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GAME RECAP #27: NUCKS WIN! DeShutout Semi-Wild 2-Nuttin in the ROG!

December 7, 2023
- jimmi

You want to keep your 500 mojo going? This is how you do it.

Westy's predictions aside - despite based in Nucking reality - on the Tough Taco side of the Nucks guacamole, after the horrific loss to Jersey, the Nucks knew they had to play better. And they did.

Pretty much. The Nucks don't like starting games when games start.

Prefer to start the game once the 1st period is half over. Through 14 minutes the Nucks had no shots on goal, whereas DeSmith had to turn aside 10. If you're a Vancouver goalie, you have to earn your shutout. Almost on your own. At first.

However, on the 4th Nucking shot of the period, Hoagie scored the GWG. Yay!

Nucks have won the game. In the 1st period. That's not possible. Until Taco chews up his players and gives them a day off.

In the 2nd, with the Tough Taco systems, methods and appetizers running through the Nucking lineup, Nucks out-hustled, out-played and out-shot the Wild 10-4. Had a ton of high danger chances and if not for the gutsy play of Gusty, Nucks could have been up 5-0.

But they weren't. Instead they start the 3rd with the same 1-0 lead they had to start the 2nd. However - and I'm not making it up - the Nucks keep pushing to start the 3rd. With Josh keeping the puck in the zone, Gnarly sets up Bluger who dekes the Wild goalie out of his crease, out his mind and Teddy pots his 2nd goal of the season.

The Wild, who by the way were riding a 4 game win streak with their new coach bump, pushed back late in the 3rd with the faint hope of almost tieing. Tough Taco Nucks were having none of it - despite getting outshot 10-3 in the period. And neither was DeSmith. You might have heard the old adage, if you're a Vancouver goalie, you have to earn your shutouts. And he did.

Nucks defeat the former winning Wild 2-0. Wooooo!


The Nucks 3rd line was/is the most effective line Canucks line in this last 10 game stretch. Gnarly, Josh and Teddy are Taco's most perfect defensive zone forward line - according to Taco.

If not playing through some kind of lower body cramp thing, then Pete has learned to skate like a 37 year old Hank. But perhaps a tad slower. Anyhow, after his hot start, Pete is in bit of a scoring slump - blame his wingers or his former winger. Whatever.

After getting scalded like Westy's 3rd degree summer sunburn last game against Jersey's top Hugheses, the Millsie, Bess, Hoagie line shutdown the hot-headed hands of Minni. And scored the GWG.

None of the Nucking D were in the minus area of the plus-minus stat. In fact, only Huggie and Myers were not +1. Stats are weird.

Seems like the lowest shots on goal of any game so far. By the Nucks. Just 17. Taco says he doesn't care about shot totals, only good chances. Who knew he was a stat gambler. Nucks had more high danger chances and scored 2 goals on 2 or at least 1 of them. Stats are weird.

Nucks PK was perfect. Killed off all their penalty minutes. All 2 minutes of them. Nucks PP had 2 chances with lotsa chances, but Gusty was making saves like he was playing for the PK shutout. And did.

Still 5th in the league.
2nd in goal differential. So, things are not only OK. According to the numbers, we are awsome!


Most awesome 500 team for the last 10 games!



The single John and Dave call the low event game - not that low for DeSmith tho...


SHOT COUNT (not many Nucking ones)

12 1st 4
4 2nd 10
10 3rd 3
26 TOTAL 17


MYERS 1 +1
DESMITH 23/23 2/2 1.000


Happy Taco Night in the ROG.

Another win after another loss makes this win vitally important in the Middle Path Hockey pursuit. Sure, it would be nice to see the Nucks string a couple consecutive wins together like this was October. But it's not.

The Nucks play at home again on Saturday, where they hope to extend the Canes losing streak on the road. However, as Westy will tell you - without even asking him - he will tell you, the Nucks at home like to break other team's streaks. Win streaks, losing streaks, doesn't matter. Only maintaining the Middle Path of Perfect 500 Hockey is what is important. Hockey is a weird game.


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