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GAME RECAP #4: Canucks lose another road game. Lightning 4 Canucks 3

October 20, 2023
- Westy

This early game was not seen by many in NM land...and they should be happy they missed it. The Canucks played a 40 minute game at best and struggled to keep up with the Lightning at certain points. The Nucks did have the lead for a certain point in the 2nd period, but never had the lead going into a period. Tyler Myers scored a goal and was the main reason that the lightning scored their first and fourth goal. Petey got 2 points and yet looked slow at times. The 2nd and 3rd defense pairing both struggled with speed and pushing guys off the puck. The third and fourth line of forwards really didn't do much to create offence.

So needless to say, Taco has lots to work on with this team. The Canucks need to find a way to get a win in Florida. When Taco thinks about softness, which he constantly does, these extended losing streaks on the road, is one of the areas he is pointing out. Two good wins against a good western team is wiped away quickly in the east. i can't believe how frustrated I am after only 4 games.

I bought into the 2 game hype

I can't blame Kent any longer for the losses. I could try, but it seems useless. This team needs more time or different players to truly play a Taco shutdown system. Or maybe some more hot sauce.

The one piece of good news...the Canucks, as of right now, are a playoff team.


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