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GAME RECAP #63: NUCKS WIN! In Disneyland! Clip Ducks 2-1 For Dinner!

March 3, 2024
- jimmi

Win pretty or win ugly? Doesn't matter. Every win is now a work of Nucking artistry!

It's dinner time in Disneyland and the Nucks are hungry to get that 1st win of the month. And so are we.

Thing is, this isn't a gimme. Despite a top team in the NHL visiting one of the worst teams in the league. Because... and this is uncomfortable... since the AsS break, Ducks have a better record than the Nucks. Not making it up. Nuck a Duck or what!

Not the Nucks best game this season. Best one this month. So far.

Even better, DeSmith records his 1st near-shutout, his 1st win since January 18th. That Minni shelling leading to his 4.67 GVA and 83.3 SV% is a near distant memory. Hopefully.

Nucks score early and often. At least early.

On their 1st shot of the game. Setup by a sneaky Huggie deke and pass out front to our highly-skilled Swedish forward... Hoagie, as he roofs it over DosNotTall. Great goal from a great road forecheck.

1-0 Nucks. For almost 4 minutes.

Then the luck of the puck takes a bad turn on DeSmith. On the 1st shot he's faced since the shell shock of that Minni game - which we all have forgotten about, other than Casey, it's another unlucky bounce onto a opponent's stick and past DeSmith. Ouch!

Doesn't matter. Casey is at bat and stops all the Ducking shots for the remaining 55 minutes.

1-1 after 1. On the road. Against a team with a better record that ours since that horrible All Star Stupid break.

Fortunately, in the 2nd, Nucks turn on the scoring machine. No not the PP, which went 0 for 2, the other scoring machine, Gnarland. Deflects a Zav shot to score the GWG.

To be fair(ish), Nucks Keystone Power Passers special episode had just ended and lulled the Ducks into a false sense of pucking superiority.

Still... there's another period to play, which offers the Nucks the chance to study up on the grindy Tough Taco staples they'll need on Tuesday in LA-LA Land.

And study the did. Preserved the 1 goal lead despite the Ducking pressure and Lindy's late game treachery.

Well we won, even though Lindholm tried to give the ducks a freebie...


It's the sweet flavour of 2 points. We wondered if the Nucks would taste them again after losing 6 of their last 7 in FebLosuary.

Wasn't pretty, but we are inching towards a playoff spot.


Or at home, centimetering their way into the playoffs.


Shortie and What's-His-Name are enjoying the SoCal icy beverages and palm tree hockey.



14 1st 3
8 2nd 8
9 3rd 7
31 TOTAL 18


Saves Shots SV%
DESMITH 17 18 .944


"They just grinded it out" - Coach Taco

Game's 1st (unofficial star) Casey DeSmith has a happy presser.

"One win doesn't fix everything" - DeSmith

A string of Taco Tough wins might. Is it possible? Let's find out.

Can The Nucks String Together A Winning Roadie Trip?


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