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GAME RECAP #77: Nucks Win! An LA 6-3 Beatdown.

April 7, 2024
- jimmi


It's not that the Canucks don't care about finishing the season strong, it's that for most Nucks players, the season is over after the A-Star break. I know it's frustrating to watch, but for nearly a decade this team can either start the season strong or finish the season strong. But both? Does not compute.

Some say you have to pick your battles. Here at NM we say pick your 55 games. The Nucks have been built for the mythical 60 game season. But still... the lose one, win one (barely), lose one or two seems the peak we can expect for the next week or so.

UNLESS... this poor showing against LA, this game, last game, is all part of JR's master plan, that Taco supports. Let LA get the points and the Nucks face Smashville, who even Juice on HNIC says is a better matchup for the freshly sad sack Canucks.

1st Period

LA gets 2 power plays and 2 goals on 5 shots in the 1st 6 minutes. JR watches it play out.

The gamethread possibly not as keen as JR.

Canucks get an early penalty, which shows they didn't read my post yesterday

And the early penalty cost them again


Or are they?

Keep taking penalties boys...


Eventually puck luck has to bounce back against even the best strategies and Bess gets a goal. Pete and Cole with the apples.

2-1 LA after 1.

2nd Period

The Nucks appear to be looking to pushback and win, outshooting LA 20-12 in the period. And only go down 2 more goals.

The play-to-lose strategy is working... but gamethread is still pushing back on the plan.

Canucks should fire Taco, so they can get a new coach bump in time for the playoffs


It's LA leading 4-1after 2.

3rd Period

As we've seen since the A-Star break, the Nucks have a strong weak comeback narrative. Mainly weak.

However, JT breaks through the 1-3-1 trap and puts a shot on Tailbot and Josh buries the rebound. 4-2 LA and the comeback is coming back.

For a couple minutes, as the Nucks get permissive in their own zone and DeSmith can't make another save. 5-2 LA.

And there you go. No defence, no work, no save.


Doesn't matter, because the Nucks PK is back in action. And Blueger atones for his lazy stick penalty in the 1st with the shortie. 5-3 LA.

But then Zav puts the puck into the crowd. Nucks PK kill off the 5-on-3. And even better, Nucks get a PP. With unsurprising results.

Score a shorty, get punished...


LA wins 6-3. JR must be pleased. Gamethread, not so much.

I expect nothing less but being blown out on Monday.

This team can't put together 3 good shifts in a row. Never mind 3 periods.


Hockey Philosophy Corner

This team has a vibe like Willie D's. Surprise all in the regular season and fizzle in the playoffs

Calling playoff Demko..



Since the A-Star break, in 22 games, the Nucks are a 500 team. How many playoff rounds are won by 500 teams?

How does a team get above 500? Traditionally, the PP must outscore the opponent's PP. And your PK must be better than the opponent's. And make less mistakes. In the Canuck's case, you wait 8 years, while firing 3 coaches, then fire the GM and get another coach.

JR's Master Plan appears on track.

48% 25% 24% 2%

This probability projection assumes the Nucks win more games than they lose in the remaining 5. And McOil fumble the puck across the line.


It's Shortie Night in Canada! Where broadcast restrictions permit.



8 1st 5
20 2nd 12
14 3rd 12
42 TOTAL 29


Taco talks about how good the team played... other than the mistakes, not burying their chances and stuff.

"We were in the game today... we had some chances, they converted, we didn't"

Watch Taco press the presser at NHL.COM

Another disappointing loss to LA. Unless disappointing losses to LA is part of the plan. The plan to cruise carelessly into the playoffs and have Demmers steal 4 games off the hop.

The gamethread analytic and prophetic powers are ours to soak up with our spongebod pants.

Not sure what to say.
In two games out of three on this road-trip we can't even compete. In Vegas the game was over after the 1st. In LA, it is over half-way through.
And these are divisional games?
Does anyone sense any problem?


Over the course of a year other teams get more chances to look at the style the Canucks play and adapt. The defensive core is average at best, the bottom two lines don't score and the top scorers are streaky


Right now we look like a runaway train heading toward the abyss with no brakes.

The playoffs is the abyss.


Enjoy the rest of your weekend and get ready for a murder on Monday in the ROG.

Can the Nucks get back on track in the final 5? Let's find out.

How Many Games Can the Nucks Win By the 20th?


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