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GAME RECAP #36: Nucks Win - Horrible Home Loss To Torturous Flyers 4-1

December 28, 2023
- jimmi

They say hockey is a game of mistakes. Nucks got that game down.

OMG! Welcome back to the Nucks of the Greener era. Flashback Night in the ROG. Stop reading now!

Game started well. Nucks didn't give up a goal off the hop. However...

Typical Canucks start...being outshot.


Just outshot... or...

Outshot 2-1, have 6 giveaways and just 11% on the faceoffs.

Wakey wakey sleepy homeboys.


The 1st ends in a tie. That was the good part.

In the 2nd... oh... remember those glorious 2nd that Nucks owned for most of the season? Wasn't it just last week?

However, allegedly Myers hadn't taken a bad penalty in a dozen games... however...

Myers migrates back to his homeland...the penalty box


A random shot from the point from the worst PP in the league... and...

Igor with zee moolah. Flybys score. Blech.


1-0 Flyers. But the worst is yet to make us freakin' crazy! More sloppy Nucking play and it's down the ice on the odd man rush and behind DeSmith.

2-0 Flyers. But that's not as bad as it gets... it gets worse.

Zadorov skates right into double coverage, with no one behind him. Ugh.


The Nucking brainfart express is on the ice and the Nucking Collapsolypse is nearly complete.

3-0 Flyers after 2.

Remember the last time the Nucks came back from a 3 goal deficit after 2? Me neither.

Still... the Nucks get a goal early in the 3rd. Blueger gets the goal. And then, even better, the Nucks get a critical power play... and give up a shortie, because the Nucks PP is going Green.

Are you fucking kidding me? Half assed canucks play strikes again.


And that was that. Canucks fall again to the harder working, harder checking, never stop skating Flyers. Ugh.

Sad thing is that we are so bad today that we don't even need to pull our goalie in the end.

Last time we played them, it was our worst game of the year. This is our second worse.


It's just 1 game. But... it was the worst home game since that Jersey one that, fortunately, we have all forgotten.

This game might linger a bit longer. Maybe, it was just the terrible consequences of too much home cooking, too much rest and too much winning too soon. Sure... that's it! No worries.


As ever, the Nucking PK needs more focus and puck luck.

But the Nucking PP, jeez... since Kuz went on the schnoz and Ronnie filled in, it's been inconsistent. With Kuz back on PP1, the results have been... inconsistent. Could have used more net-front presence tonight. And puck luck.

Compete level. Must be at a much higher level. For the next 46 games. In every period.

Work harder! Faster! Smarter!


Shortie and Dave are back in the ROG for the Nucks Greener Retro game.

GAME STATS (so many ugly ones)


13 1st 7
7 2nd 10
5 3rd 10
25 TOTAL 27


Bess was rated as a -2... was slow and seemed disinterested in offense or defensive. Line mates JT and Hoagie were -1. As were Pete and Kuz. And likewise Huggie and Ronnie who were skipping the solid D-performance and flubbing the O-zone too. No other Canuck player, but Josh was a +1, so that's something to build on.


Taco wasn't surprised the Flyers came out hard. Only his roster didn't see it coming.

Learning. So many learning lessons. It's back to Tough Taco School for the former #1 team in the league.

Still... couldn't they have learned a little playing NHL 2022 at home over the holiday break. However, the good news is, this meltdown in the 2nd was so familiar as to be far too familiar for the bitter denizens of NM.

We expected better from the new Taco Tough Nucks. And they let us down. Again. That's the Canucks we know.

New game coming in the new year, on Tuesday. Nucks need to stop the Sens new (old) coach bump. Last ROG game before the longest road trip of the season. Here's hoping beyond hoping. We know how to do that.


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