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GAME RECAP #53: NUCKS WIN! Defeat Mid-Bottom Team 3-2 in OT!

February 11, 2024
- jimmi

May not always look like it, but our #1 NHL Team Can Defeat the 21th place one. Eventually.

Big Sunday Morning Win! We should be happy about that. And we are...

That it took almost every second of the extra period until a player not on the Nucks performed an egregious giveaway to give us 2 points, isn't so much an indictment as a relief.

I want to say the Nucks took control of the game early and skated away powered by sand bags and lukewarm pancakes. Except I can't always get what I want.

Like yesterday's morning game and the previous game that will never be mentioned again. Yes, just like that, just a minute in, the Nucks gave up the 1st goal of the game. To a former loud ' n proud Canuck, Nic Dowd.

Fortunately, while most of Nucking bench were waiting for their legs to find their way back from the hotel coffeemaker, Gnarland was buzzing early and often, and potted the biggest Nucks goal of the period. 1-1 after 1.

Our 3rd line is our AAA line so far. The other lines are C minus-ers


That was an important goal for the Gnarliest 3rd line in hockey - as it was their first one in 6 games.

In the 2nd, we expected the Nucks to stretch those properly caffeinated legs and go put the game out of reach and fluff up the Diff.

Instead, the no-clear clears, stuck in their own zone blues were stuck on repeat.

Turnover at blueline... again... Ovi scores off Aman's skate... Ugh...


That's just great. Get the home crowd into the game. Again.

No worries... as Hoagie goes full All Star without the ego and scores a highlight reel backhand that fooled everyone - most importantly, Darcy Tempered.

Juulsen takes a late penalty - but the Caps are tired as is the tyrefyred Nucks PK. No worries - no goals against. 2-2 after 2. And everyone is tired.

Someone, might have been me, noted the Nucks looked more tired.

Caps are playing for the next goal (3 shots early 3rd)... Nucks are playing to preserve the tie (0 shots).


Tied and tired. And hemmed in. Caps hemmed the Nucks in their own for over a minute at a time - more than once - last season's normal. Fortunately, we have this season's Demko and stopped everything. 1st (Penultimate) Star of the Game!

Demmers uses his anti-Ovi powers


The late Nucking PP, fortunately, doesn't result in a shortie, the tie is preserved and the loser points are tallied.

Now we play for more.


OT settled nothing. Until the final seconds. Pete gets his forecheck going, Caps pass the puck out of danger into firing position for Millsie for the GWG! Wooo!

2 Moar Points! That's a relief.

Capitol Highlights

Shortie and what's his vibe-killer's name are up early to cover the NHL peewee tilt.



10 1st 7
9 2nd 15
7 3rd 8
3 OT 3
29 TOTAL 33


Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 31 33 .939


"Guys like Hoggie shine - he's a motor - thought Garland and him were our best players" - Coach Taco

The Road Trip is almost over. Thankfully. Not a horrible 2-1-1 record so far. It just felt much worse because of that game that we will never mention again.

Doesn't matter.

Next game up on Tuesday is against the worst team in the league. No, really, those little Fawkers are playing for 1st place. In the draft.

Doesn't matter.

What matters is the Nucks not play down to the 32nd placed team. Instead, play like the 1st place team that we know they are or can be.

How Much Do You Want To See The Nucks Win By


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