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GAME RECAP #61: Nucks Win! A Loser Point at Home! Pens Win 4-3 in OT.

February 27, 2024
- jimmi

Canucks Make A Statement.

Prove that playing the full 20 minutes is sometimes not quite full enough for a full win.

Do we miss Soucy and Josh yet?

Yes, yes we do. Nucks D-pleted squad is looking more tired and mistake prone. Cole hasn't been as sharp since the break. Myers and Sav... keep taking tall people penalties. Some might say lazy tall people penalties.

1st Period

If you only watched this period, smart move.

Nucks outplayed the old tired team from the far east. Hogz gets the 1st goal of the game. And the freshly reno'd Nucks PP, with the Miller Unit, gets the 2nd goal. Miller to Bessie who pots his 34th of the season.

Nucks outplay, outshoot and outscore the old tired Pens. Nucks coasting away with the early win or otherwise known as the 2-0 lead after 1.

2nd Period

The freshly renovated Nucks PP starts the period on the ice. Surprisingly it proves to a momentum killer.

So much so, that Blueger doesn't have the energy to make the simple play to clear the puck out of the zone. Instead makes a high danger pass into the slot where he imagines Cole would be. However similar they appear, Rakell, not Cole, receives the gift and opens the scoring for the Pens.

Nucks are still up 2-1, so no worries. Until... the lazy penalty Ferry arrives. With Zav going for the check, or the puck or a skate or something. Ends up slew footing the tired old Pens forward and he's off to the Myer's cabin.

On the ensuing PK, Myers is distracted by that old cottage aroma, or something and just 3 seconds into the PK, lazily lets his stick get high on Rakell.

Welcome Nucks fans to 3-on-5 Nucking hell. Quelle Surprise, Pens score. It's a 2-2 game. And there's still another penalty to kill!

However, Miller is playing hard this period, unlike some other teammates. He beats Letangie to the lonely puck at the Nucks blueline and breaks in on Saros and scores a shortie!

Nucks lead 3-2 after 2.

3rd Period

Unfortunately, the Nucks start another period on the PP. Guess what? They don't score.

And worse, the old and tired Pens seem to have more zip and urgency in this period. Since this was the fresh giveaway night in the ROG, Nucks are giving away more than just the puck. Also puck luck.

After a pass in the O-zone from Pete sails all way across False Creek into the D-zone, bad things happen. Fast. Juuls blocks a shot with his kidney. Demmers loses his stick. And the Nucks lose the lead.

3-3 tie with still 10 to play. Nucks are pressing. Pens are pressing. Seems both teams are pressing. For the tie.


I want to say OT settles nothing and Miki goes on to score the only goal in the shootout.

However, right off the FO in OT, it's obvious the Pens want another point 7 times more than the Nucks do. On the 7th Pens shot in OT Demmers can't make his 7th save.

Pens win 4-3.

Doesn't matter. Pens are still far away from a wild card. Nucks are still 1st in the Pacific, in the West, in the NHL.

And more importantly gamethread's hockey philanthropists have reached consensus.

Well… that sucked. Boyz played well for most part.


Right, they had a good game.


nah, third period was tentative and they got burned a bit; it's like they've lost the killing instinct from the first half of the season; this is like the 5th time now they've lost with a lead going into the 3rd


Thinking more strategically, it might be a good thing the Pens get some wins out west, keep their faint 2nd season dream alive and don't trade Guentzel to the McOil. Just a thought.


Nucks peerless record of winning when leading after 2, took another hit and now sits at a measly 31-1-3.

Nucks have taken the 6th most penalties in the NHL. That's ok, do the Nucks have the 6th best PK in the league?

Not quite. It's the 19th ranked PK. That's an ouch. No worries, only have to take far fewer bags of stupid penalties. Or hire LA's #1 PK on an as needed basis. The need is great.


Shortie and Ray Ferrari are talking up the coverage.



9 1st 14
12 2nd 12
12 3rd 8
7 OT 1
40 TOTAL 35


"Thought there was some sloppy stuff... some guys looked tired out there" - Coach Taco

A point is a point is a point. Sloppy play after 20 minutes of solid play can get the Nucks a point. Imagine if the Nucks could lock a lead down like they did before the All Sh*t break.

That forecheck is missing, mostly from the original 3rd line. Now our forecheck is just average. Before, it was a sight to behold.


Josh isn't going to be back for Thursday's ROGulation game against LA. Or Soucy. Nucks will have to win this one the Taco Tough way. Play Taco hockey for the full 60. No worries, they're 1/3 of the way.

Can the Nucks 500 their way to the playoffs?


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