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Preseasoned: NUCKS WIN A GAME!!! At Home!!! Spill Over the Oil 5-2!!!

September 30, 2023
- jimmi

What a difference a couple players can make to a team. Especially when they sit out the game.

The Oil'd road was without their two highest scoring players. So that's good. For us. Especially since GrittyTaco iced a near complete NHL roster - by Canucks standards at least.

However, despite being de-McD'd and UnSaddled, Oil got the 1st goal of the game - Nucks trailed 1-zip after 1 and were outshot 14-5 in their 1st home period of the before-season.

Unfortunately for the tOil, they can't quite sustain that insurmountable lead through the 2nd, as Capt'n Quinn scored twice while outplaying the de-starred visitors.

Worse, for them, not us, the 3rd period saw the Nucks PP score twice early. And often. And again as PDG scored to make it 5-1. The un-McOil got a goal back as the winding down time wound down to the FIRST HOME WIN! Of the almost ready for seasonal play season.

VITAL STATS - for a meaningless game


Nucks Win! I know, I know, not a big deal in the stinky seas of presea hockey. However, if the Nuck had lost this meaningless game after losing the previous three, we would've filled the meaningless void with screams of meaningful angst and stuff.

Capt'n Huggie is already playing at an elite level. He doesn't have to impress anyone during the 6 games of NHL revenue buildup. But he doesn't care. Huggie's gonna huggie the puck. He plays with such skill and calm maturity, he'd make an ideal captain.

PDG is finally making a pitch to make the roster on opening night. He's Taco's fav tweener and tonight he delivered hits, apples (2) and a goal. Started training camp on the 4th line and didn't look out of place on the 2nd with Millsie and Brock.

And Brock looked good - so much better than last game. Had a big helping of 4 apples. JT got a point, didn't have a TT or take a bad penalty.

The Power Play went 2 for 6, which is like 1 for 3, but better. Both Kuz and Pete scored wicked lasers on Skinner from beyond the lower snack bar at Rogers Marketing Center for Overpriced Tickets.

Nucks new(ish) PK went 4 for 4... but tOil PP was missing something something.


Since they're still paying McD and DrySadller, we can expect to see them against the Nucks for the season opener. Dammit. Without those two, the Oil are a very beatable team.


Winning the 1st home game of season, even if it's the premie season, is a sight for skeptical eyes. Could this be the year the Nucks have a better home than road record? Dare to dream, jimmi, dare to dream.

Taco tasked his players - are they his or just on loan - tasked the players to be better on the boards. Tonight as the game progressed the Nucks were better and better on board battles, on the forecheck and zone exits. Of course, that was quite weird to watch. Probably just an anomaly.


Finally some highlights - games are more fun to watch when the Nucks score more than a single goal in 60 minutes. Someone needs to send a memo to the Nucks Scoring Command Center.

What's Next?

A big break - so we can savour this big meaningless win. Then next Wednesday, The Seabertans face the Abby Canucks in the Flood Zone Arena. Last chance for Nucking tweeners to grab a spot from another tweener? Could be.

Enjoy your weekend and have a moderately marvelous Monday as we are now almost officially into hockey time!


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