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GAME RECAP #73: Nucks Win! Another Home Loss - Lose 3-1 by Stars, Refs And Crap PP

March 28, 2024
- jimmi

Some say Stars and Nucks match up pretty well. Need the refs to decide the outcome.

As poor as the reffing was in this game - Nucks got jobbed in the 3rd - more than once. But the Nucks PP was pathetic and the formerly stout Nucking PK was not. Need to control what you can. No one controls the refs... but the NHL, Eastern Cabal division.

Since the A-star break the Nucking PP is 14.5% (29th) and the PK is 77.8% (25th) - not great stats for a playoff bound team that can expect special teams to be the difference maker in a series. Oh well... we're not ready for a deep run anyhow, what with the dumpster fire shortages - off ice - and the inflated cost of rum.

Nucks were pretty good 5-on-5, so that's good. Very well matched teams.


Thuggie makes his presence felt…


Nucks PK has to go to work against a top 10 PP. That's not fair. PK Pete gets deked and it's 1-0 Stars after 1.

Tick tac toe passing wins out


Game thread had other thoughts about officiating as well... not good thoughts. So did Taco, challenged the goal because before the goal Taco's video guy thought Robertson hit the puck with a high stick.

Nucks lost the challenge.

2nd period is better for the Canucks. Because Gnarland is a beast on the boards, gets pinned by Heski. Doesn't matter. Gnarly puts a pass out front, Josh goes to the net and Millsie just off the bench, skating downhill blasts a shot pass Ottinburger.

Special teams note: Nucks get 3 power plays in the 2nd. That's 6 minutes the game thread won't get back. As the Nucks PP futility extends its futility.

Stars had 5 high danger chances on their 5 power plays. Nucks had none.

1-1 after 2. That's not so bad.

This would be a good playoff series


Sure would if the refs would stay out of the game and just let them play hack 'n wack like weedeater hockey is meant to be played.

Nucks preserved the tie until late in the 3rd. Refs didn't call a high stick on Roonie. Didn't call interference when Heski interfered with Josh.

But they did call a penalty on Blueger for a lazy high stick. And within 20 seconds of Stars bumper-Benn-man advantage it's 2-1 Stars with 3 minutes to go.

too many penalties and bad PP cost the Canucks


Of course, Taco pulls DeSmith and unlike last game, Nucks don't get another goal, but Stars get the EN. The 6-on-5 Nucks couldn't come up with the loose puck.

Our resident multi-tasking game threader offered his synopsis.

Just finished 9 holes
Waiting for Skins at 3pm
Thought I'd check the thread

Here's my Recap of the game thread

1) Auger memorial night at the Rog
2) Stupid penalties
3) Hopeless PP
4) Cole ain't the Cole of before



Winning 1 goal games requires either more than one goal or requires the team to help the backup get a shutout while never taking any penalties.

Who could score those critical game winning goals? Someone or more than someone in your top 6 could do that. Maybe on the power play, even. Just a thought.

Not to pick on Pete, but sure hope Playoff Pete shows up soon. He hasn't dominated in a game for so long one wonders if he remembers how to up his game to Alien level.

Nucks score nothing on 3 chances and give up 2 goals on 5 PK specials. That's just not special enough.


Shortie and Ray calling the plays and making better calls than the refs.



9 1st 8
14 2nd 11
11 3rd 9
34 TOTAL 28


"Careless penalties... these games are coin flips... bad penalty, bad change, that kills... can't take 5 bad penalties in these games" - Coach Taco

Watch Taco Talk on NHL.COM

2 game home L-streak is on the books. Nucks have 1 last game left on this 9 game home stand. Be nice to win the last one. But, it's a lunch time game against a former SoCal powerhouse. Maybe, just maybe the Nucks win the game and clinch a playoff spot. Maybe.

When Will The Nucks Clinch?


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