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GAME RECAP #31: Nucks Win - A Stupid Loser Point - Wild Win 2-1

December 16, 2023
- jimmi

You want to play an early game and get a point? Me neither.

Falling back to earth is never fun. Or entertaining. Falling to the Wild in Minni after an extended tie that lasted from breakfast past lunch is worse.

Remember those tedious low scoring Wild games.... yeah... they're back. And still as tedious as ever.

The good news? Some early birds on a different planet attended the gamethread and watched the tedium from start to finish.

Not a terrible period, just not opportunistic on the key chances. Wild dominated the corsi for sure but DeSmith played well and stopped all the outside shots.

It's time Petey *had himself a game* and really busts out again. He's kind of in a medium Sedins mode, getting his PPG and not a lot more. He's in a lull. Maybe he should change the flex on his stick again. He did have one solid shift that drew the penalty toward the end. But I really want to see him start cranking it up.


Not a great period either as the Nucks trail 1-0 after 1. But they come back in the 2nd with the Gnarly to Josh to Blueger secret rush scoring sauce. Not much of a secret, but still... it's a Nucks goal and a 1-1 tie that lasts far too long and ends poorly.

Meanwhile, our hopes of a Brock hattie in his home and semi-native land were crushed. Not just by the Wild either. Friendly fire from Huggie sent Bess down the tunnel. More than once.

Bess blocks another Huggie shot. This one hurt him, too.

Stop it, Huggie


The Nucks hang on in the 3rd and preserve the tie - is it AV Day in Minni? Or is it too early for Tough Tacos on ice?

Nucks close to dying by the sword there....
first Juulsen gets turned (and saved by Petey)
then Faber left alone in the slot

c'mon nux, play some D....

Yeesh, barely survived da turd there.

Way to go, De Smith. You're Dexcellent.


A strategic OT was played without any highlight reel goal from either Huggie, Pete or Millise. So... off to Skillz section. Zukes shoots and scores. Super Skillz period shooter Kuz doesn't. Neither does Millsie or Pete. Nucks get beat by a goal in the worst possible way,

booo, stupid buttmantime loss


I'm happy with a point today

Look forward to tomorrow's 5am start


I'm not.

Road Nucks get a road loser point, so that's better than nothing in phase 1 of the B-2-B road tour.

Also... the Nucks PP that looked sharp at home couple days ago, couldn't get one past Gusty in 10 minutes of PP road practice. Sheesh. As Taco says putting shots into shinpads isn't the best method.

Nucks PK was perfect - so that's 4 minutes of tedium we didn't have to worry about.


Shortie sounds tired and sleepy. We know how that feels.



“We grinded it out and got the point. You like that. But the execution, we had a tough time handling pucks.”
- Coach Taco

Off to the whiny windy city that stole our own home grown phenom that we will never stop whining about.

Will it be fun to watch Bedard light up Demmers? No, no, it won't. Nucks better play a better Taco Tough game. Even if it's a lunch pail special at noon. Or worse.

Excellent !!! Nucks play Chi at 5am tomorrow. I'll hear the whole game before work



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