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Penultimatum Preseasonings: Abby Nucks Get Krak'd 2-1

October 4, 2023
- jimmi

Who wants to go to Abby for a game? Some do, some not.

Pete, Quinn, Cole, Juulsen, JT, Gnarland, Blueger, PDG and Demmers remained at UBC for academic reasons.

So… another chance for the tweeners, the keeners and preeners get a chance to avenge the Nucks previous premie loss to the SeaKrakens.

How was this game that no one could watch?

Possibly better than the last meaningless kraking loss. That's not so bad.

If one looks away from Hronnie's fumble in the 1st that led to the giveaway goal against, it was, <Looks Away> a good(ish) game without a purpose. Or TV coverage. So it's easy to look away.

Hronnie played really well in the 2nd, picking up an apple on the best Nucking goal of the game.
Sure, it was the only Nucking goal of the game, but we're looking away. It was best the Nucking goal of the game because Soucy got his revenge goal on his former team. That's gotta feel good. Especially in this premier section of the premie season.

McWard played well without Huggie - looked confident and made some good plays under pressure.

Nucks PK didn't give up a goal in 8 minutes of opportunities to give up. Won't mention the Nucks 2nd string 1st unit not getting any goals, not just because they were thrown together at the last minute, but also because they only had 1 minute of power time

Sure, there were many Nucking tweeners on the ice, but there were some well-paid forward vets that we expect to pickup the scorecard slack. Alas, Brock was whiffing. And Kuz was spinning. And spinning. At least it was in the offensive end, so Taco won't be shouting too much.

Maybe Hogz outplayed Joshua for a roster spot. But still... where are the Nucks going to get secondary and thirdary scoring from? Only Westy knows for sure.

This wasn't the full Kraking roster. But outworked the underachieving Abby Nucks. The Nucks coulda/woulda/shoulda won this game without meaning. Instead they lost without meaning to.

I didn't see the game, only listened to 650 radio. They seemed to like the Nucks 2nd period. 1 out of 3 is pretty good, one third of the time.


Because this was in the AHL rink, the stats are not statistically accurate. There were Nucking giveaways to be sure. Kraks blocked many shots in the late 3rd when the Nucks Less Elite Department were pressuring in the futile attempt for the tie.

Taco commented that he liked the Abby effort in the 2nd. Also said the PK was good - but take too many - hello Breeze. And he copped to taking a penalty when the Nucks were about to go 6 on 5 - ref cursing is best performed in the NM game threads - we know that and now so does RikTok. He vowed it won't happen again. No comment from Breeze.

Going to the paint - he likes it when the Nucks go to the paint. And some did. Unfortunately not enough left the puck behind the paint.

Only one more premature painting from the Nucks Art of Pre-Hockey. Nucks back in the ROG to host Marky and his well-red pals on Friday.


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