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GAME RECAP #45: NUCKS WIN! Edge Yotes 2-1 In The ROG!

January 18, 2024
- jimmi

Tough, grinding mucky game - just how Taco likes them. Us... we like winning by 8. Slaves to the DIFF.

It's the 1st game back home after that remarkable, incredibly successful - incredibly long and exhausting eastern pilgrimage to the hockey mecca of NY. NY? Seriously?


Fortunately for us and the ROG, Nucks came out fast and intense. Dominated the the dot thingie where they faced off. Probably because Nick and John weren't in the ROG.

Nucks outplay, outshoot the Yotes and score the 1st goal of the game - Bess with a great tip. But as ever, goal is called back because JT is grilling the goalie. Bess would have another 50 goals this season, if not for the goal callback thing.

Doesn't matter. Nucks can play the mucky grindy grindy smackie smackie style too.

Lafferty hitting everyone


O'Brien is mucking around and decides to pick a fight with Zav. Loses the long reach competition and gets an extra icepack for being an old goon.

Late in the period, Nucks get another PP. And score! JT wins face off to Huggie to Pete to net. Nucks lead 1-0 and extend their league record for scoring first in a game.

Just as the period was expiring and the commanding 1 goal lead was solid... Yotes invoke the ROG tirefire clause. And the Nucks have to fire drill around Demmers. 1-1 after 1. The Suter/Miki/Kuz line is not the line to have on the ice to close out a one goal lead to finish a period.

These aren't your Papa's Yotes

This will be a tight one decided by defensive play


No worries. Canucks own 2nd periods in the ROG. Almost a rule. At least a strong guideline. However, the Nucks also have Myers. Who has been away from his home summer cottage for weeks. Takes 2 consecutive penalties a minute apart to start the 2nd.

No worries. Nucks PK was perfect. Except now the ice is tilting towards Tempe Yelpers. And the Nucks D-zone coverage is tilting towards keystone - cops edition. Nucks didn't get even one shot on net in the first 10 minutes. Yotes had 7.

Lots of missed, bounced, plain old mystery brainwave passes.


So many poor clearing attempts, compounded with slot-front giveaways. Kuz's pass to an open Yote was egregious... but not unusual.

Demmers was playing like 2nd star Demmers. Kept the Nucks in the game, until the 1st star got the GWG. Josh in tight gets his own rebound and lofts it high into the net. The relief in the ROG was lifted into the rafters. 2-1 Nucks after 2.

Wouldn't you know it, the NM DJ cued up the boom boom when leading after 2 music. And the Nucks played a textbook Taco Tough mucky locked-down (or is it up?) 3rd period. Kept the Yelping Yotes away from the highest of danger chances. And Taco kept Kuz on the bench all period to keep the dogs from nipping at Kuz's backcheck passing.

Empty net yields no goals for the Mullet desert dogs. And no EN goals for either Huggie or Pete.

Doesn't matter. Nucks win 2-1 in the ROG!

Important win against the pesky dogs.

I shuddered even at the thought of losing against this bunch. Especially after losing in Columbus.

When a team like this comes to town, I just pray that the guys are motivated enough to play their best.


The Canucks are the 1st NHL team to reach 30 wins. And have regained 1st place in the league again. That still feels weird to type.


Shortie and Dave are finally back from their grand tour of the east.



4 1st 14
10 2nd 6
7 3rd 6
21 TOTAL 26


BOESER 0 0 0
KUZMENKO Giveaway to Give -1
MIKHEYEV Goal Drought! -1
SUTER Not A Play Making Center -1
DEMKO 19/20 1/1 .952

The Canucks 2nd line - centered by Suter and winged by Miki and Kuz are pointless. In the past 5 games. Kuz hasn't scored since before the holidays. Miki and Suter are bit less snakebit... but there's gonna be some changes made. Before Saturday.


Hard fought game... didn't give them a lot... they played hard, we played hard. - Coach Taco

Now the easy home game is over and won, we can look forward to THE MOST IMPORTANT GAME IN THE UNIVERSE on Saturday. CoTU and their minions will be out in force in the ROG and on HNIC. It's Hockey Day/Night in Canada. Some coverage will be live from the Inner Harbour - in Victoria. HNIC trying to appease wet coast hockey fans?

Who cares, we know who they'll be rooting for. Doesn't matter. What matters is how they Nucks beat the CoTU. What would be the best way? Let's find out.

What's The Best Way to Beat the CoTU?


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