide the PK.

Preds score. By pushing Silovs and the puck into the net. Taco decides not to challenge. Which I think was worth the gamble as Nynyquist pushed Silvos. Never touched the puck. Oh well... rookie SCP coach is coaching a bunch of SCP rookies.

And worse... the Nucks are playing tirefire practice, which we thought they did enough of in the 2nd. Nucks ice the puck for the umpteenth time. Can't get the puck out of the zone because tirefire practice. Millsie sorta blocks the shot from the blueline, but tips it while Huggie is helping screen Silovs. 2-1 Preds.

Looked like Millsie tipped it on that goal. He was pissed at the bench


Not the only one who was pissed. Nucks can't tie it up late or later.

A great oppourtunity lost. Missed oppourtunities in the 1st. Missed oppourtunities on the PP. Hopefully not foreshadowing.


Nucks had 13 high danger - at even strength. No chances on the PP. Preds had 5 even strength chances - scored on one. 2 dangerous chances on their power plays and cheated to score one.

Pete came out in the 1st playing better - with more hits. Was on the ice for 8 high danger chances for. None against. That's good. If he was a 4th liner. Had no points. Again. Our All-Star center has not scored in this series, just when we need him to. Is he injured?

Zav is a beast. Has more goals than our 92 million man. Also more than Hogz, Lafferty, Suter, PDG and of course, Miki - who last scored a goal in December 2023.

Miller and Brock has their chances - but Brock couldn't beat Sorass down low or up high.

Still waiting to see Ronnie unload that legendary slapper and score. Through 5 games he has no goals, no points and is a minus -3. Wanna renew that contract now, PA?

Silovs performed great. Again. A great performance wasted. Needs to out Sorass the Preds in the Corny Music City net game. Or in the ROG for game 7 after DeSmith DeLoses games 6.

They say gotta bring your A game to win a SCP series. Tonight the Nucks brought their B- game. The PP brought their D- game. PP could have had more futile chances if the refs had called a couple of obvious trips on Nucking players. But, why bother.

Nucks in the dot went for a terrible 39%. Even when they won their draws, they managed to let the Preds gain possession. That's a solid D right there.


Shortie is saving his voice. For later, we hope.

GAME STATS - The Lousy Kind.


4 1st 7
11 2nd 4
7 3rd 9
22 TOTAL 20


"Not executing... gotta score" - Coach Taco

Zav alluding to officiating quality of Gary's beer league.

Silvos still calm and thrilled to be here.

Millsie emotes our, his disappointment in the Nucking PP.

A definite woulda coulda shoulda game. Nucks have to regroup, recoup and get their A game going early and often on Friday. The point in the playoff series is to win. Win more than lose. Simple. Right?

Can the Nucks Win Game 6?


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