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Shutout Big Bad Blooes 5-Zip!!

October 27, 2023
- jimmi


The Blues came into the ROG the night after they shutout Cowtown. They left the ROG getting shutout by the Nucks!

Sometimes, hockey symmetry is a wonderful thing.

Even better thing is watching the Nucks light up Boohoolington all night long.

Capt'n Huggie has more goals on the Blues than any other team. And tonight he had 2 more.

The 1st started with the Tougher Taco Nuckers putting on a commanding display of hockey dominance. And a goal. Just the one - a beauty from Huggie - despite outplaying the tired old blues and outshooting them 19-3. Gamethread was fine with that.

Perfect period...except for goals


No worries.

Nucks played their new (standard?) super strong 2nd. Scored 3 goals in 3 minutes and change. Great goal from Capt'n Deflection off Hayes' skate. PDG out deked Boolington for the 3-zipper. Pete and JT combined for a sweet JT shortie. 4-zippers after 2.

In the 3rd, the Nucks slacked a bit and Demzina had to make some showstopper stops. However, Miki added a bonus dagger and Demmers got his 1st shutout of the season.

Pretty good 2nd home game.


Beating the Bluingtons at home feels so good. Especially when the Nucks win going away - going the strong neutral zone play, the strong defensive play and the very pretty O-zone play.

Possibly the Nucks best game this (young) season. Even Mr. Chaos had a strong game - had an apple and very little chaos. For most of the game, the Nucks played the Tough Taco structure - and kept pumping pucks at the league's most unhinged goalie.

The Nucks 80+% PK was perfect again. The Nucks PP wasn't. So there's still work to be done. But still 5 unanswered goals 5-on-5 is a decent consolation.


It's a John and Dave show - not tomorrow, so savour the great calls while you can.

STATS - Excellent Ones



The good thing about this commanding victory, Taco got to rest up the top liners in the 3rd period. Going to need to the extra rest since in less than 24 hours, the Rags are in the ROG. Eeeeeeeeeew!

And worse, the Rags are on a 3 game heater. But, so are the Nucks - so there's that.

It's the 1st Nucking B-2-B of the year. I know, we've had some terrible back-to-back flashbacks - for years. Not surprising, it is with some trepidation we look forward to the clash between the 5th place and 6th place teams in the league.

No, really.

Enjoy the next game - despite being vs the Rags vs HNIC. Good times! Probably. Possibly.


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