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GAME RECAP #48: Nucks Win - Loser Point! Get Bruised and Blued 4-3 in OT

January 24, 2024
- jimmi

The Nucks must have played last night and the Blues were the more rested team.

Except... the Nucks were so well rested after their 6 minute effort against the Fawks, they weren't ready to play a full 1st period.

Nucks started well... were pushing the pace past 10 minutes. That should be enough for any win.

Turns out. Not so much. Possibly the new shiny shitty helmets are so much heavier as the Nucks looked the more tired team in the last half of the period.

And before we, the ROG and the league leading narrative after 1, could believe it, Nucks are down 2.

Fuuuu... play lazy lose lazy.


2-0 Bluzers after 1. In the freakin' ROG! Where the Nucks were serving fresh turnovers like it was 2022!

bad period...bad...terrible

I take it them all


In the 2nd, the Nucks winningest period in the ROG, the Nucks didn't have a winning period. Got their 1st PP of the game and well... looking for the perfect shot in all the wrong places.

And still sedining for the perfect shot more than necessary.


And the Bruisers were blocking shots like they didn't know Ronnie plays for us.

Later, Kuz helped get the Nucks going by taking a 4 minute bloody high stick penalty. After the Nucks PK killed it off, Nucks got their juice, their mojo, their high pressure forecheck going to the fore. Which they were rewarded with being down 2 after 2.

However, in the 3rd, Nucks possibly realized that without scoring, they may not win the game. Or something.

[cue the inevitable comeback music]

One minute in and Taco's line shuffle wins the lotto! Or at least a goal! Suter beats the so far, unbeatable backup goalie. Nucks trail 2-1. The game is afoot, madam!

However, just 43 seconds later... it's slacker time in the Nucks end. Pete loses his check. Or his check loses Pete. Zav goes for a skate up the slot and Kuz stands by to watch. Another freakin' puck goes past our backup. Ouch! Nucks down 3-1.

Doesn't matter. Ok, it matters a little. At least for Zav because he doesn't get another shift in the 3rd.

Nucks get another PP. And this time - without too much Sedinery, Nucks break the Blue blocking structure and Suter scores again!

In the final minute, with DeSmith at the bench with Zav, Nucks score again 6-on-5. It's Suter again! His 2nd career hattie! Not that the crowd noticed the hattie part... too busy screaming about the tie. Off to OT.

A short miserable OT. Nucks lose the FO - Miller and Bess look tired. Blues look energized. But that's not the worst part. The worst part... Pete giving up the puck... weak on the back check... weak on his skates and St Lois wins in OT. Not saying the loss was on Pete. Other Nucks helped with that earlier in the hot turnover section of the game.

The 12 Million Dollar Man?

Not the best game for Petey, who is 12th in league scoring, but might have been bummed moved off the lotto line and onto the Kuz career rehab line. And gravity wells. ROG was filled with Petey gravity wells.

I watched about half the game. Of that half, Petey was 100% not good. Lousiest game I've seen him play in quite a while, complete with petulant slow to get upness leading to screening DeSmith on the OT goal. Not a good look.



Shortie and Ray Ferrari are back on duty. Ray catching a puck in the face foot in his glass-free broadcast booth.



7 1st 7
5 2nd 10
5 3rd 14
18 TOTAL 32


SUTER 3 +2
Saves Shots SV%
DESMITH 14 18 .778


Taco talking about getting Petey going and fresh turnovers in the ROG.

The penultimate ROG game before the All Stars Fluffy break is not a good one. Coulda been worse.

A few days off to bag skate the team and get them ready for the revenge game with Carumbus. That's a MUST WIN game.

There was a lot of chatter around NucksNation about Pete's game. Not the shiny all star kind. How could Pete become a better super star? Let's find out.

How can Pete improve his game?


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