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GAME RECAP #58: Nucks Win - Defeat With Dignity - Lose 3-1 to Avs

February 20, 2024
- jimmi

A Better Loss. Is Still a Loss. 1st 3 game L-streak of the season.

After yesterday's murderer's row in Minni, Nucks needed a strong bounce-back game where they allow 10 8 5 4 goals or less. Mission accomplished.

Sure, it's the first 3 (regulation) game losing streak of the season. Is that so bad?

No, but the streak stops here. Right? Right???

1st Period

Nucks start the game playing like their honour is on the line. Which it is. And Millsie gets the 1st goal of the game. The GWG PWG! Nucks 1-0 After 1.

2nd Period

Can we expect the inevitable Avs pushback? Inevitably.

Surprisingly, it was an unsuspected poor defensive choice by our non-scoring, defensive-specialist forward that got Avs back in the game. Miki passes a pizza cross ice to a hungry Rocky Mountaineer. The resulting play results in a puck past Demmers after a lucky bounce. Unlucky for us. Lucky for Vancouver's Johansen. His 1st of 2 goals. Unlucky for us. 1-1 after 2.

3rd Period

Now the Nucks have got the Avs just where they want them. Or the other way around.

Whatever. It's anyone's game!

Until it's not, a minute and change into the period.

The Avs get another goal from another lucky bounce, off Cole's arm.

Booo johanson gets another... 2-1 assolanche


The Nucks push back, get a few good scoring chances. But, the Nucking PP killed the comeback vibe with their static, tepid no-confidence strategy.

Same ol same ol... pass pass pass weak shot into a group of defenders...


5-on-5, Pete's line creates some chaos around the Avs net. Goalie is down and out, Avs defenders scrambling and the puck squirts out to Huggie who passes to Ronnie, who takes his time for a big slapshot... and...

Hronek, wide open net... misses.


Worse... in the last few minutes, Cole gets a penalty on a 3.5 point dive. Taco scores it in 4 letter terms.

IT'S A DIVE! A F@^%(*& DIVE!

Doesn't matter. Nucks PK goes to work and wins the special team special.

However, with a minute left, the extra Vancouver man advantage led to an extra totally gratuitous tally for the Avs.

Nucks lose 3-1.


Miller line kept McK off the scoresheet (non counting the EN apple). When Millsie, Bess and Suits were on the ice, controlled 75% of shots - got 4 for and none against.

Pete's line against McK allowed more shots against, but didn't give up any egregious goals. Wondering when the 2 Eliases and Hogz will get on a heater. Or just play consistently at the elite level we know they can.

Huggie got a point, but Makar did not. So that's a win of the D titans. Altho, Huggie's game hasn't been as stellar in recent games. It's a long, long grindy season.

Local kid from Surrey, Bains, made his NHL debut and didn't look out of place on the 3rd line. Definitely has some great playmaking skills - if only Bluesie had more finish. Since Miki was on his line, he was on the ice when Colo scored their 2 goals. Took a tripping penalty in the 1st. But no harm as the Nucks PK was perfect - on all 3 kills. Demko helps the Nucks PK quite a lot. Who knew?

The Nucks PP returned to their non-aggressive, non-threatening play. Taco needs to shakeup the 1st unit. Maybe start by telling them to shoot da puck. Just a thought.


In the 'BIG' game arena, Nucks are 10-6-2 on the season. However, most of the 'BIG' wins were in the early season when the Nucks were on a big heater. Saturday is the next 'BIG' game and a chance for the Nucks get not just even, but get bigger in big games. Biggly.


Shortie and Dave are high. High in the pressbox in the mile high hockey rink.

GAME STATS - low event stats. Thankfully.


7 1st 7
10 2nd 11
8 3rd 9
25 TOTAL 27


Taco said it was good game.... compared to the last one... for sure.

A good loss? Much better loss than Manic Monday's loss. Nucks are now facing some adversity. And this stoopid NHL scheduling trip isn't over. Play in the Climate Crisis Arena on Thursday. Can the Nucks pull out a win on this loserous road trip? Or will they extend the streak to 4?

And worse... [cue creepy music] face the Boooers on HNIC on Saturday in the ROG.

The Canucks Will Stop The Losing Streak At:


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