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Is It Drafty In Here? - NHL Draft Preview

June 27, 2023
- jimmi

The best Nucking time of the year! That day before the draft.

Except this year... unlike all those years... or just like all those years, we don't pick #1.

We won't draft a generational talent. Again. But this time it's a local kid that's a generational talent. That we won't draft. A local kid who grew up dreaming of playing on the Canucks.

That's a dream that will have to wait for another decade. The Nucks can grab him as a UFA in 2033 when he signs an 8 year 200 million dollar contract. Some here will complain that the over-the-hill Bedard isn't worth $25 million a year. But with the salary cap expected to rise to $101M by 2033, it won't be that much of an overspend.

What's worse, of course, is that CB will have won a couple Cups before then. For the sleaziest franchise in this sleazy league.

Anyhow with that still stinky disappointment out of the way, we can debate on what non-generational player Alvin and the Chipmunks should pick at the prestigious 11th spot. It could have been the 2nd or 3rd spot, but Tacco poisoned the sauce.

To be clear, the Nucks could have out-tanked the Ducks and still the Fawks would pick first... because league lotto odds are pre-ordained. It does feel a bit better that a SoCal team was ripped off by the the League of Lotto Control.

Anyways... enough wining. But, really, can there ever be enough?


Should the Nucks choose the BPA. That's an additive used by sports journalists to enhance their abbreviated coolness factor. So who's the Best Player Available at number 11?

Some say the BPA is yet to be revealed. And they'd be correct.

So... let's pretend I know what I'm typing about.

The rumour going round the Nucks Not-That-High Pick Command is that Alvin is keen on a couple D. Be nice if the Nucks could pick a couple stud D prospects and get out of Smashville before the locals notice.

Unfortunately, they only get to pick one. And then the pickings get slim for Team BuyOut until the 3rd round.

David Reinbacher - What does Elite Prospects say about him, jimmi? Nope! He's going to La Habitat Dome.

His game rests on a projectable, rock solid defensive foundation. As opponents attack through the neutral zone, he gaps up early, builds speed going backward to match that of the puck carrier, takes away the middle of the ice with his stick, and closes with force once he’s registered support.

YES! Let's pick him! Do it!

Except he'll be picked off before you can count to 8.

Why even mention him? Because, he could slip through the cracks, the fake fire alarms that Westy promised to set off once he gets back from vacay.

Axel Sandin-Pellikka - This kid looks good too. He's fast, small, smart and Swedish! - Nope.

Sandin Pellikka is an offensive defenceman with legitimate first-unit power play upside. His puck skills, playmaking, shot, and the ability to walk an offensive blue line make him a credible scoring threat with the puck on his stick, as does his ability to process options and make plays at speed off the rush. The Swedish blueliner is an engaged defender, particularly stout between the blue lines and along the boards

Tom Willander - Alvin and dinner have met with Tom and he was their leading pick... a few weeks ago. YESSSSS!!!

Willander’s value stems from the combination of high-end skating and motor. He’s always engaged defensively, using his dynamic posture and evasive footwork to guide attackers away from the middle and break up plays along the boards. When you add the fact that he’s both strong and skilled physically and relentlessly competes for every puck – he’s a nightmare to play against. Even if you start or manage to gain an advantage, Willander has the quickness to recover most of the time.

Yes! We want a D-man who is a nightmare to play against. We already have a D-man (D-men?) that's a dream to play against.

We got Tom!

Dmitri Simashev - Big Russian D from the KHL. What could go wrong? Not ranked in the top 15 by many, but still... we have instant Russian translators on the team now.... interesting high risk pick. - Nope. He's going to be a tall Coyote.

He has perfect posture, sinking deep into his stride, with ample flexibility through his hips, knees, and ankles, allowing him to generate power and agility that few can match. He gaps up early in space and can match opponents speed with relative ease, and his considerable defensive range allows him to recover if he’s lost a step. He can match opponents footwork with ease in the small-area game, taking away time and space before closing with force.

What do you think?

Should the Nucks pick a middle-six center instead of a D prospect? Or even better, should the Nucks trade the blueberry farm and the future and move up to #1?


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