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Scare Down Preds 5-2 in the ROG

October 31, 2023
- jimmi

A Spooktacular Comeback at Home! Cringe clichés are part of the game - deal with it.

After outplaying and beating the Rags at home, despite losing the game to refs, the Nucks might have expected to cruise past the Preds with peanut butter chocolate pucks. And lots of them.

And so it seemed at 1st in the 1st. Nucks got out to a commanding 1 goal lead early in the 1st. That's good. That's a Skate Logo start.

However, after that commanding lead was secured, the gamethread noticed a disturbance in the ROG field of dreams.

Canucks look like they all got really drunk last night and are paying for it now.


Within minutes the lurch through the first made itt impossible not to reflect on our NM family values.

Canucks let Nashville walk in and score


Thing is...

And then they let them score again...fuck


Fortunately the scary movie ended as the period expired. Nucks down 2-1. Preds with the formerly commanding 1 goal lead.

I am not sure I should yell at the Nucks for shitty passing and puck control or give props to Nashville for causing the Nucks so much trouble


The answer is yes to yelling. And lesser yessing to predacious opponent.

No worries. Even if we did. The Nucks went onto treat us with 4 more goals. Which was important, because this wasn't their best game.


PETE'S A TREAT! Bagged his 2nd career hattie!

Pete's 1st goal was early in the 2nd... because he and his line were not hattie-eligible in the 1st.

Pete's Hattie

Pete sneaks puck past backup

Pete's 2nd - on the PP

Pete's 3rd - unstoppable shot


Millsie didn't have a good game start. Not many of his teammates did. But when Millsie gets frustrated...and his 3rd penalty of the game...

Taco seeing the miflers and giving accountability


Taco benched JT for the last 5 minutes of the 2nd. Wasn't on the PP when Pete scored his 2/3 of a hattie.

Miller came back in the 3rd, Miffling emotions under control, and scored - sort of - to put the Nucks up 4-2 early in the 3rd. The Nucks bench was thrilled to see Miller rebound from Taco's doghouse.

Good lesson for the entire team. Taco's house rules: If you don't play up to your abilities, you won't play as much.

Taco was low key about the win - said it's nice to win even when you don't play well, but more work needed.


Shortie is pumped for this one. Dave is ummm... keeping it dry and unengaging for viewers.


This has been a pretty good start to the season. Not that we'd be recently familiar with good starts. Or even distantly.

No matter. With their 6-2-1 record through 9 games, Nucks are on their way to having they're best start since '05.

If they can drown the Sharklettes on Thursday, it would be their 3rd best start - all time. That's 54 years of starts, most not that good.

Doesn't matter.

What matters is the new Tough Taco Tactics continue to improve. Being 4th best in the league is great, but we know (know is too a strong word), we faintly hope and tentatively believe, this version of the Nucks could be top 3 in the NHL. In a couple weeks. For a couple weeks.

Not planning any parade yet. Maybe the Santa parade, but only if the Nucks can continue to fill our NM stockings with winning.


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