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GAME RECAP #50: NUCKS WIN!!! Clip Canes 3-2 On The Road!

February 6, 2024
- jimmi

The 10 All Starred Day Break is Over!

10 short days or 2 long tedious CoTU days? Doesn't matter.

What matters is the Nucks come out of the break with a new Swede on the top 6. And some were wondering how he'd fit in with Pete and the PP.

Pretty good fit. Pretty good tipper, as well. Instant 2 PP goal tipping chemistry with Huggie.

Well... almost instant. While goals were scored on all the Nucks power plays, the 1st goal scored was a Canes shortie. Because... our All Stars weren't ready for rude road hockey.

Holy the hurricane's pk is aggressive AF


1-0 Canes 4 minutes into the 1st. Doesn't matter.

On the 2nd Nucks PP of the period, however, our new big tipper tipped a Huggie shot for the game period winning tieing goal. 1-1 after 1.

While the Nucks outplayed, outshot the Canes in the 1st, the 2nd was tilted slightly to uh-oh territory for the Nucks. We wondered, or maybe it was just me, if an even-strength goal would be scored in the game. It was a fast, tight checking period. Just like the last one. The serious part of the season has begun.

Since, it's Lindholm's home coming (Canes drafted him), he gave them another big tip: Be ready for a puck from Quinn. 2nd PP goal for the new Swede. 2-1 Nucks. Almost after 2.

Instead, for the eleventeenth time this season, Nucks were called for too many men. Either Taco and his underpaid assistants have to manage changes better - or ice a women or two, so the Too Many Men penalty can't be called. Canes score on their PP.

Booo. Brent burns is STILL a pain in our ass.


Not just him, Canes have a total Aho playing for them as well. 2-2 after 2.

With the game all tied up and the Canes pressing in the 3rd, it felt like this could become a game of mistakes. We know too well what that's like.

However, with this new Taco Toughened team, Nucks were forcing the Canes mistakes - or at least their goalie. Millsie scores into a near unoccupied cage. 3-2 Nucks 4 mins into the 3rd.

Canes pressed. At times a little too much. Refs repressed their whistles. Weirdly, as the play got more scrappy, refs got more invisible. Playoff ready refs already?

How many NON calls on Carolina have there been in the last 30 seconds? I'm counting 4, all against Miller... and WTAF is up with the East Coast BS Bias. Was Cherry on TV again and I missed it?


Still... the Nucks won by Taco's fav margin, a single goal. 3-2 Nucks! Woooooooo!

With Lindholm's 2 goals in his 1st game and Kuz getting 1 goal in his first as a Cowtown hero, obvious we won the trade.


  • Huggie leads all NHL defenders with 64 points. Big surprise.
  • Canucks have won points in 12 straight games - longest point streak in 12 Nucking years.

Sweet Caroline Reel

After the HNIC gushfest on the weekend, good to hear a real play-by-play voice covering a real game. Even better, a real Taco Tough Win!



12 1st 4
4 2nd 8
3 3rd 12
19 TOTAL 24


MYERS 1 +1
Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 22 24 .917


Taco likes the new PP goals: "I'm probably the happiest guy, 'cause net front goal is my favourite"

Also... Taco will be happy the tOil didn't break his old win streak from the 90s. Lost Wages downed McOil 3-1!

Game one won - only three more to win on this trip. The next one is probably the most emotional for us. Our #1 in the NHL play the #2 team. It's a MUST WIN, of grand Sedinial proportions.

How big is this game? Let's find out.

How vitally important is it for the Nucks to beat the 'oourns?


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