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GAME RECAP #23: NUCKS WIN! Defeat Fowl Ducks 3-1 in the ROG

November 28, 2023
- jimmi

Want to get above 500? This plus some consecutive wins at home is how you do it.

Whew! That was closer than we expected wanted. Playing the bottom of the Pacific is a dirty, stinky business. Who knew?

To that end, New Bo was scratched. Scratch that. Bealivia was traded to the Fawks for a 5th. And $4 mill of cap relief. Nucks need to spend that princely sum on the backend.

OMG we traded the new bo! For a draft pick. Fifth round. Cap space sqweeee!


Meanwhile, with new Bo already becoming the 2nd old Bo, PDG who was scratched pre-game, was back on the Millsie line. And that was a good thing.

Being back with JT and Bess led to the league's scoring leader scoring another goal - to lead the league in goals even more.

1-0 Nucks after 1, despite getting outshot 12-6 from the bottom feeding Ducks. Doesn't matter.

Because Demko!

In the 2nd... oh that period the Nucks owned, operated and controlled at will... has become the 2nd period that we have seen before...

Canucks doing the old second period swoon again...

Myers treating McTavish like a horsie ride. To the cottage.


Not even Demmmers could prevent this Ducking PP goal. Dammit.

The Nucks continued to be outplayed all through the extra long 2nd period. Why so long?

I feel like this period we could call the team the casualnucks. Doesn't seem to be a lot of fire.


Taco said later that the Nucks played the wrong system against the Ducks - Anahammies are a man-on-man team and he wanted the Nucks to employ more scissor plays.

As did we. Or Rock plays. Or smart plays. Doesn't matter.

What matters is the Nucks start the 3rd in a tie game. What could go wrong? So, so much.

Not this time.

Barely 30 seconds into the 3rd, while Canucks nemesis, Gibson, was batting at Kuzi, Pete whipped around the net and whipped the wrap-around GWG past Gibson. 2-1 Nucks.

Nucks are playing much better than the previous 40 minutes. Must be the scissors as they sliced through Ducks and put 15 shots on net. Of course, Myers had to put a hot shot on Miki's knee. Miki hobbled to the dressing room and didn't return to the game. Rumoured he is ok - xray was negative, so that's good.

Late in the 3rd the Nucks make a bad change and take a bad change penalty. Ducks are pressing, but the Nucks PK are pressing back. And even better, get their own PP. But the Ducks confused us - pulled Gibson so it's a Nucks 5-on-5 PP.

With the Empty Net beckoning, we all wished to see Huggie extend his point streak. He didn't. Instead the league's goal scoring leader scored - at distance - on possibly Brock's longest PP goal. His 17th of the season. In just 23 games! Had 18 all season last year.

Wooo! Pretty much. Nucks tussle Ducks 3-1.

ok, good job.
But don't do this again.



MILLER, HUGHES, PETERSSON, BOESER - The 1st quartet in NHL history with 25 points (or more) through the first 23 games of a season.

This stat may not mean much if the Nucks can't keep on beating the bottom of the division. And the top. But still... impressive, especially since Brock is the leading goal scorer in the NHL. Want to trade him now?


The single John and Dave are back home and feeling it.



12 1st 6
15 2nd 6
4 3rd 15
31 TOTAL 27


MYERS 1 +2
DEMKO 21/21 6/7 .968



He's all about the rock scissors game. Not so much about the paper plays...

Good honest win... for the last 20 minutes. Much better to get the lead early in the 3rd rather than chase. Who knew?

Now that the Nucks have feasted on fowl (for 20 minutes), will need to up their appetite for a full 60 minutes of Nighties in the ROG on Thursday. Let's hope hungry Nucks get a lead early and stay fast, hot and hungry for win against the defending cup dippers.


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