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September 23, 2023
- Westy

NMReloaded is back and we are looking for one more person to take over a team for this year.

Old Man Kent is the returning champion after bribing his way through the year. I was surprised he was willing to send money all the way to the top of Yahoo fantasy to get the "W".

The draft will take place on Thursday, Oct 5th at 7:30 PST. (Sorry, not sorry Kent). The Canucks should have a preseason injury by then.

If you know any one who would be interested in this free/no prize but trash-talking league, please get them to sign up and reply here or DM me on Twitter (@sedated_). Or send me their email and I will send them a join link.

Let's all cheer for a last place Kent team.

Let's go!


Comment System How-To

New NM, new comment system. Still uses words and stuff. Hover over the icons to see what they do. 

The most vital function is image embedding. Paste the link to the image in the comment box. When the comment is posted, the image appears. Most of  the time. 

NOTE: Remove the non-image name jibberish. If the image link has any stuff after the file extension - usually a ? with directives like: woo.gif?size=480 blah blah - delete up to and including the ? - simples.

GIF it up for Westy! Or still life in rum.
NOTE: Comments refresh every 30 seconds. Not fast enough for most of our lightening round contestants. We are working to increase the refresh speed. Just... not working too hard... because NM labour guidelines. Thanks for being patient!
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