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GAME RECAP #34: Nucks Win - Semi-Valuable Point in Texas - Lose 4-3 in OT

December 21, 2023
- jimmi

Want to finish a road trip on a loser point? Too bad. Trip is finished.

Winning the last game against the streaking Preds had us getting all giddy and greedy about finishing the brunch/lunch/dinner road trip with another win.

And the Nucks almost did that. Twice. But the Stars had a 1 game home OT win streak on the line and unfortunately for us, they're not a team that gives up easily.

Canucks dinner was served early - not even 3 minutes into the 1st the Nucks All Star 3rd line opens the scoring. Puck recovery on the backcheck - 2 on 1 the other way - Gnarly to Josh for goal.

The Nucks keep the lead all through the rest of the period. Except for the part where Sequin scores after Chaos Myers replays some defensive misplays and Zav is follows Myers out of position.

Terrible fucking goal...all reaching with sticks, no skating


Oh well, 1-1 tie after 1 on the road is fine.

We have the Nucks meat and potatoes period to get the lead back. The 2nd. Which the Nucks own - with free and clear title.

Apparently, the Stars did not get the memo from the Nucks real estate legal beagles about the ownership clause. Or their rope-on-a-dope low shot strategy. Outshot by Dallas 16-6 in the 1st, the rule is the Nucks get to score on their next 3 shots in the 2nd. It's a rule.

Broken by the Stars who score on another weak play by the Team Tall-D.

Myers/Zadorov getting exposed in this game


Or as we like to say when Nucking 2nd period rules are violated.



No worries. Since we have one of the leading snipers in the league on the ice. Drop pass from Millsie to Bess and Bess snipes his 24th of the season.

It's a 2-2 tie after 2. That's not so bad. However, can't invoke the other important Nucking rule about winning every game in regulation when leading after the 2nd.

Still there's another period and some other rule to apply.

Well....this year's 3rd period Canucks have been we have hope, right?


Yes, we sometimes have to stick our trembling fingers into the sticky icky stinky stocking of Nucking hope.

And unsurprisingly, we pull out a lead. With the GWG scored by our elite 3rd line - on a fast passing play from Blueger to Josh to Gnarly going all in for the Gnomish tap-in.

Nucks keep the lead all the way into the final minute. Or... a for another minute.

Unable to clear the zone and Canucks just watching the puck 3-3


Bad timing on from Cole on his clearing attempt, some puck-gazing, out-of-positioning positioning and we're off to OT. Which in case you missed it, we didn't win. Because... Nucks 2-on-none didn't go in. And worse in the last 10 seconds, a Dallas lead pass leads to the GWG. For the wrong team. At least wrong for us.

Oh well... could be worse. Could be CoTU fans tonight.

Can't complain about a 4 game road trip with no losses in regulation. I'll have an illegal smile tonight and delight in the fact that the Sabres scored 9 on those lousy Leafs.


Nucks were outshot almost 2-to-1 and Demmers couldn't make ALL the saves.

I am mad as hell, this one got away.
But I need to remind myself that can't be too greedy. 6 out of 8 points is a great road trip. And we are closing in on Vegas.
Instead of looking backward, we need to look forward.


Power play went nothing for 3. Taco's not worried. NM only worries about the PP when the PK makes us worry. It didn't tonight - was 100% effective.

Last Road Reel

While the Nucks didn't bring their 'A' game, Shortie brought his.



16 1st 6
9 2nd 5
9 3rd 8
2 OT 1
36 TOTAL 20


JOSHUA 1 1 +1
DEMKO 27/31 5/5 .889


Taco was pretty upbeat, despite the 1st and 3rd period D-zone mistakes.

Nucks are back home in the ROG on Saturday for one more game before the holiday break. Hoping the Nucks have not penciled this is an easy win. It won't be. It's just a MUST win - no matter what. . Sharklets are on an ice cold L-heater. Lost 4 straight. And will be wanting to show their bottom feeder frenzy by beating the #1 team in the division. That's the Nucks!


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