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GAME RECAP #69: NUCKS WIN! Edge Sabres 3-2 In The ROG

March 19, 2024
- jimmi

NUCKS Dominate for 50 minutes. Hang on for 10. Yay!

The two day calm is over and the Nucks are facing another eastern team chasing a card into a wild spot. Would the Nucks respond to a desperate team playing their 2nd of a B-2-B?

Yes, yes they would.

Nucks came out fast and hard as per Taco Tough doctrine. Wearing their almost guaranteed win, skate jerseys.

Gnarland playing with Pete was particularly motivated to be extra pesty. Scores the 1st goal of the game. Buffffalooo protested the goal, but lost the challenge and the Nucks got an early PP. With Miller back on leftern halfling wall. Didn't score, but had some better than average looks.

1-0 Nucks after 1. A period where the Nucks out-hustled, out-played and outshot the Sabre-rattlers 15-7.

Important Stat

Too soon for stats?

Anyone know the Canucks record with the skate jersey?


Nucks had won 9 of 10 games wearing the skate this season at home. Now 10 of 11.

vs. Preds (October 31) W 5-2
vs. Oil (November 6) W 6-2
vs. Sharks (November 20) W 3-1
vs. Ducks (November 28) W 3-1
vs. Lightning (December 12) W 4-1
vs. Sharks (December 23) W 7-4
vs. Maple Laffs (January 20) W 6-4
vs. Chigo Fawks (January 22) W 2-0
vs. BJs (January 27) W 5-4
vs. Wings (February 15) W 4-1
vs. Kings (February 29) L 4-1
vs. Buffalo Sabres (March 19) W 3-2

Nucks took over the game in the 2nd, despite Miller missing 6 minutes of the period due to blocking a shot with his half-calf/heel area.

ruh roh...millsie takes a stinger...


Millsie returned to make moves on the PP. And Pete breaks the PP Schneid and Nucks lead 2-0 after 2.

Also during the 2nd, Thuggie delivered a big hit on the blueline.

Quinn Lucic...


Huggie also picked up 2 assists to lead all Nucks D all time in points in a single season.

Nucks came out in the 3rd, determined to not let another 1 or 2 goal lead slip away. And did just that. Until mid 3rd, 4-on-4, the Dahlin of upper state NY, broke through all Nucking defenders and whipped up a backhand that totally ruined DeSmith's De-Shuttie. Dammit.

No worries as Pete picked up his 2nd goal of the game with the Slabres demonic backup on the bench. 3-1 Nucks. Pete's EN was the GWG. And that's how the game ended... except in the last minute, the extra-manned up Booflers put a shot off Zav and past De-Smith, ruining his DeShuttie all over again.

The last 20 seconds ended without much tension - in the game thread. Everyone, but me had left early, when the Nucks had already won 2-0.


The scoreboard flattered the flat Saberators. Nucks dominated the game until that other Swedish sensation with 2 goals made it more interesting.

Nucks out-danger-shotted the visitors 16-3.

Nucks PK was perfect on 8 6.5 minutes of tough checking, clean clearing not much mayhem special work. 4-on-4 could have been more special, however.

Nucks PP was 1 for 5. And if not for the usual backup goalie curse, would have had a couple more. The 1st unit looked so much more dangerous. Like early season dangerous. Direct, fast and shifty. Need to build on that.

Miki was skating hard and making game saving backchecks and almost scoring. As did Lindy. Who played another smart game, without those gaudy points and goals.

At the end of the game - in that critical 40 seconds with a D-zone start, which D pairing would you ice? Me too. Instead, Taco put Zav and Cole out there. To enable what - winning by 1 goal?


Shortie and Ray Ferrari are calling a good tight Taco Tough game.



7 1st 15
3 2nd 10
7 3rd 9
17 TOTAL 34


Saves Shots SV%
DESMITH 15 17 .882


"I'm really proud of the way the guys played tonight" - Coach Taco

Taco talks over at

The most important part of the game? The win. No need to extend the L-streak any further. Save something for next season.

Le Habitat arrive in the ROG on Thursday having picked up a point off the Oil. No more picking up for them. We're trying to build a home win streak, thanks.


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