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GAME RECAP #51: Nucks Win! Humiliating 4-0 Beat Down in Beantown.

February 8, 2024
- jimmi

This game was billed a possible SCF Matchup. Hoo Boy...

We're gonna need some stronger air... er... ale. And lots of it.

I had a bad feeling seeing this game on the sched - so soon after the All Star break.

There's no players left on the Nucks from that 2011 team - so why worry?

Except... the not-nervous-Nucks looked nervous to start. And it got worse from there. Within seconds. No really. 32 seconds in. Really.

Early Canucks PP leads to ...a Boston goal. Fuck


Worse... it's a shortie scored by Ratchand. Who, like the ravenous crowd, remember 2011 like it was yesterday.

One might have thought after giving up an early shortie last game against a very pushy and rude PK, the Nucks players and coaches would have committed to not committing basic mistakes on their 1st power play. Instead, it's casual Thursday TD Gardens behind the net style style as Demmers clears the puck to a rude and aggressive opposing player.

Ok, maybe the Commitments aren't the Nucks fav band - so on the 2nd PP, it's mifler time again. Huggie receives - umm... doesn't receive a miffled pass from Mr. Mifler. Pete and Huggie chase the breakaway PKer and Demmers allows another shortie.

No worries. Only 2 goals down after the worst 1st in weeks. The 2nd will be better, right?

For a few seconds. But, the Nucks are on their tippy heels and their agent's speed dial as one may have already changed teams.

Myers scores!



Before there was time to whine about Myers miffling, the Nucks gave up another goal, 15 seconds later. No, really. 4-0 Boourns after 2. And worse, after 3.

This game is exactly like all the games in Boston during the SCF


The best 3rd line in hockey - possibly the best Nucking line - tried to spark the team - but the top lines were umm... distracted by All Star hangovers?

Elias and the new Elias combined for zero shots on goal. Both finished with a gaudy -4. Not a good look.

Pettersson and Lindholm are both minus 4. And Demko's Vezina might be down the crapper. At least it's not happening against the Leafs.


Especially awkward, since the 2E's allowed 2 shorties while they were busy not taking any shots on goal. Miki at least had 4 shots. Even Huggie was having no puck luck and his slick hands appeared to be remotely controlled by Megnatronics.

Gamethread describes this humiliation in one word or less...



Oh well... only losing an important statement game is just the kind of statement to get us cowering back to our underdog status. Even if we're still the #1 dog in the league.

On the plus side, the Nucks shutout the Boouns for 39 minutes straight!

Worst game I've ever seen Petterson play. That should ding at least half a mil off the extension, Elias, ok?


Only the 3rd regulation loss since Dec. 3rd. So that's something....

Booourn Reel

Watch at your flashback peril.



4 1st 11
9 2nd 9
4 3rd 5
17 TOTAL 25



For any player. Altho... Myers could get an honorary one for helping Beantown beat us down.


"Yeah... We gave 'em 4 goals" - Coach Taco

NM Support Line will be receiving a lot of calls over the next 48 hours. We'll answer every call, once we sober up and purge the demons of 2011 from our bruised psyche.

Sometimes hockey is just an entertaining kids game played by millionaires. And some other times, it's a swift kick to the fanitalia. This game is gonna leave a mark.

Losing this vital game so badly, will:


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