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GAME RECAP #75: Nucks Win! 1st Road Loss This Month! Blown Out 6-3.

April 2, 2024
- jimmi

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Good!

If this was a possible 1st round matchup, we're going to need more 1st period barf bags.

Especially, if Stone's miracle spleen recovers on Apr. 20th. How is Vegas the LTIR winner season after season? Only Gary knows for sure.

1st Period

Let's not dwell, not even recall this stinker of period. Won't mention how DeSmith made a brilliant save and then gave the puck away and it's 1-0 Loss Sages. But Hoagie got a goal! And then 20 seconds later gave up another goal to fan fav, Jack Eiiiiikeel.

I officially hate Eichel. I felt sorry for him in Buffaslug, but now I just hate him for getting his own way and getting to win a cup for it. He plays.... douchey and opportunistically, rather than with composure and grace.

Also, I want to see Petey have a fight. Fuck it. Just let it out.


Not mentioning the Nucks PK not defending Zav's honour for the phantom high-sticking call. Nope. Not mentioning any of that. Or the reffing. Or Zav taking himself out of the game with 2 periods to go. Or the not wonderful play of Cole. Not saying anything about it. 4-1 Vegas after 1.

2nd Period

This is a much better road period. Didn't start that way. Because Nucks can't kill the misconduct penalty to Zav.

However, the Nucks PP that couldn't get a goal in 4 minutes of extra muffin shots in the 1st. But Huggie can make the Nucks PP look dangerous. Scores while Pete is screening. So that's good.

Huggie the thuggie !!

There ya ain't over... no way


5-2 Nighties after 2.

3rd Period

Nucks got some juice to the start the 3rd. Especially Huggie. Who skates around the strip and puts the puck past a Vegas stop machine. 5-3 Weggies. Nucks are coming back.

For 24 seconds. When the Nucks give up another odd man rush when pressing for something... 6-3 Vegas final.

We tied them in the 2nd
We tied them in the 3urd

That's all I need in my Recap


Maybe just delete the 1st from the record books and have them play Texas fold 'em in the lounge for the tie breaker.

I think this ass-whopping serves us good.
Taco will have a field-day when going over video with the guys.


Only problem is they don't have a field day, only a plane ride over to play the other desert dogged team. Maybe tablets and short-ass whips.

Good Points

Huggie with his 2 goals now has 82 points on the season. 82 Great Points!

Not So Good

Again Pete was held pointless. Maybe he'll earn his next contract as the highest paid goalie screener in the league.

Bains experiment could be over. Or should be.

I've seen plenty of nothing from Bains. Experiment over. Bring back Karlsson.


Maybe Cole gets a few maintenance games off.

Maybe Taco should rest Cole for a week. Cole has boneheaded way too many plays in the last few weeks


Later Cole can prove again he's a proven playoff performer.


Shortie and Ray are covering the under/over plays.



9 1st 9
13 2nd 9
8 3rd 12
30 TOTAL 30


"Yeah the penalties, couple odd man rushes... 4 or 5 guys not ready to play" - Coach Taco

Watch Taco beat the house on camera... or was it the refs? See him at NHL.COM.

It's game 75 and Taco still hasn't finalized his forward lines. Does Taco need 85 regular season tilts before declaring his line chemistry experiment complete? Don't know. Do you?

When Will Taco Stop Line Juggling?


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