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GAME RECAP #66: NUCKS WIN! Shut Out Jets, Shut Up HNIC 5-0 In The ROG

March 9, 2024
- jimmi


The Nucks played a near perfect game. So that's good.

Only gloomy part was in the 2nd when Demmers had to leave due to tweaking something. No update on his status, but Taco thought it wasn't serious, but he was unable to play a doctor on the internet.

So... after our drunken cellies have fallen over, we need to caress our rabbit tendons tenderly and find out more tomorrow. Or Tuesday.

Meanwhile.... WOOOOOOOOOO! What A WIN!

The Nucks scouting precogs knew the Jetskis played last night, quite well, in Seatown. Maybe the best strategy was to come out hard and destroy Winni before Bowness could winni wax poetic about his wonderful team.


A speedy 2 minutes in, Nucks are swarming the Jetta's zone. Great forechecking leads to a great lead. Huggie and Hoagie putting pucks on net and Millsie is putting it behind Hellsbucket. Also... GWG. But we're not there yet. 1-0 Nucks.

Nucks are outplaying, outskating and outshooting the team to beat from the Central. And the Nucks do. Hoagie scores a delightful goal off the rush. His 20th of the season.

Puck luck goal or unlucky goalie? We do not care. It's 2-0 Nucks half way thru the 1st. And the Nucks aren't halfway thru moar goals!

Things they won't tell you on teevee

Hogz has the most non PP goals in the league. Ehlers is behind him in 2nd place


Meanwhile over on the HNIC TV...

NOTE: '82 is in OZ where there is no hockey on TV - can only listen to Nucks games on the wireless.

Fascinating statoid: Nucks have 3 players in the Top 5 5v5 scoring. Maybe this team is #1 in the division for a reason.

Next up: A big save from Demmers, springs Blueger and PDG on a 2-on-1. Blueger times the slap pass perfectly and PDG deflects it beautifully past Shotbucked.

3-0 Nucks after 1. We're beating the Peg! Woo!

Ok...end the game there. Great period


Helluva a period... 21 shots... 3 goals... No momentum killing power plays!



Only thing left to do for the Nucks since the game is over, is to score on the PP to get that extra-manly mojo going.

And they do. Not making it up. Huggie puts a shot on net... hits Gnarly, rebounds to Pete who knocks it past the former Nuck puck stopping Peg goalie.

4-0 Nucks. We're so winning this game.

And then when it's all happy joy in the ROG, Demmers goes to the room. Eeeek!

Uh oh

Demmers does an Elvis


The gamethread goes silent. The ROG goes silent. Ok, neither were silent. DeSmith comes into the net. And is tasked with saving Demmer's shutout. Or his shutout? Or both?

Later we find out that goalies can't share a shutout. The team is credited with the shutout. Myers is off on tour with BC Ferries and the rest of the team is playing shutout goalie. Not fair!

4-0 Nucks after 2.


Old grounded down Jetskis are hoping to pushback... Nucks are pushing less than the 1st 40 minutes, but still determined to get the SO for Demko/DeSmith and Myers.

Meanwhile, us HNIC viewers have to endure possibly the worst play-by-play coverage in hockey.

Jeez harnaryan can't give the canucks aaaaaanything... we're winning cuz we're mad at winnipeg, not cuz we're playing well.


It's ok. We know the Nucks are playing well. Don't need a faux-excited blah-by-blah description from HNIC.

However... having heard about Westy's special request via the gamethread-to-bench messaging system...

ok...I am off. Keep the four goal lead, ok.


Nucks are overachieving. Hoagie performs a puck juggling while wearing hockey gloves and stick feat at the Winni blueline, puts the puck to the net, rebounds right to Suter who makes Hellbucken wish he'd stayed in Seatown, for the 5th time.

Nucks win 5-0 over the 'best team in the Central'. (Actually the 2nd best, but HNIC math).

What a great Nucking game! Stinge Taco Tough structure with lotsa goals! So much to talk shout about.

YEAHHHH we got two shutouts tonight!


It will be the easiest game recap for jimmi, in the history of the Canucks.

He can write literally anything.


And he did.


Shoutout to Huggie for not only being the best offensive D in hockey, but for making some of the best defensive plays behind his own net. He's back on his game after the A-star break lull. We're thrilled!

Shoutout to Zav who was lining up the Big Boys of Portage 'n Main with some big hits. For parts of the game seemed like he'd put a 6'6" sign on the blueline that read: "You shall not pass here, unless it's on your ass-tear". Playoff ready, he is.

Shoutout to Soucy. His calm presence and smart plays under pressure remind us how shrewd PA's trade with BC Ferries really is.


A perfect statement game. Ruined by HNIC play-by-play. Oh well... we'll take the win.

GAME STATS - Big Game Stats


9 1st 20
5 2nd 9
8 3rd 8
22 TOTAL 37


PDG 1 +1
SUTER 1 1 +3
Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 12 12 1.00
DESMITH 10 10 1.00


"We’re a team that has to play structured hockey. I just feel we’re getting it back again. Just seems like we’re refreshed." - Coach Taco

Normally, there'd be the audio of Taco's presser. But with NM's new motto in effect: "We sorta care", will post the link to the data-mining, ad-crazed NHL presser video: Watch Here.

We were elated after the 3 game win streak on the road where the Nucks only allowed 1 goal per game. Just like the old Big DIFF days of early winter.

1st home game back from a road trip facing the Winniers might have been ok with a 1 goal loss-with-honour effort. But no. The Nucking Tough Taco structed team kept their foot, their skates, their sticks in the passing lanes.

Look out Pacific, Nucks are back in town.

How Big A Statement Game Was It?


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