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GAME RECAP #60: NUCKS WIN! Burn Boourns 3-2 in OT! On The PP!!!

February 24, 2024
- jimmi

First 2 Goal Comeback of The Season! Wooooooo!!

Exciting game. So exciting the Greenmen were pulled out of retirement to torment Boourns in the box. Not enough times, but that last time is what counts.

Maybe it didn't start like a sure win... but that's what made the game so exciting. The possible agony of losing, of getting shutout again by our Beantown nemesis. Or the euphoria of beating our old gloaty, puss-faced rival.

1st Period

Nucks held their own - other than a few tyred up moments. But didn't give up 2 goals in the 1st. So... that was good.

We;ve had worse tire fires the past couple weeks... it didn't end up in the net so i'm calling moral victory.


Sure the Nucks got into penalty trouble throughout the period, but the Beanietowners got into PP trouble. Clown car PP trouble. We know what that's like. Nucks preserved the 0-0 tie after 1.

2nd Period

Nucks get their legs and nastiness going. Miller is hitting hard and knocking names to the ice. But then... following the trend of recent, Ronnie makes a poor choice on a center ice faceoff. Gets too aggressive and misses not just his check, but the puck as well... and it's that 2-on-1 time in the ROG. Demko gets deked and it's 1-0 for the Boostards.

Just like last game, Hroney bad decisions cause chaos...


Worse, a bad clear by Mr. Chaos results in more chaos and Cole pushes Demmers into the net while a weird shot bounces into the net. The wrong net. 2-0 Boozetards.

Apparently everyone stayed calm on the bench, despite the 2 goal deficit. Just like the game thread.



Double F***


The Nucks played out the period by almost getting shots through a gaggle of well-structured players. And a few on net where they instantly slayed by the Slayman.

2-0 Bs after 2. Ugh.

3rd Period

How many times have the Nucks come back in the 3rd to win after being down 2 after 2? Kind of a well-hinted question. And you're correct, they haven't. Not even once. Yet.

Despite that unencouraging stat, the Nucks pushed back as the period progressed. Pushed and hit harder and harder. Taco's secret, ok not that secret since we all could see it. Taco decided center depth is a Nucks secret key. Lindy centered the 3rd line, Bluesey the 4th. Seemed to be working.

We can't score shit but are pressing the hell out of Boston


Especially with Miller centering the bowling ball line. And the Nucks D forcing the play to collapse the Boourns weak-side D. We didn't know they had a weak side D. Until now.

And the Booing D breaks down and our snakebit Bess gets the antidote. A wicked snipe on the no-shutout-for-you Slayedman. Woooo! Nucks on the board and looking for more. Not making it up. Seemed like they knew they could comeback and win the game.

Even Ronnie. And Taco. With a minute to go and Demko on the bench being calm and stuff, the Nucks make the play almost exactly as they drew it up. Ronnie puts a hard shot past a screened Slayperson.

WOOOOO! Hroney with some redemption!


We're going to OT, kids! The place the Boourns have been so many times since Nucks were in Beanietown on Feb 8th.

Gamethread goes game philosophers...

One thing about this season vs the past have been really entertaining and exciting, even some of the losses. This one too.


Whatever happens, the boys are turning the tide. May not be a win, but at least no more adding to the 2nd column in our record. That's a good start.



Redemption for Ronnie. Why not for the oh-for-28 Nucks PP? Not makin it up.

Boourns get called for having too many Boourers on the ice. It's a Nucks 4-on-3 PP! When was the last time that clicked? Take your time...

The Nucks PP didn't. The old Millsie slap pass to Bess deflection into the net. Woooo!



Boom! Nucks defeat the Boourns at home 3-2 in OT! We never doubted it... even in the 2nd when we traded Pete for a couple of obnoxious forwards.

A tough start, a bit scary in the middle, but what a great comeback that we never doubted - after the 3rd.

Wow that turned out to be a great game.


This is the team we hope we have.


A gutsy comeback win over that team we don't have to worry about - tonight.


Miller was the game's 1st star. He willed the Nucks to win in the 3rd. Channeled his passion into hits - led the team with 8 hits after 2. NHL credited him with 8 all game, but they were looking away in the 3rd. JT put 3 points on the board. And made good things happen on nearly every shift all game. And Bess fed off his energy to do Bess things - scoring goals.

Taco's 4 strong centers alignment seems to be a great changeup. Strength down the middle is often spoken in revered language in hockey talk. Not just talk in this game.

Ronnie redeemed his earlier gaff with the goal that got the game into OT.


HNIC stick their noses in... but the play is carried by Shortie and Dave.


SHOTS - Nucks win the shot count in the 3rd.

10 1st 9
7 2nd 12
5 3rd 17
0 OT 1
22 TOTAL 39


Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 20 22 .909


"You should go home to your baby now" - Coach Taco coaching new parent, Batch.

Canucks hockey has the ability to grip us by the stantion and throw us down into a weary pile of cynicism or toss us up into the heavens of happy hockey stories.

Tonight we got the happy part of the stantion. Wooooooo!

Do you believe the Nucks can turn this home victory into a win streak?


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