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GAME RECAP #40: NUCKS WIN! Rip Rags 6-3 In 2nd Most Important Rink in Hockey!

January 8, 2024
- jimmi

MOST IMPORTANT ROAD WIN OF THE SEASON! Since the last one on Saturday.

We would have been just fine if the Nucks let this game slide into another 500 road hockey stint. Just fine.

But no, they decided to go Taco Tough Tactics in the fancy big apple. Wow! What a game. Played almost a full Taco 60.

Only time they trailed was early in the 1st when Aman took a homer generous tripping call in the O-zone and the Rags PP got the goal while making the Nucks PK Fire Brigade look a tad ashen.

Cannot take penalties against NY, they move the puck too well


Westy knows this stuff as he teaches kids in the Tropics about Nucks hockey. Might be an optional course.

Doesn't matter.

Less than a minute later the Lotto Line the JTEPBB line jumped on some Raggedy play and JT scored on his old team. His 1st goal as a Canuck in MSG. According to the hockey trivia experts at sportynet.

How about that JTEPBB line, eh? Pete does not like the Lotto Line label, so in consideration, I hereby nickname the big goals line, the JTEPBB line. Rolls off the tongue quite easily. After several hours of practice and tonsil massage.

Less than 2 minutes later, the Swedish Meatballs line gets the Nucks the unrelinquishable lead. Great work from Laff to Aman to Hoagie who beats Shorgoalman up top.

What a great entry, passing and shot...Hogs!


That line nickname may not stick as Laff is from Pennsylvania - altho that's just across the pond from Sweden, so might get away with it.

And just as the period is winding down, the fabled JTEPBB line makes a new fabled rush up ice - Huggie to Pete. Pete to Bess who goes backhand to score his 25th of the season.

Nucks 3-1 after 1. And looking to keep the lead. But we didn't know that yet.

In the 2nd the Nucks keep the pressure on the top team in the metro and the top team in the metor keep the pressure on the Nucks. And as ever, the Breadman pots a goal on Demmers - like a sniper.

sniper shot


Doesn't matter.

The one goal lead is back to two courtesy of the prettiest goal of the game. As pretty a Petey goal as you'll ever see. Setup by Ronnie and Blueger. I'd describe it, but that's 10,000 words - easier to watch the highlights for his skill, effort, slick hands and never-give-up determination.

what a freakin' goal for Petey!

goal of the year candidate for sure.... what a second effort!


4-2 Nucks. And they aren't finished with the pretty finish. Or Swedish.

WOOO HOGGY! Backhand between the legs!


5-2 Nucks after 2. And you know what that means.... cue the inevitable win music when leading after 2.

And so it was. Sure, one of those snappy Raggie players gets a goal. But that's it for MSG fans.

Pete scores the EN and the Nucks beat another top team from the east on the road!

Nucks WIN 6-3! And winning pretty too, not just Taco Tough.

I'd describe this game as beautiful, from the Canucks perspective. Some goals that we don't see every week. All made in Sweden.


Special Notes:

Unsurprisingly, the Nucks PP didn't score. Also... unsurprisingly, Nucks didn't get even a single PP oppourtunity. Because... the Rags are all Lady Bingers, despite the elbow to Aman's head that went uncalled. NY Rag tag refs rules.

The Nucks PK got burned on the early goal - close to 3rd degree burns. But slashed through Ronnie's slashing call in the 3rd. So... that's a respectable fif... never mind.

Here's an intriguing statistic if it unfolds...

I don't think the Canucks have ever had a season where they beat NJ, NYI and NYR on the road.


Another even more amazing stat... the Nucks D-time was more evenly spread top to bottom than we've seen in recent or probably distant memory.

Pretty sweet looking at the ice time for the defense. Rangers had almost 10 minutes separating the top and bottom minutes, we had 3 minutes separating the top and bottom minutes.


50 Points in 40 Games!

MILLER: 53 Points

PETERSSON: 50 Points

HUGHES: 50 Points

When was the last time a Canucks team had three players with 50 points or more in 40 games? Take your time. Go look it up. And look some more.

Never been done before in the entire history of the Canucks!

Also... fun fact: No other team in the league has three 50 points plus players through 40 games.


Shortie in the big apple without Cheech feels wrong - but sportynet probably saved on the meal vouchers.


SHOTS - Nucks outshot, but not outscored.

13 1st 7
15 2nd 14
14 3rd 5
42 TOTAL 26


BOESER 1 2 +3
SUTER 1 +1
AMAN 1 +1
MYERS 1 +1
COLE 1 -1
DEMKO 34/36 5/6 .929


"Rangers pressed and we did a couple nice plays under pressure. That's what I like. Not backing off."

Nucks beat the Rags, the Devils in their own home rinks. That's a pretty big accomplishment.

No time to get giddy or savour this awesome payback game against Bettman's fav local team. Nucks gotta hop on the bus and go beat the Isles tomorrow for dinner. At least there's no jet lag. And we hope no win lag either.

Wonderful if the Nucks can knock off the Isles in their home and make Westy's wonderment about beating these eastern teams on the road. Why not? This Nucking season is making all kinds records. Why not one more.


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