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Open Thread: Stanley's Cup Final

June 3, 2023
- jimmi

Finally. Finally to the Finals.

Not that we care. This has been a tough Nucking season for us. And to dig the salted wound a bit deeper, one of these teams will be a first time Cup winner. We know what that feels like.

No. No, we don't. And that's what makes this past decade of Nucking futility so frustrating. In case you missed the past 12 years.

Anyhow, we're not here to wine about our terrible, micro-managing owner, his terrible choices for GM, great choice for Prez, his GM's terrible 8 year exercise in futile roster building, his terrible decision to fire his Prez and keep the incompetent GM in place - for years. And now retreading the rebuil-tool belt with another team of highly paid professional managers from the east - who hadn't watched a Nucks game until last year.

No, we're not going to mention any of those things.

Instead we're going to sit back and watch these southern hockey power houses knock the stuffing out of each other, while the HNIC broadcast team wet themselves with their clever cliché insights into Gary's game.

The Sched

Game 1: Today, Jun 3 at 5pm PDT in Lost Spaces

Game 2: Mon, Jun 5 at 5pm PDT in Lost Spaces

Game 3: Thur, Jun 8 at 5pm PDT in Lost Beaches

Game 4: Sat, Jun 10 at 5pm PDT in Lost Beaches

Game 5: Tues, Jun 13 at 5pm PDT in Lost Spaces

VEGAS is your 2023 Stanley Cup Champs!

Congrats to the Canadian boys - more Canucks, (18), on the team than any other in the SCP.

Also... a shoutout to former Canucklehead, Ben Hutton, who played against the Jets and now has a Cup ring...

Now we can switch our tainted focus on the Draft. And how JR and Alvin and the Chipmunks make the team better. On paper. To be fair, the summer is the best time to sport our latest Nucking false hope fashions. Strut that Nucking delusion like it's hot!


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