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SCP GAME RECAP #3: NUCKS WIN 2-1!!! On The PP! On The Road! WOOO!

April 26, 2024
- jimmi

Shoot 84 times lose a game. Only get 12 on net and win! Hockey is a funny game.

It was due. The Nucks PP. Or as we say, way overdue. Nucks PP went 2 for 3. Nucks PK won the other side killing all 14 minutes of their special time.

It will sound really weird, but Nucks won the game with their special teams. Not making it up. But it still sounds weird.

In the playoffs sometimes it's not how many shots you take, it's how many go in. The Nucks are the 1st team to win a playoff game with only 12 shots on goal since Pitts beat Nashville in Game 1 of the 2017 Stanley Cup Final. A coincidence it was against the Preds? Only Westy knows for sure.

In the 1st, Preds came out hard with their riotous crows crowd behind them. And Quinn was drawing a crowd as well.

Huggie gets muggie-d by 2 Nashies


Nucks and DeSmith outlast the Preds PP. However, the Preds do not outlast the Nucks PP. Bess screens Sorass and JT puts his shot in the top corner of the net. The 1st Nucking shot of the game, 10 minutes in.

HOLY SHIT! PP GOAL! WTF i'd forgotten what they look like.

Saros imitating Casey DeSmith: 1 shot, 1 goal.


1-0 Nucks. Boom! First game, so far, Nucks had the lead in the 1st. Which if you watched the regular, the Nucks are better playing with the lead than not.

only 8 total shots but highly entertaining. it's time to extend big Z


Pretty good SCP road period. Or was it?

Was that a good or bad period? I guess any lead is a good period.

Be nice to get more get more goals


The combined 8 shots of the period is a playoff record low of shots. Interesting stat. But, wait! There's more low event hockey to play.

In the 2nd, the event count rose. Slightly. Even better, the Nucks extend the lead when Josi takes a tripping penalty. Nucks PP has a little change up this game. Bess has become the net front presence. And he delivers a present for us. Redirects a low shot from Millsie between the pads of Sorsie.

Millsie feeds Bessie...boom !!


It's the GWG! Sure, the game continues as per NHL directives, but it's over and done. Would have saved us some anxiety in the 3rd. 2-0 Nucks after 2.

In the 3rd, you just knew the Preds would push hard. And they did. Also found out how no fun it is to try and come back from behind in front of your fans and fail.

Nucks are getting cozy in their D-zone shell. Protecting the lead on the road. Blocking so many shots, you might have wondered if the teams were pranking everyone and switched jerseys.

And... as expected mid-3rd...

Game management penalty...canucks to the pk...


Because the Nucks PK was good against the 5-on-4 Preds, why not push it up a high tension notch? There's reasons... but Zav's clear went clear over the glass. He got to join Bess for some sinbin small talk for nearly 30 seconds.

Nucks PK kept blocking pucks. Kept clearing pucks out of the zone. And did not give up a goal.

Preds did manage to score late. But not often. Thankfully.

Someone in the gamethread whined about Ronnie missing his check at the blueline, might have been me. But there was another oopsie at play.

lindy actually blew a tire at the dot (or pulled a groin or something)
that's why Linda Evangelista cross-cut back and was all alone


Some pretty tense last few minutes with the Preds net empty and the Nucks protectingifying that intensifying one goal lead.

Didn't matter. Nucks were in town not for the tunes or BBQ, but to play suffocating playoff hockey. And they out Preded the Preds. Win 2-1! Wooo!

Wow! What a game holy shit... that ending.



Is this series about who can block the most shots? Or as Atty discovered... who can down the most?

Well, I am totally wasted...but so happy!
This time I tried a different combination of drinks. Shots of a Croatian bitter liqueur between glasses of cheap Sherry on ice.

It worked, we won!!!
(I just can't walk straight anymore)


Nucks had 30 blocks. Some, like the NHL, say it was only 28. Whatever. It was over double the 11 that Nash got in front of. Cole blocked 5 on his own. Saved a couple sure goals. As did Zav's vital block in the 3rd.

The Special Team Battle. Winning that battle won the game. Who knew it was possible?

Miller was the best Nucking player... also the 1st star of the game. Of the 12 Nucks shot, in the game, not just a period - of those 12, Miller had 6 of them - with 3 on the PP!

Pete picked up a point, so that's really good. Just needs to turn 1 point into 10 in the next few games and we'll be happy to let Frannie sign that big cheque next season. Do owners still sign cheques or is it direct deposit?


Shortie getting short-ribs for Cheech Dave and calling a low event, high tension game.


SHOTS (not many)

3 1st 5
6 2nd 11
3 3rd 14
12 TOTAL 30


BOESER 1 0 0
MILLER 1 1 0 3
HUGHES 2 -1 1
Saves Shots SV%
DESMITH 29 30 .967


"The positives... the power play, Casey DeSmith and our D-zone coverage was good... negatives for me, our neutral zone coverage was not good." - Coach Taco

Full Taco Talk

Bess and JT Talk - Trash To Each Other

DeSmiling DeSmith

Cole Clearing The Zone

Big Z Bringing His Big Game

We got the best we could have hoped for. Win the 1st game in Preds territory. Nucks already have the split. Can we ask for more on Sunday afternoon?

Settle for the split or ?


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