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GAME RECAP #42: NUCKS WIN!!! Spit The Pitts 4-3 in OT!

January 11, 2024
- jimmi

Taco and Demmers get their Pens Payback (Demko has never beaten Pityberg - until now)

What a great road win! Sure, the previous 3 were pretty good as well, but this one, this win was special. Not just because it was a hockey family reunion for players and management, but because beating Pens in Pittiesberg is the best thing ever according to Zanberg. And most of Smithers.

Nucks won the 1st period. Or at least their top line did. All the Nucks goals were scored by the Nucks top line, the MillEPBess line (working title in progress). With a couple helpers from Ronnie.

Nucks 1st goal in the 1st was setup thanks to LeTangie who stayed behind the Nucks net while Ronnie sent the puck up to Bess - who passed to Pete. Pete deked the forward at the Pens blueline, and passed to Bess for the tap in. 1-0 Nucks.

Then the kid gets all trippy.

Sid to the kid-dy litter box


Nucks get a PP goal on their 1st try! Setup by Pete to Millsie, who shot passes to Bess for the tip, while Kuz was screening the Pens single period goalie. 2-0 Nucks.

Then Petterson scores.

The wrong Petey. 2-1 Nucks.

Doesn't matter. The right Petey tips a needle-threading Ronnie shot from the point. 3-1 Nucks and Ned the Goalie's night is done.

In the 2nd, the Pens put in their good goalie and...

Jarry is in net now

and making saves

and more saves

Allll the saves


The Nucks are shutout in the 2nd period. In the 2nd period! Nucks own the 2nd, check the stats, Sid. The old kid gets a goal and it's 3-2 Nucks after 2.

We're not worried. The Nucks win all the games when leading after 2. A one goal lead is still a lead.

However, the Pens push for the comeback, completely off narrative. And of course, Mr. Kid Sid ties it up 6-on-5 in the last couple minutes. Ugh.

Double Petey....lost the faceoff and he didn't go far enough out to block a shot


Doesn't matter.

Pete won't be beat again in Pitts tonight. You know who he can beat on a breakaway? Sid and Jarry. Ronnie breaks up a 3-on-1, with he being the 1. Passes up ice to Pete, who dekes Jarry while the old kid can't keep up. Nucks win 4-3 in OT. Wooooooo!

4th straight road win on this surprisingly wonderful road trip through the grimy eastern dinner tour.


MPB line is fire in the eastern provinces. Stunning stats line in last 4 games from our stunning line.


For just the 3rd time in NHL history - which is a lot of history - some good, some not so good - for only the 3rd time in the league's history, a single player - EP - has scored the GWG in 4 consecutive games. There's 11.5 million reasons this is an important stat.


Shortie 'n Dave are making notes and confusing Petterssons... or we are.



10 1st 9
10 2nd 12
14 3rd 5
1 OT 3
35 TOTAL 29

PLAYER SCORING - 4 Point Pete!

KUZMENKO Screened goalie on PP Goal 0
DEMKO 26/29 6/6 .914


"Won 4 in a row, we've beaten some pretty good hockey teams... so, hard for me to complain about too much" - Coach Taco

"We're going to be in a lot of tight games down the stretch. Being able to handle those is going to be huge." - Demko

Next up on the busy dinner hockey schedule is a diversion to BooFooLow to play the bipolar Sabres who were booked to be hot this season - except they're not, but now they are what? Sub 500. And with a little help from a hot road team can get more subbed.

Go Coconuts!


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