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GAME RECAP #44: NUCKS Win! Loser Point On Bad Ice in Carumbus - Edged 4-3 in SO

January 15, 2024
- jimmi

10AM PST starts are great fun! In Europe.

As expected, after getting snowficated in SnowFoLo and busing it to CoTU to catch a plane, the Nucks energy level was still looking for concierge service in the VIP lounge. Know how that feels.

This game was fully designed by the NHL Schedule and Sadism Department to humiliate that western upstart team after a terrible 5 game losing streak in the east. However, the Nucks were on a 5 game win streak and this SO loss was only mildly annoying. Boohoo for NHL Schedulers.

Nucks get out to the early lead, early in the 1st... because that's Tough Taco rules. Millsie's flutter puck flutters by Merlickins, who had his 1st start in 17 games.

And that's it. Nucks win another 1 goal game. Let's go have lunch!

Unfortunately, the BJs tie it up a minute later. However, Gnarly gets the go ahead goal and the Nucks lead 2-1 after 1. That's pretty good.

Would seem to be good enough. But, in the 2nd the Nucks get into penalty trouble - as if the winter storm wasn't penalty enough - and the Jackets get a PP goal. Which makes it a 2-2 tie. Which is not part of the new narrative NM has spent countless seconds and a couple sips of Capt'n Westy rum developing.

Fortunately, the Nucks PP and Pete get the league's leading team leading after 2, back in the lead. Narrative restored.

But then, as cruel timing would have it, Nucks have to play another period of hockey. That's a period too far. While the Nucks are tired and cranky - playing to preserve the tie, we're cranky that Shortie isn't calling the loss game. And half way through the period, the tirefire smoke from the tired Nucks obscures DeSmith's vision and the BJs tie it up.

Somehow, with the worst ice in an NHL rink and the Nucks fading fast, the period ends with the tie. BJs aren't a good team. But were the better team in OT. Both teams had a PP in OT and both teams were not good with the 4-on-3. Carumbus were pathetic on theirs.

Off to the shooting out skillz portion of the program. Can we just go home now? Nope. The goalies put on a saving clinic, but DeSmith left the clinic early, thankfully.

Nucks lose 4-3 in SO. No big deal.

Know what is? Canucks steal 11 of 14 points on the longest road trip through the darkest eastern provinces.

The best eastern road trip in Nucking history!

Crumby Morning Reel

Shortie and Dave are still waiting to be picked up at their hotel - somewhere near CoTU.



"Helluva trip. Proud of the guys. Got to give them a lot of credit. Digging hard to even get this point." - Coach Taco

It's over! Finally. Some were wondering if this road trip would ever end. Or was it the win streak? Whatever.

Thanks for toughing it out with us at NM during this grueling WINNNNNING! tour of WINNNNING!

Best Road Trip Ever?


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