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GAME RECAP #43: NUCKS WIN! Shut Out Slobbers 1-0!

January 13, 2024
- jimmi

Nucks win goonfest in Boofoolow - as well as the game.

Just another Saturday road lunch game in the stinky rinks of the east.

The eastern block of NM appears to be just fine with that. As well as the Nucks.

6 minutes in and the Canucks are skating well, just not getting the clear shots.


The Boofs came back in the 1st with skating of their own. However, Gnarly was fire.

Garland with the DAWGiest shift I've seen yet. Awesome drive.


Still... the period ends with the 0-0 draw.

Not a problem as the Nucks start the period with the 1st winning goal from Bess. Yay! Or not.



right call though


Challenged on the offside by the home team and won. Dammit!

Doesn't matter.

Because... it's Laff's time for the GWG from a Zav rebound. 1-0 Nucks.

Two minutes into the 2nd and the game is over. No, really. Everyone can go home. Also Scabres can stop running Huggie.

No shortage of cheapshots, but no iron deficiencies.

Miki with an excellent chance, rings iron.


As the game went on, the muckiness did too. Taco likes it mucky. Must have loved it when Millsie took Darlene out of the game. Fought 2 Boofer players. One-At-A-Time. Game Thread none too pleased about the GreenSlug head hunting Huggie.

Greenway is going to try to injure Huggie

Someone needs to punch Greenway's lights out...and badly


Meanwhile... Nucks need to lawyer up on the late PK.

Demko is being arrested for robbery


Demko shuts out the Slabbers in the 2nd - just like he did in the 1st. As he will in the 3rd.

For inexplicable reasons, possibly the NHL's stodgy traditions, the game continues into the 3rd period. As well as the Nucks PK. Which, if the final score didn't drop a big nothing hint, the Nucks PK was perfect. In every period.

The Nucks are now in fully locked down Taco muck mode. As is Demko.

A little scary in the last minute when the Boofers added an additional Boof to shoot at Demmers. Didn't matter. As he tried to explain to them early in the 2nd, they're not scoring on him. Period. After period. After period.

Nucks win another one goal game - on the road! This time in regulation!

Demmers is the 1st star of the game. His 4th shutout this season. 7th in his career. Which means he has more shutting out this season than all his previous seasons combined!

Canucks extended their astonishing win stats when leading after 2 periods. Some absurd number like 26 and oh my.

Also... 5 consecutive wins for the Nucks on the eastern road! 1st team in the league to 15 road wins this season. Also... 1st team in the league. Again.

Getting Buffaloed Pre-HNIC

Shortie and Davie taking the pre-HNIC skate around the broadcast booth.



Short list in this one. Lafferty: 1G and Zadorov: 1A


Taco likes the road grind muck.

"It was kinda of a mucky type of game.... which is kinda good... I love these types of games" - Coach Taco

One more possible road game left this trip - winter travel weather permitting. A ridiculous 10AM start on a Monday in Carumbus. Hockey is supposed to be fun - not a job - or played when we're at our jobs. NHL schedulers love their job tho.

Here's some fun Canucks news: In addition to Hughes and Taco, Petey, JT, Bess and Demmers are going to the All Star game. Hope Demko isn't expecting to post another SO.

Great road trip. So far. We still need to know if the Nucks can grit it out in tight mucking games 30+ more times.

Have the Canucks learned how to play 'n win 1 goal games?

Enjoy your snow day wherever you are! The Canucks are enjoying theirs, as best they can in Snowfolo.


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