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GAME RECAP #39: NUCKS WIN! Beat Jersey 6-4 in Jersey For The 1st Time Since... Forever!

January 7, 2024
- jimmi

If you don't at 1st succeed. Try, try, try, try, try, try, try, try again. Try 16 times again!

This dinner road win win in Jersey has been a long time coming. So long, that Lu was our goalie who last won in the shootout - in two thousand and thirteen! So much has happened in that time span. Or according to NM's well upholstered armchair GMs, not enough happened.

Not saying this win is up there with the dragon slayer win of old. But, it is the best Devil-slayer myth of the year. So far.

The Canucks Angel Binding Devils: Public domain from YaleTown Center for Hockey Art

It was meant to be! We know that now. And pretty much new that then.

The Lotto Line is back together again!

And they're taking shots and scoring goals! Well... taking shots. Nucks outshoot Devils 17-5 in the 1st!

Bess scored the 1st goal of the game. But refs and CoTU called it off for goalie interference. That rule doesn't apply to backups - just ask DeSmith.

Doesn't matter it's still 0-0 after 1. Because the Lotto Line is back online.

Early in the 2nd, Pete tips a shot from Ronnie and it's 1-0 Nucks. In Jersey. Then Huggie puts a shot on net, Bess tips it and Millsie finishes it. 2-0 Nucks. In Jersey.

The Nucks 3rd goal was arranged by the Hockey Gawds - as they had 2 little (big) Devils collide behind the Nucks net. Play goes the other way - Cole to Pete. Pete to JT. Goal! 3-0 Nucks! In Jersey!

Lotto line!


As it's a HNIC game, the inevitable happens and Jersey's Miller scores. What a copycat team. We get a Hughes, they get two - but only one on the ice tonight. We have a Miller, they get a Miller. Sheesh.

The insurmountable 3 goal lead is shrunkenfied into a 2 goal lead. Which gets further evaporshotorated into a 1 goal lead. 3-2 Nucks. Uncomfortable.

However, not just the Lotto Line can score on this soon-to-be revered night. Gnarly goes around the world, around the net and scores on the wraparound. Nucks lead 4-2 after 2. In Jersey.

It's the most important 3rd period in over a decade. Will the Nucks keep their 2 goal lead, one of the most dangerous leads in hockey?

Nope. They extend it. The Lotto Line is back on task. And the task is to score. Huggie rushes up ice, passes to Bess, who feeds Pete. Pete scores a sweet sneaky Pete GWG. 5-2 Nucks! In Jersey!

QH-Boes-EP1 sweet sweet passes and deke for the 5 hole supreme


Shortly after, Shortie, and his duly-appointed HNIC side kick, start reeling off the number of 3rd period comebacks for the Devils. Apparently they've comeback over 300 times in just 38 games.

And the comeback little Devils do just that. Score 2 goals in a row - on blown coverage. Twice in a row the Nucks fail to cover the open man. And now the delish 3 goal lead is down to 1. The most dangerous lead in hockey.

Doesn't matter. Because Josh takes a penalty with just 4 mins to go. We're not worried.

We're freaking worried!

Fortunately, the Devils old wily coach doesn't pull the goalie for the 5-on-3... probably because the Nucks PK is doing pretty well and pushing the puck around in the Devils little hell zone.

Where a small miracle of reffing justice is served. How many times have we lost games this year because of missed calls in OT? Ok, not that many, but that's not the point.

The point is Millsie commits a Mifler on a Hughes - no call.

wow.... refs eat the whistle on Miller's boneheaded missed pokecheck

we'll take it


So... the Nucks penalty expires without... you know... another penalty.

But now, coach Rough pulls Daws and the little Devils net is empty. Cue the redemption theme.

Miller and Josh get the puck out the little Devils demonic plan. Josh holds off many Devils, spins and scores the EN. Wooo!

Nucks win 6-4! In Jersey!

Now this win is worth celebrating, my gosh! They absolutely dominated, except the last 10 minutes, and could have ended with a nightmare. But this is why I love hockey, I guess. Anything can happen.
Any fricking thing...



Pete had 2 goals and an apple. Miller had 2 goals and an assist. Bess had 2 ample-assists. And Huggie got 3 assists. He has more 3 point games than any Nucking D in history! Who's the best Hughes now?


Shortie and the HNIC appointee - it's Dave - cover the game, the win on HNIC!


SHOTS - so good to see the Nucks winning the shot count on the road. In Jersey!

5 1st 17
15 2nd 11
9 3rd 10
25 TOTAL 42


MILLER 2 1 +5
JOSHUA 1 1 +1
SOUCY 1 +1
COLE 1 -1
DEMKO 19/23 2/2 .840


Taco is happy for the win and pretty much how the Nucks won the game: "We gave up a couple goals and they got back in it but we killed a huge penalty. Withstood the storm to get the two points."

The BIGGEST, BADDEST, BODAGEOUS WIN of the season! Pretty much. Getting these monkey-off-your-back wins are vital. Even if it takes over a decade.

As wonderful as it would be to end the .500 road trip through eastern hell-rinks and return home anointed champions of defeating devilish teams in their home lair, we don't get that. And neither do the Canucks. This was only game 2 of a thousand game journey through the NHL's heartless heartland.

Monday is the 1st of a back-to-back against the Rags. And Tuesday it's a bus trip to visit Bo and his hefty contract. No rest for the Nucks. Or us.

But still.... WOOOOOOO!!!


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