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GAME RECAP #8: NUCKS WIN! 1ST OT LOSS - Get Clipped 4-3 By Rags 'n Refs

October 29, 2023
- jimmi

Yes, it was the 2nd of a Back-To-Back. Yes, it was against the NY Refs... er... Rags. And yes the way it ended stings a bit. (Missed trip on Pete in case you missed it - that led to the unlawful goal the other way)

OTH, the Nucks played the Rags hard. Kept up with them 5-on-5. Not only kept up, Nucks had the only non-special team goal of the game. And we know, 5-on-5 goals are worth more at your local Canucks jersey store.

On the other skate, the Nucks PK, which was averaging 80% so far, got smacked by the gifted NY 5-on-3. Rags got 2 goals 5-on-3 because... gifted 5-on-3 reasons.

On the other stick, the Nucks PP went 1 for 6. I'm not going to burn remaining brain cells calculating the percentage. But it's way less than 50%.

Doesn't matter.

What matters is... the Rags won a game in the ROG. That's the most putrid thing that can happen in the ROG. If, and there's so many ifs, we could have served big jars of iffy butter and smeared them all over Sherty's raggedy mask.

Tough game. Tougher loss. It happens. Just as long as it doesn't happen very often, the New Nucks will be fine.

At least Nucks got a L-point. And now that's out of the way and they can move onto to besting their 5-2-1 record.


Since I'm required by NM statutes to find a tinfoil lining in the vomit-covered Ragdolls they call zebras, I will do my best to meet 'pressure with pressure'.

Nucks outplayed the Rags 5-on-5. No, really. Kept the Rags to 13 shots through 2 periods. Limited then to 24 over all, while putting 33 on the NY net.

On another Nucking PK in the 3rd - a 4 minute freaking PK, just because PDG had some difficulty removing his stick from a Rag player's face - resulting in a tiny little scratch. Because of that, the Nucks had go to short-handed for 4 minutes. Nucks were ready to answer with a tall shortie. Mr. Myers, broke up the Raggy PP at the blueline, skated up the ice 2-on-1, psyched-out Shesty and scored. His 2nd goal of this 8 game season.

Even more sauce from the Nucking D. Soucy scored the tie-winning goal late in the 3rd, which led to the chance for the Nucks to score 6 in OT.


Toss up which Nucking penalty jobbed the Nucks the most. The too many men call when Pete was changing during the 4 min call. Refs must have been miffed that the Nucks had scored the shorite, so had to make up a make up call. Really weak call. Too many men when you're already short-handed?

Can't say what they actually think...

But wait! There's more! Live from NHL HQ in NYC...

The Nucks were winning OT, put 6 shots on Shesty and about to put the 7th and game clincher past him, when Pete gets tripped. No call. Of course. Rags are gifted an odd-man rush and the win. FFS!

Good tough game. Terrible ending.

Do not care. Nucks beat the Rags. Couldn't quite beat the refs.


HNIC game with John 'n Dave, that's not so bad. Other than the ending.

STATS? - Fine. Nucks won all the important stats, but one.

Gamethread Speaks For Us

I suppose it's mafia nite on NM coz the Rags are in town.

Exciting game. BS call and a PK that hadn't scouted the key move (Kreider hit the post in the 2nd with it... shoulda seen it coming in the 3rd).

Still, plenty of chances to win it, and Kuzy almost did.

As OT losses go, a really good one.


Good losses. That's something. Something we expect to see less of this season. As well as the bad ones.

Nucks and more importantly, NM, get a few days rest. To get ready for spooky time in the ROG.

Yes, it's an All Hallow's Eve game featuring sorta-scary Predators and candy! Lotsa Nucking goal candy please.


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