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GAME RECAP #22: Nucks Win - 1st Loss to Sharks in Years - Lose 4-3 to Worst Team In NHL

November 25, 2023
- jimmi

You want 500 hockey? This is how you get 500 hockey. Dammit.

Nucks came into this game having beat the Sharks the last 11 games they've tangled. And yet... in this game, the 2nd of a B-2-B, the Nucks played like they were on the 2nd of a B-2-B in a rink where they last won 10-1. No worries.

When the Nucks take bottom feeder teams lightly, NM worries.

And the worries started early.

Canucks seem happy to play in their own end in most 1st periods


Worse. Laff gets the 1st goal of the game. But was called back after coach's challenge. Dammit.

Even worse, Sharkie's rookie D, Emberson, put on a shot on net that no one, especially, DeSmith could see. His 1st NHL career goal. Nice work kid... couldn't save it for Arizona?

1-0 Sharks.

The Sharks are a 500 team since the Nucks embarrassed them on Nov. 2nd. Dammit.

Fortunately, Nucks get a PP and Ronnie scores. The 11 chance, 22 minute Nucking PP drought ends. Finally. Huggie and JT with the helpers. 1-1 tie after 1. That's a decent road start. Even if really wasn't.

In the 2nd, the 2nd period where the Nucks scored 4 goals against the Sharks a scant 23 days ago. This 2nd period is not like that one. Instead, the Sharks take the lead again on a shot that Desmith woulda/coulda/shoulda had. And Nucks defenders should have played smarter, harder. Myers and Aman are not a great pairing as it turns out.

However, in the last minute of the 2nd, Bess scores on the PP. His 1st goal in 5 games. So that's auspicious.

It's a 2-2 after 2. Stop me if you've seen this before.

To start the 3rd, it's 4-on-4 hockey. Advantage: Canucks. Obviously. That's what I thought. That's what the Nucks thought. But you know who didn't? Gaze into the sea...

It was the guy who hasn't scored a goal in 31 games. Granlund. From the sea into the net in 22 seconds or less. 3-2 Sharks. Ouch!

But wait! It gets worse. Yes, really.

Myers to his cottage now


We're not ready! Nucks aren't ready to defend a 4-on-3 PP. Neither is Cole. Who wanted to clear the puck, but instead assists with the puck slap past DeSmith.

Annnnd we're going full canucks.


4-2 Sharks. It coulda been worse. You know the number bummer mojo.

Nucks wake up. All 6 of them with the net empty and Bess scores with a couple minutes remaining. 4-3 Sharks.

Canucks kinda just gave up after the second. Trying a bit, except when it's hard in the third so far.


Despite the better late than never efforts, Nucks can't get another one. And lose another one after being tied 2-2 after 2. A coincidence? Only Taco knows.


The Millsie 5-on-5 performance hasn't been great recently. Not horrible, JT got 3 points tonight - all PP or 6-on-5. But he also Miffled on the possible tieing goal in the last minute of the 3rd.

And Huggie and Ronnie played nearly 30 minutes and nothing to show for it... other than some more points. Freedman played 8 minutes. Player shift management doesn't compute in the tank trailing by 2, it seems.

And Myers... oh my... the Chaos returns because he played 18:55, took his 2nd high sticking penalty in as many games and ended the night with a minus -2. He was better playing fewer minutes - on the 3rd pair. But BC Ferries loves to see chaos. And Taco trusts no one else on the 2nd pair but Cole and Chaos. BC Fairies are thrilled.

Gamethread, as ever, is understanding and charitable in their Nucking assessment.

Well the team what they got what they played for... started the third like it didn't matter and it cost them the game.


They played down to the level of the lowest team, and the result was predictable.


A familiar refrain... good teams must take every team seriously. The Nucks are spending their good team mojo a little too freely this month.

Still... Huggie/Miller/Pete have the most points of any trio in the league with 95.

HNIC smirking at us from SJ. So much fun.



Oh... he can talk when the Nucks play like a 500 team...

You gotta respect your opponent... this is a learning lesson

Coach Taco

Full presser - frustrated Taco?

7 games in 11 nights. Tough part of the schedule. But being a Vancouver-based team, their schedule will always be the lowest priority of NHL schedulers, who are a bit fuzzy on the continental geography beyond the Midwest.

Not an excuse - we used up all our scheduling excuses the last few seasons.

Oh well... Westy and Kent are fine with 500 hockey, even if most of us, Taco and the Nucks are not.

The not worst team in the league, just the 26th Ducking worst, will be in the ROG to face the well-rested and practiced Canucks. At least we hope they'll be well rested, practiced and not taking any more games or opponents for granted.


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