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SCP GAME RECAP #1: NUCKS WIN!!! WOOOO! Comeback To Eat Preds 4-2 in the ROG!

April 21, 2024
- jimmi

The Biggest, Best 12 Seconds of Nucks Playoff History!

The Nucks comeback in the 3rd only required 12 seconds. The fastest 2 goals in Nucks playoff history. The loudest roar the ROG has roared since 2011.

And the ROG was really loud to start. 1st ROG playoff game in a long, long 9 seasons. Feels longer. Definitely sounded louder.

Nucks started loud too. Threw 10 hits in 1st 4 minutes. Millsie said after the game: "Didn't need a puck on the ice with so much hitting."

Hehehe. Hittiest LOL


Unfortunately for the ROGladites, the Preds opened the scoring. Off a faceoff that Pete was waived out of. Laff had to take the FO and didn't know where to go as the temporary center. Worse, Pete realized Laff had lost his man and moved to cover... but only moved in time to tip the puck past Demmers. Ouch!

Gamethread weren't bothered.

What the actual shytefartcrapballs was that garbage


Demko moving too far to his right


Although earlier Demmers made a 5-alarm Left-To-Right save off of our old new Beau. The ROG got louder after that key save.

However, the 1st period of a SCP game in 9 years ended without a Nucking goal. And only 4 shot. 1-0 Preds after 1.

below average 1st


Canucks need to work on their aim over the period break


Nucks put almost 15 shots over or near the net.

Doesn't matter.

Because in the 2nd, not even a minute in, Lindy skates in on Sorrows and shoots a knuckler past him. 1-1 tie!



ROG is ERUPTING! We're so gonna win!

And then the refs starting taking numbers and making calls. On the 1st PK the Nucks get beat by their old nemesis O'Really. 2-1 Preds.

Since that was working so well for the refs, they called 2 more Nucking penalties. The Nucks PK learned their lesson - oh really? Really. Still 2-1 Preds after 2.

In the 3rd, Nucks get an early PP, which doesn't totally kill their pushback momentum and even better doesn't give up a shortie.

Few minutes later, PDG takes a 'too enthusiastic' tripping call on boards in the O-zone.

Doesn't matter. Demmers isn't allowing any more goals against. The Nucks know that. We know that. Even the ROG knows that. Not the Preds, they had to learn it experientially by sending useless shots at Demko.

Mid-period as the Nucks have adjusted to the Preds stretch passes to forwards... the Nucks are pushing. And screening Sorrow. Huggie puts the puck through traffic and Suter adds a little tip to Sorrows sorrow. BOOM! 2-2 tie. ROG is going wild.

While the ROGerbations were still echoing loudly, the best 3rd line in hockey goes to work. Lindy knocks a big Pred off the puck behind the net, Gnarly sweeps it out front and Josh snaps a wicked shot up top. BAM! 3-2 Nucks!

2 quick goals...holy fuck


Quickest 2 goals in Nucking playoff history in case you missed that part.

Even better, the role-reversed Preds now have to come out of their defensive shell and try to get all pushy forwardy. Nucks are having none of that. It's lockdown time in the ROG with 10 minutes to go. Lockdown, push down or grind down Preds.

Wooo zadorov...what a huge hit


With a few minutes to go Preds empty their net of Sorrow. Which leads to Josh getting his 2nd winning goal of the game!

Josh again!!!!!!


Nucks finish strong and win. Their 1st SCP ROG win in nearly a decade.

Great comeback...great third period....Great!


You can't describe the feeling in the ROG, the gamethread, across NucksNation. Pure freakin' playoff joy! And more!

My gosh, we waited for this forever!!!




Josh is gonna get paid in the off season. Pete might even have to chip in. Especially since Playoff Pete isn't earning his keep so far.

Myers and Zav were the monster D we always dreamed of. Cole and Soucy were pretty good. And Huggie is the best Nucking D we've every watched play.

Playoff ROG is the most amazing hockey ruckus we've witnessed since 2011. Or longer.


For those of us not in the ROG getting hearing impaired, we get to keep Shortie and Dave on the air.... with only HNIC interrupting between periods.



6 1st 4
6 2nd 10
10 3rd 7
22 TOTAL 21


JOSHUA 2 1 +3 6
SUTER 1 +1 2
BOESER 1 +1 0
MILLER 1 +2 4
HUGHES 2 +2 0
Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 20 22 .909


Welcome to the playoff ROG, Taco: “It was pretty impressive how loud the fans were. Even when we were down 2-1, they didn’t waiver... a key moment... was the penalty killing... This is why we acquired Lindholm... really good 200 foot game."

Watch Taco's 1st ROG playoff presser over at NHL.COM.

Or a version right here on the tube.

To use a subtle playoff game description... WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

What a great ROGing game. The Nucks just kept going, playing better every period. Maybe this is why '82 was asking for this 1st round matchup - he knew the Nucks could handle the Preds better than LA or Knighties. The old reverse matchup psychology thing eh, '82.

While we can keep on being giddy right through Tuesday, the Nucks need to stay focused and get ready to play even better in the 2nd game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!

Is this just the beginning?


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