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GAME RECAP #59: Nucks Win - Another Road Loss! Get Krak'd 5-2 in Seatown

February 23, 2024
- jimmi

FOUR LOSSES IN A ROW! Had enough adversity yet, Canucks?

What a great road trip through adversity. As well as Minnesota and Colo and Seatown.

As bad as the Minni games was, this game was worse. The Nucks disconnected meter was unplugged and left on the bus. With their staples. As well as the ability or focus to clear the puck. Gazing at the puck does not make a good clear.

1st Period

Millsie opened the scoring. Nucks lead the game. For almost 10 minutes.

But then...

Hronek with the boofuck lazy play...twice, ultimately leads to canucks tire fire for 90 seconds.


Or in The Queen's (King's?) English, the Nucks Tyre Fyre. Ronnie's worst game ever.

Hronek on a mission — to put Kraken up on Nux. SMH.


1-1 after 1. And that's as good as it gets.

2nd Period

Remember early in the season when the Nucks owned 2nd periods? The Nucks don't either.

Especially when the period starts with Hogz in the box carried over from his 1st period contribution to the 1st period of flaming tyres with his lazy stick work.

Kraklings get a PP goal. Must be nice. Nucks may never know again.

It seemed the Nucks would never get a lucky bounce. But, guess what? Laff gets a goal by a skilled deflection off his arm he wasn't expecting. Tied 2-2. That's not so bad.

However, 3 games in 4 days is starting to show. Showing as slow skating, no-hitting, bad reads, poor passes, terrible decisions with the puck. Worse decisions without it.

Krak's pressuring the deflated Nucks causes terrible luck for Demmers... easy shot from the point gets by him, because Zav clips Demmers. Worse, Demmers didn't get the goalie interference call. 3-2 Krakies.

But the worst goal against was the next one. Not just because it was an Eberle goal - on his own rebound, but because 4 Canucks couldn't check him - puck gazing alone even with 8 eyes is not enough. 4-2 Krak.

Nucks were rewarded (punished) with 3 power plays in the 2nd. Taco changed up the 1st unit, with Ronnie replacing a forward. Because Taco wants more a more direct PP. More pucks to the net. Ronnie managed 1 shot that almost got through. Futility is soon become a synonym to Nucks PP. Again.

Good ol power play... ending momentum since january 2024


3rd Period

Nothing much happened. Nuck managed to get almost 45 seconds of pressuring zone time around mid-period.

With some O-zone time with 3 minutes left as Taco took his best player off the ice. Which results in... yup.. an Eberle EN goal. Final score 5-2 Kraks.

We look a different team

No PP, no forecheck, bobble the puck, off-side every other zone entry, everybody falling...



A shorter list would be to be to name the Nucks players who put in an effort. Demko, Gnarland and Bains.

Pete, Lindy and Hogz did not have a good game. Through this 4 game skid, Lindy has had 1 assist, Pete 1 goal and Hogz a single point. Tonight Lindy and Pete were -2, Hogz -1.

Miki got the death stare from Taco after a poor attempt at a poor clear that resulted in a goal against. Only played 5 minutes in the 3rd.

Cole gave up a bad clear that turned into a goal. Huggie, Ronnie and Juuls weren't sharp either. And Sav was worse. When Myers is your best D, your most mistake-free D in a game... it's not a good game.


The formerly top 10 Nucks PP is now ranked 22nd. Has gone 1 for 27 recently. That's not just snakebitten, that's the Greening of the Nucks PP. Tonight, on the bright side, didn't allow a shortie against - because Demko was ready for the expected unexpected.

1st unit needs some practice time. And some therapy for their puck aversion syndrome. Nobody wanted the puck. Nobody wanted to shoot the puck. Screen the goalie? Is that a 70s TV show?


Shortie and Dave are almost home to not cover a game on Saturday... but not just yet.

GAME STATS - the dismal type

SHOTS - Nucks got their 1st shot of the 3rd... mid-period.

5 1st 9
7 2nd 12
9 3rd 10
21 TOTAL 31


Taco is sounding like last season's Taco after the 'soft' game in Seatown...
"It was a comedy of errors..". "Just play smarter and compete." - Coach Taco

FOUR STRAIGHT LOSSES. 1st time this season. So was the 3 straight losses. Can they go for 5 on Saturday?

Bruins going to absolutely DESTROY Nucks.


Rob rejoined the gamethread just in time to have last season flashbacks. And he asked a good question. Or a terrible one. You decide.

Is this the blip? Or were the first 55 games the blip?


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