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Preseasoned: Nucks Get Kraked 3-1

September 28, 2023
- jimmi

Another comfortable preseason game. For Seaberta.

Another bleh effort for the alternate weirdo Nucks roster.

If you missed the game on TV, lucky you. Like me you may have heard it on sportynet 650 and didn't like what you heard.

Capt'n Huggie, Petey and Kuz were not on road to the Climate Emergency Arena. They were likely happy to sit this one out and watch the angry vets, 2nd stringers and woefully unmotivated prospects keep last season's slacker motif in play.


Wasn't a 10 goal blowout. Cole and Hronek looked pretty good and something something.

Tied the preseason game goal total - from a great shift from Gnarly, New Beau and Suter. Gnarly with the goal from Suter after New Beau caused Tanev's brother to cough up the puck.

Demmers was probably as good as DeSmith was last night, so that good. .893 SV% is good, right?


Oh boy, the rust on JT was thick. Had two big brain farts and a temper tantrum penalty call. Ok, not that rusty. But his line (Brock and new Beau/Joshua) didn't have much speed, hustle or dangerous shooting shots.

Until the last 4 minutes of the 3rd, while trailing, Nucks only had 1 shot on goal in the period. When they were down 2 goals with 3 minutes left, Taco pulled Demmers. Just 3 games into the preseason, is Taco already hitting the Gabie desperation button? Don't know.


We've been told by experts and our 82wino to not take the preseason seriously. Because the Nucks certainly do not. With many striving for a roster spot, expect there'd be more effort to display determination and skill to earn a coveted roster spot. They're coveted, right? Maybe chillin' in Abby is the better option.

And from the veteran forwards... well... other than Gnarly and New Beau, seems like last season's preseason effort, eh, JT, Brock...

The tough Taco structure touted toughly wasn't on display for most of the game. Even Taco complained about the lack of pace and little grit on the boards from many of your Vancouver Slackers.


How we got a video recap for a game that wasn't broadcast is a mystery. Oh wait! Not so much a mystery as televised hockey commentary misery. Guess it was a blackout game for Seattle. I'd blackout too if this schlocky broadcast style cost $100/mo to endure. Enjoy the 8+ minutes that you won't.

Once more into the breach. No beach in McOil town, but Saturday Night at the Biggest Hockey Mall in the world of northern Canada. At least that's what I've heard.

Expect a much faster, grittier, skillier roster for Game 4 of the preseasoned Nucking menu. At least that's what Taco said when asked about ramping up effort and determination as the preseasonal grind wears us down.


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