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GAME RECAP: Nucks Win - Special Minni Teams Blowout 10-7 Loss!

February 19, 2024
- jimmi

Lose the Special Teams Battle - Lose Bigly! #RefsAlwaysWin!

It's a horrifying way to start the week - Monday morning game in Minni.

Didn't start horrible. Just the ends that way.

Quick recap, because it's a Monday and a I'm in terrible mood. Not just because it's Monday.

1st period:

Nucks score on their 1st shot. So that's good. Cole with the goal.

Then Millsie gets his 1st of 3.

I like 2nd goals on the 2nd shot of the game.


Minni gets 1 back and period ends 2-1 Nucks. That's a pretty good start.

Hope we see Flower


As ever... careful what you wish for...

2nd Period:

Period starts great for the Nucks. Pete atones for his weak forecheck that led to Minni's 1st tally. Pete extends the Nucks lead. Gamethread is giddy, for a Monday.

WOOOO! Petey off the snide!


The Nucking miracles continue. The 0 for 20 Nucks PP scores! No, really.

Holy crap! A PP goal!!!


Nucks are leading 4-1 mid-second period. What could go wrong?

Nucks lead is reduced back to 2 goals. Or is it?

Millsie gets another goal! 5-2 Nucks as the 2nd winds down. His 5th career hattie. He's so gonna savour that.

Or is he? Nucks get into penalty trouble in the last couple minutes. And while on the PK, the Nucks get into penalty trouble. Again. And again.

In the last 30 seconds of the period and 5-on-3, Minni gets their 1st PP goal of the game. But not their last.

3rd Period:

Nucks 3-on-5 PK to start the period. Get scored on. Moments later on the Nucks 4-on-5 PK, Mifler puts the puck over the glass. On the 3-on-5 PK, Nucks get scored on. Rinse, cry, repeat.

In 2 minutes or less the Nucks have given up 4 Wild PP goals. And now trail 6-5. Not making it up. It's an epic collapse worth of early '22 season Nucks.

And worse, DeSmith is puck-shocked, Nucks are whipped-PK-lashed and the final cave-in occurs as the Nucks give up a couple more. 8-5 Minni and the Monday Minni crowd are having a great time.

The Monday NM gamethread was evacuated for personal safety reasons.

For those of you who have left the chat. Good choice.


Still the not-giving-up until Minni hit 10 Canucks roar back with a goal from Zav and Bess too! Nucks within a goal with 2 min to go.... could it be... 8-8 tie going into OT?

No, no it couldn't. That's not how Monday morning in Minni games work. Wild pot 2 EN goals, many Minni forwards record a hattie and Incel Excel Center is screaming for hockey joy as Flower records his twelve-thousandth career win.

Wild win 10-7.



Remember the Nucks phenomenal winning record when leading after 2? We'll look back at it fondly another time.

Remember the old adage, "your goalie must be your best PK player" ? No? Neither does .680 SV% DeSmitty. Gave up 4 goals on the PK. Sure, 3 out of 4 were 5-on-3 goals. Sure, Josh is sorely missed. But still... there's at least 5 or more goals he might have been able to stop if only he had Demmer-vision. And a better, calmer team in front of him.

Pete finally gets a goal to break the drought. Big deal.

Millsie gets a hattie. A hattie in a loss! Ouch!

Bess finally gets a goal - last one was on Jan. 27th - so.. Yay!

Gnarland was sent to BC Ferries in the 2nd after blocking a shot. Came back in the 3rd - didn't like BC Ferries food.

1st time this season the Nuck have given up 7 goals in a 3rd period. Better freakin' make sure it's the last time.

Minni is the 2nd worst 3rd period team in the league...only better than Columbus

There's a header for your recap, Jimmi


Tail end of the header. So... Minni was primed for a big changeup. That's just great.

This game has been straight up comedy. I'm not even mad. Embarrassed for the boys though




Shortie and Dave witness the crazy collapse in the worst Nucking 3rd eva. Pretty much.

GAME STATS - cray cray stats.


4 1st 8
12 2nd 9
8 3rd 10
24 TOTAL 27

PLAYER POINTS - so many wasted points.

BOESER 1 1 +2
MILLER 3 1 +2
SUTER 3 +2
MYERS 1 +1
COLE 1 +2
Saves Shots SV%
DESMITH 17 25 .680


"Take away the 5-on-4... the 5-on-3, the stupid stick penalties... giving up the goal...the break away and stuff like that... 5-on-blah-blah-blah" - Coach Taco

This was meant to be a bounce-back game after getting BiggerBoy'd at home on Saturday. However, manic Monday in Mini gave the Nucks their 2nd straight loss. Tomorrow, Avs are waiting to give the Nucks their first 3 game L-streak of the season. That's thoughtful.

Can the Nucks Recover With A Win Streak Now?


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