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GAME RECAP #49: NUCKS WIN! 5-4 in OT Over Carumbus in the ROG!

January 27, 2024
- jimmi

Revenge is best served cold. In OT. Without a kicking motion.

Petey scores GWG in the paint - with his skate - on a pass from 30 goal scorer, Brock.

The last time the Nucks played Carumbus, the Nucks lost in the skillz portion of the league-mandated decider. Spoiled the near perfect road trip. There were rumours around the Nucks locker room or NM, don't remember which, that when the BJs came to the ROG, payback cheques would be issued.

Cheque certified. Signed BB.

However, it wasn't looking too good to start. Elvis was in the building and stopping all 11 Nucks shots.

All the goals. Either the flood gates will open or else we all suffer watching


1st ends in 0-0 tie.

In the 2nd, the Nucks All Stars go work. Giving up fresh turnovers. Pete fumbles on the PP and the BJs get the 1st goal of the game - shorthanded. 1-0 Carumbus.

Shorties are us...ugh


Next up... Nucks D are doing the back-into their zone. Can't win the puck behind the net. And Demmers can't win the save. 2-0 BJs.

No SO for Elvis tho. Suter springs Miller who sends a hard shot pass to Brock who deflects it past the no-SO-for-you goalie.

Nucks are within 1 and coming back in the game.

Just not yet.

It's Mifler time in the ROG. JT has a good chance to clear the puck. He doesn't. Carumbus scores. NM erupts with lots of encouraging words.

Sloppy play. Again. Cuz you know, second period snooze.


3-1 BJs and the period isn't over without a Nucks PK that doesn't kill a bad Zav penalty.

Enjoy the all star break boys... you obviously think you deserve it.


The turnover party is complete and the Caribbean Hockey League judge delivers the period summary.

Worst period of the year


Nucks trail 4-1 after 2. That sounds bad. If the BJ's had the Nucks leading after 2 narrative. They don't. Have blown more leads than you can imagine... some say as many as 38 this season.

BJ's have blown.....38 leads this season


However, despite the gamethread considering other activities, like drinking more, the Nucks start the period on the PP.

Petey redeems his turnover coupon from the 2nd by twisting Elvis into road hockey desperation. 4-2 Nucks.

The comeback is on! (Just like we knew it would - possibly).

Nucks get another PP a couple minutes later. Huggie dekes out his check, puts a shot on net, Suter deflects it, Brock deflects it. It's a Double-D goal! 4-3 Nucks.

Barely 3 minutes later, Nucks are back on the powerplay. And Brock is cleaning up Merz-leaken's garbage. Hat Trick Bessie! 30 goal Boeser!

Nucks are going to win the game - for sure - pretty much.

Not before the CoTU can tilt the ice towards O'High'O tho. Myers checks a Jacket into the boards, spins around and has incidental elbow contact with the player's head. Millisecond later Cole plows another Jacket into the boards. Cole gets called for a 5 min major. Cole is put in the box while the officials see to their justice league creedo.

After much deliberation - in the always fair CoTU - Cole is ejected from the box. Myers is given 5 minutes and a game misconduct. They can't do that! Not in the rules.

On a major penalty review...the ref is only allowed to confirm his call or reduce his call to 2mins or rescind the penalty completed.

The penalty was called on Cole...not Myers

CoTU weasles cheated the rule book to screw us


They rescinded the Cole penalty. But added one to Myers. A 5 min major call that wasn't called on the ice. Thanks, CoTU, for making up new rules especially us. If the refs miss it, CoTU can call it. Good to know.

Doesn't matter.

What matters is the Nucks reject the BJs PP, early, continuously and often.

fabulous 5 min kill --- great great effort


We're going to OT!

Even better, Petey redeems his weak OT period last game with the GWG!

Best two periods!


Nucks defeat the BJs 5-4 in OT! Woooooooo!

All Star Status redeemed for our All Stars!


It's HNIC, but it's Shortie Night in Canada for us!



4 1st 11
14 2nd 8
9 3rd 12
2 OT 2
29 TOTAL 33


BOESER 3 1 0
SUTER 2 -1
Saves Shots SV%
DEMKO 25 29 .862


"Adversity hit us. Guys did a great job. Power play was awesome. PK. Special teams were awesome tonight." - Coach Taco

There's a lotta hockey left.

Enjoy the All Star break - and don't forget, if you can stomach the rah-rah-pom-pom-razamataz NHL pageant, to watch our freshly redeemed All Stars during the All Stars Weekend. If not, tune in for the nastiest road trip of February, starting on Feb 6th in Carolina.

That trip will prove the road-tough Nucks are Taco Tough too.

Star Powers!

Will you be star gazing the entire All Star weekend?


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